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What Does Raunda Williams Do? The Life of Doug Williams’ Wife

Raunda Williams is the beloved wife of Doug Williams, a well-known football coach. Her husband’s profession as an American football executive and former quarterback has brought her into the public eye. Adding to the intrigue, he is the first black quarterback to win the Super Bowl.

Other than being the wife of a famous personality, who is Raunda? This post will unwrap some other life stories of Doug’s present wife. Let’s get into the article and find all the answers to your curiosities.

Raunda William Turns 50 This Year

The previous quarterback’s spouse was born on August 26, 1973, as Raunda Beatrice Ashner and is a 50 year-old lady as of 2024. She is one of the daughters of Mac Ashner Jr. and Lankey Jett Ashner, along with her two sisters, Angela Ashner and Natasha Ashner.

Doug William's third wife Raunda Ashner
Raunda Ashner

Moreover, Beatrice is of black ethnicity, as her father was a black native of Alexandria, Egypt. Sadly, her old man left the world at the age of 63 in 2002.

Beatrice Is A Mama’s Girl

After her dad’s death, Raunda became closer to her mother as she took her mom as her strength. To date, the mother-daughter duo shares an exceptional bond as Beatrice has kept her Instagram username after her mother’s name, “lankeygirl.”

In addition, the daughter frequently posts photographs of her dear mother on various social media platforms, accompanied by heartwarming captions such as “My Rock” and “My strength.”

She Is Happily Married To Doug 

As said, there is no perfect age for finding love and starting a new life. Despite experiencing disappointment and heartbreak in two previous weddings, the sports executive refused to give up on love and finally found his better half, Raunda. The lovely duo married on July 9, 2005.

Furthermore, the husband often expresses his care and admiration for his wife on Instagram by posting pictures with heartfelt captions on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Doug and his current wife
Raunda with her husband, Doug

They Are Proud Parents Of Eight Kids

Creating a family with your loved one can seem like a fairy tale. This couple lived the fairy tale as they welcomed eight beautiful children. They are the proud parents of six daughters and two sons: Laura, Lee, Ashley, Jasmine, Temessia, Carmaleta, Adrian, and Doug Jr.

The two sons follow in their father’s footsteps and are college athletes. Likewise, their sister Laura is also passionate about sports and plays on her college basketball team. Meanwhile, the younger siblings are still too young to pursue their dreams and are focusing on their studies.

Moreover, the Williams parents are also proud grandparents. One of their daughter, Carmaletarecently gave birth to triplet girls in 2024.

Raunda Williams Did Modeling In Her Early Days

Ms. Williams was an individual with a keen interest in modeling. Her passion for modeling led her to pursue it in 2009 when she got the opportunity to showcase the exquisite designs of Georgette’s Boutique. She was featured in the Tampa Bay Magazine along with other spouses of Buccaneers players.

In addition, she also did a ramp walk in the 2023 Super Bowl fashion show. The pictures were all over social media handles, and fans appreciated her very well.

Doug's wife Raunda
Raunda in Super Bowl 2023

A Brief Of Raunda’s Husband Doug William’s Life

Doug Lee Williams is a celebrated football player who is widely recognized for his great work with the Washington Redskins. He was born to Robert Williams and Laura Williams on August 9, 1995.

He started his career at Grambling State University, where he started playing football professionally. After that, he was selected to play in the first-round draft of the NFL in 1978. He played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and created history by being the first-ever black person to play that game.

What Is Raunda Williams’s Net Worth?

The sportsman’s wife earns enough to live a happy and balanced life. She is often seen traveling and enjoying her time in different countries through social media. The posts on her Instagram account reveal her extravagant way of living, indicating that she has considerable wealth which is approximated at around $3 million.

On the other hand, Raunda’s hubby, Doug, has a whopping net worth of around $10 million. He has many sources of income as a demanded athlete of his time. It would not be wrong to say that his hard work and determination have paid him well to have a wealthy life.