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Theo Von’s Mother Gina Capitani Inspired Him To Be A Comedian

Gina Capitani is the mother of Theo Von, a comedian, podcaster, and television personality known for his quick wit and unique storytelling style. While not much information is widely available about Gina, Theo has occasionally mentioned her in his podcast episodes, offering glimpses into their relationship.

Gina’s influence on her son’s life and comedic style may be subtle, but it is undoubtedly significant. Read the article further to learn more about her.

Who is Theo Von’s Mother, Gina Capitani?

Gina was born on July 8, 1947 in Wyoming, Illinois, to Gene and Clara M Capitani. Her dad, Gene, worked as an electric welder at a boiler factory, where he joined metal parts using electricity. Gina comes from an Irish-Italian background; her dad is Italian, and her mom is Irish.

Gina Capitini graduated from Duke University
Gina with her sons.

Sadly, her father passed away on January 6, 1996.

Talking about Gina’s education, she is a literate lady. She graduated with honors from Duke University.

Gina Capitani And Her Husband Shared Four Children

Gina was married to her late husband, Roland Theodor Achilles von Kurnatowski Sr., until his demise. The pair had an age gap of 38 years. Her deceased spouse formerly worked as a Mahogany farmer in Nicaragua.

In addition, the duo raised four children. They had two sons, Zefferino “Zeff” von Kurnatowski and Theo, along with two daughters, Whittier Capitani von Kurnatowski and Rolanda “Ro” Capitani Von Kurnatowski.

She is also a grandmother to two of Zeff’s sons, Max and Zeffy.

Gina Capitani has 4 kids
Gina and her late husband Roland with one of their kids.

Gina Sacrificed A Lot

As Gina was married to someone who was relatively old, she took extra responsibilities to provide for her family. Throughout her motherhood, she faced many difficult decisions raising her four kids. Despite her academic success, she had to set aside her aspirations to focus on her family’s needs.

At first, she worked in sales, but later, she took on a different job, delivering newspapers and magazines.

Gina Capitani and her son Theo Von during one of their outings
Theo’s mother did many odd jobs.

Gina dedicated herself to this job for many years, even though she was overly qualified, and it was not what she had hoped for, given her capabilities. However, her love for her little ones and husband was boundless, and she dedicated her life to ensuring their well-being and happiness. She put her dreams on hold, which was a big sacrifice.

Sadly, her husband passed away in 1996 when he was 83 years old due to cancer.

Gina Capitani’s Step Son Accidentally Killed Himself

Capitani’s late husband was previously married to Ruth Joan Barlow Von Kurnatowski and had a son, Roland Theodore Achilles von Kurnatowski Jr. Junior was a philanthropist and a businessman. He owned the famed Tipitina’s Club and set up the Tipitina’s Foundation, which was funded with profits from the club. The foundation also provided musical instruments available to over 100 schools in Louisiana.

Sadly, he passed away on September 1, 2019, after he accidentally shot himself in Mississippi.

Gina Is One Of The Reasons Theo Started Doing Comdey

As a kid, Theo noticed his mom, Gina, feeling stressed from work. He wanted to cheer her up, so he cracked jokes, hoping to see her smile. Initially, Gina didn’t always laugh, even though his dad did. However, it didn’t stop the comedian. Instead, it inspired him to be even funnier. He kept trying, wanting to make her happy.

Over time, his humor got better, and he became good at making people laugh, including his old woman. His determination to bring joy to his mother’s life pushed him to become the funny person he is today. So, even though Gina didn’t always laugh at first, Theo’s persistence paid off.

Currently, his humor brings a smile to his mom’s face, as well as many others worldwide.

Her Son Theo Reflects On His Past

When Theo was born, his father was already 70 years old. This big age difference made him uncomfortable, especially as he grew up. He and his friends even made jokes about Roland Sr. being old. As time passed, Roland’s health got worse, and when the comedian was just 16, he passed away.

Moreover, Theo reflects on his young age and the way he treated his old man. Even though he was a child and didn’t know better, he still regrets not being a better son.

Initially, even his relationship with his mother wasn’t so good. He always remained angry with her, which he deeply regrets now.  Moreover, he has reflected on that and does not want to miss out on loving her twice.

Where is Gina Capitani Now?

Gina currently lives in Baton Rouge, LA. Even though she is old-schooled and does not stand out much, her son Theo usually posts about her on his social media handles. She has even been mentioned multiple times in his podcasts. Moreover, she supports her son and has been seen wearing his merchandise.


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Furthermore, she is also wished by her children on Mother’s Day. Theo is very grateful for every sacrifice she has made for him and the family, as he looks forward to keeping her happy in the future