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Who Is Violett Beane’s Boyfriend? Is She Ever Married? Her Love Life & Relationships

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Violett Beane, known for her captivating roles in “The Flash” and “God Friended Me,” is romantically linked to Booboo Stewart, a versatile actor famed for “The Twilight Saga” and “Descendants.” This power couple, both thriving in the entertainment industry, showcases a perfect blend of talent, passion, and activism.

Their relationship not only highlights their successes but also underscores their mutual support and shared values. As a dynamic duo, Violett and Booboo inspire fans worldwide, embodying a partnership that transcends beyond the silver screen. Their story is a testament to love and collaboration in the spotlight, making them a beloved pair in Hollywood.

Violette Beane’s Boyfriend Is Someone You All Know

Booboo Stewart, famously linked as Violett Beane’s boyfriend, is a versatile talent in Hollywood, showcasing his musical prowess with a brand-new music video on his YouTube channel. Originating from Beverly Hills, California, Stewart is born to Nils Allen Stewart, a professional stuntman with Russian, Scottish, and Native American (Blackfoot) roots, and a mother of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean descent, enriching his diverse cultural background.

Violett with Booboo when they were dating.
Violett with Booboo when they were dating.

Before embarking on a solo musical journey, he was a member of the Disney hip-hop/pop group T-Squad and also performed with his sisters Fivel and Maegan as part of “TSC” (The Stewart Clan).

Beyond his entertainment ventures, Stewart, Violett Beane’s partner, is committed to philanthropy and activism. His notable recognition by the Muscular Dystrophy Association in 2010 for his advocacy work underscores his dedication to raising awareness for muscular diseases. He has actively participated in the MDA’s “Make a Muscle, Make a Difference” PSA, supported the Channel 7 Telethon in Perth for the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, and performed for Childhelp.

His advocacy extends to pet adoption in collaboration with PETA and environmental initiatives with Four Green Steps, solidifying his role as a conscientious figure in both the entertainment and philanthropic worlds.

How Did Their Relationship Begin? The Total Timeline

The Begining

The pair started dating in December 2021, however, they only announced their affair on March 27, 2022, Violett Beane first shared an image with Booboo Stewart on social media, subtly announcing their relationship to fans. The caption credited “the master of the lens @raz_azraai” alongside a collection of five photos, three of which featured Stewart, showcasing their close bond. Fans and friends alike expressed their affection for the couple, with one friend exclaiming, “maximum love for youuuuu guys” and another remarking on their cuteness.

Stewart’s response to the post, “Miss you already, lady,” prompted Beane to reply, “I miss you too,” accompanied by a crying emoji, further confirming their romantic connection. This public exchange between Beane and her boyfriend, Stewart, delighted their followers, highlighting their relationship’s warm reception and the mutual adoration they share.

Enjoyed Their First Anniversary

On December 2, 2022, Violett Beane and her boyfriend, Booboo Stewart, marked their first year of being together with a heartfelt celebration. Sharing their journey through a collection of images, Violett affectionately noted, “To a boy and the year we’ve been together, my love for you is constant, even when fishing isn’t your strong suit.” Booboo reciprocated the love in the comments, declaring, “My lady, my love for you is ceaseless.”

Violett and Booboo looking loved up with each other.
Violett and Booboo looking loved up with each other.

Additionally, Booboo shared a video of the couple dancing, reveling in their connection, and humorously vowing to improve his fishing skills, “One day, I’ll master fishing and catch plenty. But for the record, I did catch one fish—a small yet impressive one we returned. It still counts.”

This exchange between Violett Beane and her lover, Booboo Stewart, not only celebrates their first anniversary but also highlights the playful and loving dynamics of their relationship, resonating with fans who follow their dating journey.

Are They Still Together?

Since many of the posts between the pair are now deleted, it has created a lot of confusion in regard to their relationship status. Seems like the pair has already broken up and Violett is currently enjoying her single life.

Likewise, Booboo also doesn’t have any pictures with his girlfriend, which means they are indeed broken up.

Violett Beane Had One Public Affair in the Past

Around the year 2018, she was in a relationship with musical artist, Eyelid Kid. During the time of their relationship, the pair attended a number of events together including the premier of Blumhouse’s “Truth or Dare.” The premiere had taken place at the Cinerama Dome Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Has Violett Beane Married In the Past?

No, she is yet to tie the knot with anyone. Given that she rarely has had a stable relationship, she is yet to find a good partner with whom she might think of settling down.