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Is Theo Von Married? His Girlfriends & Relationships

Stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor Theo Von leads a private life when it comes to his relationships. Though once linked to reality star Brandi Glanville, he has not had a high-profile girlfriend in years.

With millions of loyal fans, curiosity surrounds his relationship status. This article will examine the funnyman’s past connections and what is known about his current romantic situation.

Does Theo Von Have A Wife?

Despite his massive popularity and influence as a stand-up comedian and podcaster, Theo remains a bachelor with no wife. He has confessed that the idea of cohabitating with a romantic partner or even sleeping in the same bed scares him. When asked if he ever plans to get married someday, he responded that he doesn’t know yet but would want a wife later in life. 

During a podcast episode of King & the Sting on January 24, 2020, he mentioned not even having a girlfriend and joked about being lonely. However, Theo is private about his romances does not mean he is not actively documenting his life at all. Often, on his social media account, he shares his work life with his fans.

His fans, especially girls who love him, are also there to express their support and excitement. One way they do it is by tagging him in the pictures he took with them at the time of his shows.

Theo Von with a fan
Theo Von with a fan after his show in 2019

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Theo Openly Discusses His Commitment Issues

Over the years, Theo has admitted to having major commitment issues when it comes to relationships. Von’s reluctance has also prevented him from having a serious partner.

Though yearning for connection, Theo has shared that women make him nervous. His fear of intimacy likely hinders the development of long-term romantic bonds. While he desires to find a wife eventually, his professed commitment phobia indicates he is far from prepared for marriage. 

Theo Von’s Romance With Brandi Glanville Cooled Off Quickly

In 2016, reality TV personality Brandi went public about her new relationship with the comedian after meeting him on his podcast. After that, Theo also appeared on her podcast.

During their first meeting, they were already throwing coy comments at each other. Sometime later, the two were spotted getting cozy in public and flirting openly on social media, using terms like “mi amore.”

Theo Von's tweet regarding his then girlfriend
Tweet exchange between Theo and his then-girlfriend Brandi.

Their romance appeared to heat up quickly, with Glanville and Von making appearances together and singing one another’s praises. They were spotted holding hands at one of his shows as well. Their close friends also accounted for them being on dates a handful of times.

However, just as rapidly as it started, the relationship suddenly cooled off without explanation. Brandi began dating other men, while Von never mentioned their time together. The intense pace of their public courtship led Brandi to pump the brakes. 

As she later clarified, “The Theo thing got so intense so quickly, and all of a sudden, everyone’s calling us a ‘couple,’ so we just decided to cool it off a little.” Though showing initial passion, their fledgling relationship apparently sputtered out rapidly. 

Britney Palmer and Theo Von sparked dating rumors in 2023

UFC ring girl Britney Palmer sparked dating speculation when she posted a selfie with the comedian on her Instagram handle after UFC 291. Fans immediately questioned if the two were an item in the comments. 

One fan directly asked if they were dating, while another jokingly responded that Von wishes he was with Palmer. The playful social media exchange fueled rumors of a romance blooming between the alleged pair. Fans commented that the pair looked good together in the photo.

Theo Von and Brittney Palmer
Theo Von and Brittney Palmer at the UFC 291

Von is known for keeping his romantic life very private, but the duo’s photograph stirred quite some dating rumors. All in all, fans are eager to see if more details emerge about Palmer and Von’s supposed courtship.

Theo Von’s Girlfriend In The Past

Only scarce details have emerged about Von’s dating past. He has admitted to countless casual hookups and one-night stands earlier in life, rarely mentioning specific names. 

He allegedly had a serious girlfriend in his youth who was a softball player with very short hair. The 43-year-old recalled that she used to be very strong and sometimes picked him up, which made him feel embarrassed.

After that, there were unconfirmed rumors about his encounter with Sarah Greyson back in 2003 and also with Coral Smith

Likewise, he also claims to have once hooked up with a relative of Jared Fogle. His most public romance was with reality star Brandi in 2016. Beyond those scattered references, much about Von’s relationship timeline remains a mystery.

While his casual encounters and short flings of the past are plentiful but vague, he has yet to be connected to any long-term and stable partnerships.