You are currently viewing Dan Benton’s Life With His Wife Stephanie March Alongside His Net Worth

Dan Benton’s Life With His Wife Stephanie March Alongside His Net Worth

Dan Benton, whose full name is Daniel C. Benton, is one of the top tech investors in the world. He made headlines when Benton married the Law & Order actress, Stephanie March in 2017. 

Benton is more than just March’s husband; the investor has a net worth eclipsing even the likes of her ex-husband, Bobby Flay. To learn more about his origins, including how Dan has earned his riches and details on his married life with Stephanie, read the article below.

Dan Benton’s Parents and College

Benton was born on December 29, 1958, in New York, the United States of America. His father was a psychiatrist and an artist. After wrapping up his high school education, Benton attended Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, from 1976 to 1980. He graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in Mathematics. He then attended the Harvard Business School from 1982 to 1984 for his MBA degree.

In an interview at Colgate’s 13 podcast, Dan mentioned that he was a huge nerd during his college days and stayed in an all-male dorm because he thought all the serious people would be there.

Stephanie March's husband Dan Benton at Colgate University
Dan Benton at Colgate University for the construction of the Benton Center for Creativity and Innovation

Nevertheless, Benton noted that his time at the university helped him broaden his scope and reach where he is in his career.

Dan Benton’s Professional Life: From An Analyst To Managing Billions

He started his earlier career as a securities analyst in the Investment Research department at Goldman Sachs in 1984. During his initial phase, Benton mainly focused on the technology aspects of the firms he worked at. He later became a Vice president of an investment banking and securities firm and left the company in 1993.

He then joined Dawson Samberg Capital Management, a company founded by the late Arthur Samberg in 1993, as a technology analyst and portfolio manager. Afterward, Samberg spun his income into another hedge fund, Pequot Capital Management, along with Benton.

The investor served as the President and co-founder of the hedge fund firm from 1999 to 2001. During that tenure, Pequot became the largest hedge fund company when its assets grew from $300 million to $15 billion.

Andor Capital Management Foundation

In 2001, Benton founded Andor Capital Management Foundation. The company’s original mission was to help the victims of the 9/11 tragedy. It later expanded to helping the families of both surviving and deceased US Army soldiers and supporting the education and health needs of those in need in New York. 

However, Benton closed the foundation in 2016 after 14 years. Hedge fund businesses had lost their allure for him. But, there is still mention of Andor Capital Management in his LinkedIn stating it is still open to this day.

In the Colgate 13 podcast, he talked about his pattern-recognition and trend-recognizing skills that have helped him determine the perfect course of investing. It is almost like he had the insane superpower to see the future. In that relation, he gave the example of Tesla and how it has occupied the electrical car market, and no other company is competent to compete with it yet.

As of 2015, his company owned 1,25,000 Tesla shares. He also owns shares of Facebook, Netflix, and Alphabet Inc.

His Career Is Quite Remarkable

Benton is involved in several different ventures. Notably, he has been the CEO and private investment officer at Benton Capital Management since 2018. Besides, Dan also makes huge donations to Colgate University and even has a Hall in his name. Likewise, he donated to establish the Benton Center for Creativity and Innovation at the University.

As per his LinkedIn, Benton has been involved in the following organizations;

Organization Role Tenure
Colgate University Jun 2001 – Present
Jun 2011 – Present 
Horace Mann School Jun 2013 – Present
Oct 2013 – Jan 2019 
Jan 1999 – Jan 2002 
Jan 2002 – Jan 2004
Jan 2001-Jan 2007

What Is Dan Benton’s Net Worth?

Considering his experiences and work, it is clear that Benton’s net worth certainly reaches the billion mark, i.e., $2 billion. It is comprised of a wide variety of aspects. His luxury homes, his salaries, and his investments all play a factor.

His wealth surpasses that of even his wife Stephanie March, who has $4 million, and her former hubby, Bobby Flay who is worth $60 million.

Benton also has a history of being one of the richest inventors globally. He was Wall Street’s 4th Highest Earner in 2001. According to the Forbes list published in 2001, Dan placed in the fourth spot of Wall Street’s Highest earners with $100 million. His colleague and co-founder Arthur was in the top spot with $150 million.

His Enthusiasm For Luxury Houses

The savvy tech wiz is a big fan of luxury houses. He owns an apartment at the Shephard in West Village with his current wife, Stephanie, which totals $34.62 million. 

In addition, Benton also shared a luxury house with his ex-wife Anna Nikolayevsky, of which he would later get full ownership for $17.5 million. 

Dan Benton’s Romantic Life With His Wife Stephanie March

March and Benton met through a mutual friend in October 2015. They first went for cocktails and dinner at the West Village bar Orient Express. But, their first date was a TED talk by Sal Khan, an educator at Khan Academy. The duo were serious about each other and even went on trips to Greece.

Further, Dan was there when she won the 2016 Board of Governor’s Award from the World of Children.

The Couple’s Private Wedding

Dan and March officially tied the knot on September 1, 2017. They held their wedding at their house in Katonah, New York. The couple walked down the aisle amid only their closest friends and family while the Star Wars theme played from the piano. An outdoor lunch followed the ceremony.

Dan Benton and his wife Stephanie March
Dan and his life partner Stephanie have been married since 2017.

It was revealed that Dan had proposed to her on her 43rd birthday in Greece. 

They Are Leading a Happy Marriage With Their Three Kids

The lovebirds have a very healthy relationship and have been pictured together on several occasions. Benton and March have gone on trips to Spain and Italy together and also go on date nights together.

Dan Benton alongside his wife Stephanie March
Stephanie March’s birthday post of Benton

Further, Stephanie does not forget to wish her husband a happy birthday. She is also always excited to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with the family. The couple lives with their three children, Alex, Jeff, and Mike, and two from Benton’s previous marriage.

At present, Dan resides in New York, Katonah, with his wife, children, and their cat. He enjoys traveling, spending time with his five children, and playing crossword puzzles, golf, and pilates.

Dan Benton and Stephanie March Were In Different Relationships Before

Benton was previously married to Anna Nikolayevsky, the founder of Axel Capital Management. However, there is little to no information about their married life. He had two children with Anna, Katya and Nate. 

As many may know, Stephanie was married to Bobby Flay from 2005 to 2015. For your information, Flay, before March was married to Kate Connelly and Debra Ponzek.