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Fashion sensation Yasmin Abdallah

Yasmin Abdallah’s Life After Divorce From Rufus Sewell

Yasmin Abdallah is known for being the ex-wife of famous British actor Rufus Sewell. However, she is much more than that, as she is a successful businesswoman who has made a name for herself in fashion. She has been recognized as one of the founding members of the female-powered network behind the rise of British fashion for her contribution to the industry.

So, in this article, learn more about Yasmin’s personal and professional life, along with all the details surrounding her life post-divorce.

Yasmin Abdallah Comes From An Arabic Family

Yasmin was born on January 22, 1976, in Sydney, Australia. She is the daughter of Lebanese-Australian parents and was raised in an Arabic lifestyle. Her mother, Joyce, ran the local hairdressing salon in Kingsford.

Yasmin Abdallah was into fashion at a very early age
Yasmin Abdallah pursued her career in Fashion

She is not only close to her parents but also has a good bond with her grandparents. She, along with her family, spent a lot of time at her grandmother, Georgette’s house. Her granny, being from a Middle Eastern community, prepared them Arabic food and played Arabic music.

Yasmin Abdallah Left School To Pursue Her Career

Abdallah could never connect to school life and wanted to break free at a young age. She could not even figure out which was her dominant hand, which was a little odd. She struggled at school and left when she was just 16 to become Sydney’s real estate mogul, John McGrath‘s personal assistant. 

While still employed there, she tried for an assistant job at Marie Claire Australia but couldn’t even get an interview. Yasmin was distraught and didn’t know what went wrong. Moreover, she wanted to make a change. She didn’t quite feel the person she was, so she decided to shave her hair off.

Yasmin Has Been A Part Of Multiple Businesses

Abdallah is a talented businesswoman and stylish fashion designer who has made a name for herself in the industry. Initially, she opened a clothing store,’ Yasmin Cho,’ on Poland Street in London’s Soho. However, the store did not do very well and eventually had to be closed.

Nevertheless, this setback did not stop Yasmin’s ambitions as she went on to be one of the founding members of the female-powered network behind the rise of British fashion. Moreover, Abdallah went on to be the co-founder of a London-based brand, Etre Cecile, and also worked as the fashion director at Style.

Eventually, Yasmin left her online shopping venture and joined Farfetch, finding joy in the company. Despite that, she still longed for the freedom to branch out on her own. Natalie Massenet, the co-chairman, recognized Yasmin’s talent and suggested creating her brand.

Inspired, Yasmin consulted her spiritual guides, psychic Katt Hall and healer Louise Mita. With their support, the idea for Vyrao, a well-being brand, began to take shape.

Fashion sensation Yasmin
Co-founder of Vyrao, Yasmin Abdallah

Her healer was enlisted to bring ‘vibrational energy’ to the scent-making process, while Abdallah sought the skills of master perfumer Lyn Harris to make the juice. Starting from the bottom and turning Vyrao into a big brand wasn’t easy, but she did it.

Yasmin Abdallah’s Net Worth

Yasmin, who has been in the fashion industry for over two decades, owns her brand and has previously served as the director of an online shopping venture. Her reported net worth stands at around $1 million.

Abdallah’s Relationship With Ex-Husband Rufus Sewell

The beautiful lady met her now ex-husband, Rufus, at a bar in Sydney, Australia. They began dating within a few months. At only 22 years old, Yasmin moved to the UK with Rufus, where she opened her shop, Yasmin Cho. Eventually, the couple tied the knot in 1999.

Yasmin Abdallah and her ex-husband Rufus Sewell
Yasmin Abdallah is the ex-wife of famous British actor Rufus Sewell

As time passed, she had to return to her hometown as her mother got sick. Having to operate the business from her home, she went on to make a series of wrong decisions that led to her losing the store. Moreover, this affected her marital relationship as the couple soon divorced in 2000.

Following his failed marriage, Rufus got married to Amy Gardner, a well-known film producer, in 2004. Unfortunately, this relationship didn’t work out as well, and they divorced in 2006. Furthermore, in December 2023, Rufus got engaged to Vivian Benitez and is still with her.

On the other hand, Yasmin faced tough times after parting ways with her spouse. The separation hit her hard; she even struggled financially because her business didn’t do well. All in all, she didn’t give up and pulled herself together.

Yasmin And Her Second Husband, Kyle Robinson

After parting ways with Rufus, Abdallah embarked on a new chapter. No updates on her love life were made until her marriage to a man from Melbourne, Kyle Robinson. Well, Robinson is the founder of Paper Mache Tiger, a renowned fashion agency celebrated for its collaborations with prestigious brands.

Yasmin and her second husband Kyle Robinson
Yasmin Abdallah and Kyle Robinson’s wedding day

On October 19, 2011, the couple welcomed their first kid, Knox Rocket Robinson. Moreover, experiencing the hardship of motherhood for the first time was quite challenging for Abdallah. She found it quite difficult to balance her work and baby time.

During her early years of motherhood, the couple would attend collections in Paris with their nanny and newly born son. Their second son, Renzo Robinson, was born on January 1, 2015.

Yasmin and her children
Yasmin Abdallah and her children Renzo Robinson and Knox Rocket Robinosn

Despite having two children, things did not work out between the duo. Eventually, their married life came to an end. However, even after the split, Yasmin hasn’t deleted any of Kyle’s photos on her social media handle.

Yasmin Abdallah Is Currently Dating Craig

Following the end of her marital relationship with Kyle, Yasmin found a new man Craig. Similar to Yasmin, her boyfriend also has a son, Gene.

Yasmin Abdallah and her boyfriend Craig at Ibiza
Yasmin Abdallah and Craig enjoy each other company

Abdallah very often shares her moments with her beau. The couple has been in a relationship for over 4 years and seem to enjoy each other’s company, as they are seen visiting different countries

On one of her birthdays, Abdallah received a Simpson characters-based photo of her sitting alongside Craig, Gene, Knox, Renzo, and their two dogs, Pizza and Ace, as a gift. Furthermore, she took it to social media and described it as her greatest birthday present.