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Confusions Surrounding Zendaya’s Sister Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is a lovely girl who has come into the public eye for being the half-sister of renowned Hollywood actress Zendaya.

It’s pretty normal to be curious about what celebrities and their families are up to. So, if you’re wondering what Kaylee’s been doing lately, find it here, as this post has gathered some interesting facts about her. Let’s dive in!

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Is An African-American

Zendaya’s half-sister was born as the youngest offspring to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and his first wife. Unfortunately, her date of birth and age are yet to be disclosed by authentic sources. Furthermore, she has a black heritage as her father is African-American. Sadly, not much is known about her mother.

Kazembe Ajamu has a daughter named Kaylee Stoermer Coleman
Kaylee’s father posing for LA Fashion Week

Nonetheless, Kazembe married his second wife, Claire Stoermer, in 2008. After beginning a new chapter of his life, nothing about his first spouse and children has been shared with the public.

Is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman Elder Than Zendaya?

If we are to believe the available information that Kaylee was born from Kazembe’s former marriage, then yes, she is older than the famous Hollywood star.

However, most of the trusted and reputed websites have stated that Kaylee was born on October 4, 2003, and is the younger sister of the Disney actress. All in all, the information seems to be not so true as Zendaya is the last-born kid of Ajamu.

When the famous actress was born in 1996, her father had left his first spouse and family. So, it is impossible for Kaylee to be born in 2003.

She Has Got Four More Siblings Besides Zendaya 

Apart from the well-known half-sister Zendaya, Kaylee has four other siblings. She has two brothers, Austin Stoermer Coleman and Julien Stoermer Coleman. Her big brother, Austin, is also an actor and is seen in events with Zendaya. In contrast, Julien seems private and out of the limelight.

Additionally, Kazembe’s little girl is blessed with the company of two loving sisters, Katianna Stoermer Coleman and AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman. 

A Sneak Peek Into Her Half-Sister Zendya’s Life

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was born on September 1, 1996, to Kazembe and Claire as the only child of the former duo. She is of mixed descent and has Nigerian and Scottish heritage. Furthermore, her name gives the meaning of “giving thanks.”

The talented lady had an interest in the entertainment field since her childhood. She started doing plays and theater acts at the age of six. Eventually, she stepped into the film industry through modeling and back-up dancing. Finally, her dream of being an actress became true in 2011 when she got a role in Disney’s original movie Frenemies.

Kaylee Coleman's sister Zendaya is an actress
Kaylee’s half-sister, Zendaya, in NAACP Image awards

Today, Zendaya is a name that people adore worldwide. She is a demanded Hollywood star, mainly known for her excellent work in Spiderman, where she was cast alongside Tom Holland. After the movie, the co-stars started dating, and they confirmed their relationship in 2021 with a kiss on camera.

Pictures Of Kaylee On the Internet Are Not Hers

Various shots of a little girl with Zendaya are shared on the Internet, who is reported to be Kaylee. Those photos pop up when you search about the star’s sister.

Surprisingly, the girl in the photos is not her. According to an Instagram post shared by the celebrated performer on her official account, the little one is her niece. She disclosed this detail in her caption, “When your little niece joins you for her first orange carpet.”

Kaylee Coleman's sister and niece
Zendaya with her niece on the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice award

However, different trusted sources, including Alamy, have posted the same girl, referring to her as Kaylee. But again, the reality seems to be something different. The confusion will persist until and unless Zendaya addresses it herself and clarifies.

There Are No Official Images Of Her On The Internet

Despite being a family member of a world-famous celebrity, there is no authentic picture of the mysterious girl on the net or social platforms. Although her half-sister and old man are pretty active on the media with vast followers, they have not shared any pictures with Kaylee.

What Is Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s Net Worth?

There is much false information on the Internet about Kaylee, including her net worth. However, no reliable information about her is publicly available, so the topic of her wealth also remains a mystery.

Talking about her half-sister, the Spiderman actress has a whopping net worth of more than $20 million. As an Emmy-winning actress, she has been paid well for some of her best works in Malcon & MarieSpace Jam, and Euphoria.

In addition, Kaylee’s father is a successful performance coach and music producer, and his hard work has paid off with an impressive net worth of around $700k. His diverse sources of income ensure that he can provide well for his family and maintain his comfortable lifestyle.

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