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Where Is Karen Demel Now? Life Before And After Jerry Buss

Jerry Buss’ life took a pivotal turn post-divorce from Joann Mueller when he found love with Karen Demel. Together, they welcomed two sons. Karen, the former girlfriend of the renowned businessman and Lakers owner, Jerry Buss, played a significant role in his narrative. Their connection adds depth to the story of a man who left an enduring legacy in the realm of sports and beyond.

To delve further into Karen Demel’s background and connection to Dr. Buss, please refer to the article below.

The Relationship Between Karen Demel And Dr. Jerry Buss

Karen and Dr. Jerry Buss’ romantic involvement occurred after Dr. Buss’ divorce from his former wife Donna in 1979. They eventually started dating and during their relationship, Karen gave birth to two children, further highlighting their connection.

Dr. Jerry Buss' Girlfriend Keren Demel
Dr. Jerry Buss’ Girlfriend Keren Demel

Despite the lack of specific details regarding the end of their relationship, it is clear that their association played a significant role in their personal lives.

However, their relationship came to an end. The timeline and reasons behind the breakup between Karen and Dr. Jerry remain undisclosed.

More About Her Ex-Partner, Dr. Buss

Dr. Jerry Buss was a notable figure in the United States. He was renowned for his diverse roles as a businessman, investor, scientist, and philanthropist. His most prominent role was as the primary owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, a prestigious professional basketball club in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Buss’s influence extended beyond basketball, as he also owned other professional sports franchises in Southern California.

Recognizing his significant contributions to the sport, Dr. Buss was honored with induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, solidifying his legacy. Notably, in 1979, he demonstrated his financial acumen by acquiring The Lakers, The Kings (an ice hockey team), and The Forum sports stadium for a remarkable sum of $67.5 million. This shrewd investment established him as a prominent figure in the sports industry.

How Did He Die?

Dr. Jerry Buss’s life came to an end on February 18, 2013, at the age of 80. The cause of his death was attributed to kidney failure. Before his passing, he had experienced health challenges and had been hospitalized for several months in 2012.

Moreover, the specific details regarding his medical condition at that time were not publicly disclosed, only being referred to as an unspecified digestive ailment. These health complications likely contributed to the overall decline in his well-being, ultimately leading to his demise.

During his final moments, Dr. Buss was surrounded by his entire family, including his six children, as they stood by his side.

Karen Demel Had Two Children With Jerry

Karen and Dr. Jerry’s relationship resulted in the birth of two children. Their first child, Joey, was born in 1985. He pursued his education at the University of Southern California, focusing on business studies. In his professional endeavors, he served as the team president for the Los Angeles D-Fenders, an NBA development team.

Presently, Joey is happily married to Nicole (previously known as Nicole Geoff) and they have a delightful baby boy together.

Additionally, the couple’s second child, Jesse, was born in 1988. While information about Jesse’s current whereabouts is unavailable, it is known that at the age of 21, he shared a close bond with his father and was the only one among his siblings to reside with him. The details regarding Jesse’s life beyond that stage remain undisclosed.

She Had A Son Prior To Dating Dr. Buss

Demel had a son named Sean from a previous relationship before her involvement with Dr. Jerry.

Karen Demel's Son Sean With Her Partner
Karen Demel’s Son Sean With Her Partner

Moreover, during Karen’s relationship with Jerry, Sean decided to change his last name to Buss, adopting Jerry’s surname. This decision reflects Sean’s connection and bond with Jerry, showcasing a sense of familial unity and identification.

Where Is Keren Demel Now?

Following her time in the public eye due to her relationship with Dr. Buss, Karen has since embraced a private life. She currently resides in Encinitas, California, in the United States, prioritizing a quieter and more personal existence.

Choosing to keep her personal affairs away from public scrutiny, she focuses on her family and enjoys the privacy and tranquility of her life in Encinitas.

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