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Who Is Diep Nghi Keith? Everything About Minh Tuyet’s Husband

Diep Nghi Keith is an overseas Vietnamese businessman with a successful career in the US. He is also famous as the husband of Vietnamese American singer Minh Tuyet. Keith and Tuyet have been together for nearly 30 years.

Keith often accompanies Tuyet on her shows and he is quite popular among the singer’s fandom. Read more about Tuyet’s longtime spouse in the writings below.

The Elusive Nature Of Diep Nghi Keith’s Early Life

It is unclear when and where Diep Nghi Keith was born. Multiple sources however say he is Vietnamese by birth and that he was born May 5, 1970. Keith apparently also has a sister.

Something as elusive as Keith’s birth detail is his early life as well as the ABCs of his upbringing.

Amidst this captivating mystification, a fragment of knowledge emerges nonetheless – Nghi Keith went to Mark Keppel High and San Gabriel High School.

Diep Nghi Keith Started His Relationship With Minh Tuyet In The Late 90s

It is unknown when Diep and Minh started their relationship, sources suggest the two met sometime in the late 90s or it is around this time that they started going out.

The couple married in 2000; they at the time however didn’t have a lavish wedding as very limited guests were invited for the ceremony. They though decided to perform a wedding 13 years later at a 5-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Minh Tuyet and Diep Nghi Keith at their wedding in 2013
Minh Tuyet and Diep Nghi Keith at their wedding in 2013

Once in an interview, Tuyet said her husband Keith is the type of person who doesn’t talk much but is very mature and emotional. The singer once said she and her husband are in sync in all their interests.

Tuyet however refrains from talking about her husband publicly. Explaining the reason, she said that her anti-fans make unsympathetic comments about her spouse whenever they see him with her in public or on social media.

Plans For Children

Keith and Tuyet are still to have children of their own. Tuyet once revealed she had postponed the decision to have children so as to focus on her career but recently had a plan to have kids. The South Asian origin star says she and her husband both think children are gifts from heaven.

The pair for the time being has two dogs namely Hugo and Abby. Keith and Tuyet live in Westminster, California.

Diep Nghi Keith Career; What Does He Do?

Keith stands out as a seasoned businessman. This is a title he has seemingly held for decades as the spouse of the renowned singer. However, the enigma surrounding his professional endeavors deepens, with the specifics of his occupation hiding well behind mystery.

According to various sources, Keith operates a real estate empire that spans across multiple states. Yet, conflicting narratives suggest an alternative role, positioning him as the managerial force behind his wife’s company, Minhtuyet Inc. at Fountain Valley, California. The elusive details of Keith’s professional journey add an air of intrigue to his narrative. This has left much to the imagination of those eager to unravel the enigmatic facets of his career.

What Is His Net Worth; Is He A Millionaire?

While the precise figure of Diep Nghi Keith’s net worth remains undisclosed, outsiders have labeled him as a millionaire for an extensive period. The nature of his income streams, however, conceals itself in ambiguity. Nevertheless, perusing Tuyet’s social media posts paints a vivid picture of Keith and his songstress wife reveling in a life that comfortably resides within the top one percentile.

The consensus among various sources underscores the affirmation that Keith and Tuyet are architects of a lavish lifestyle. Together, they hold ownership of several sprawling estate properties in addition to Tuyet’s artistic career.

Amidst the media’s portrayals of the Vietnamese businessman, a narrative emerges depicting a man endowed with wealth that comfortably reigns in the vicinity of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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