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Spencer Haywood’s Daughter Zulekha Haywood’s Marital Life And More

Zulekha Haywood is a wordsmith, tarot reader, and a successful procurement specialist. But, Zulekha is better known as the daughter of Iman and Spencer Haywood. However, her parents are divorced now.

After their early separation, Haywood has maintained a close relationship with her father but her connection with her mother is a bit of a mystery.

Besides, Zulekha has been leading a successful marital life with her husband. Let’s find out many other intriguing details about her including her struggle with obesity during her young age.

Zulekha Haywood’s parents separated a few months after her birth

Haywood was born on July 5, 1978, in New York, USA. She is the only daughter of Spencer Haywood and Iman Abdulmajid.

Zulekha Haywood alongside her mother in an event
Haywood with her mother, Iman.

Many may already know that her mother is a renowned Somali fashion model and actress, and her father is a former professional basketball player and Olympic gold medalist.

Moving into their love life, Spencer and the ex-vogue model started dating in the early 1970s. They later walked down the aisle in 1978.

However, Haywood’s parents separated just a couple of months after her birth, and their divorce was finalized on February 13, 1987.

Haywood’s Father Was Granted Her Full Custody

Spencer, in his autobiography, stated Iman emotionally abused their daughter. Even, Zulekha herself claimed that her mother was horrible. She once even left the little kid alone without food and attended a party. In another instance, she went to Aspen for a ski trip, forgetting her.

Nonetheless, Iman later disclaimed the statement and stated she loved her daughter dearly. Well, after their divorce was finalized, the former NBA player was granted full custody of Haywood when she was 8-years-old.

Zulekha has, at times, uploaded photos alongside her father on her social media. However, she has not uploaded anything about her mother. Could it be that their relationship is still restrained?

All Of Her Half-Siblings Are Talented

Haywood is the only child of Spencer and Iman. However, she has many half-siblings from her parent’s other partners.

Zulekha has three half-siblings from her father’s marriage with Linda Haywood, including Courtney Nikkiah Haywood, Shaakira Haywood, and Isis Haywood.

Her half-sister Nikkiah completed her Ph.D. back in the early 2010s. Apart from that, Shaakira is a licensed Psychologist and consultant, and Isis is a singer and has released multiple songs.

Similarly, from her mother’s marriage with David Bowie, she also has two more siblings named Duncan Jones and Alexandria Zahra Jones.

Alexandria is known for her artistic talent and customized clothing and artwork, while Duncan is a British film director who has contributed to Mute (2018), Warcraft (2016), and many others.

Zulekha Haywood Went Through Obesity

From a very young age, Haywood suffered from being overweight. As the daughter of a supermodel, it was not easy for her to weigh 330 pounds.

Firstly, she followed a diet plan called Basta Diet (enough in Italian), but that did not go as planned.

Nevertheless, she did not lose hope and started another diet plan again: Eat like a pig and run like a horse. She followed this plan under the supervision of her father. However, she was not very satisfied with the result too.

Zulekha Haywood with her father Spencer Haywood
Haywood received the idea for the second diet from her father.

In the end, she finally decided on gastric band surgery in her 20s after the doctor suggested her future health would be at risk. She underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery and later again had to do a second surgery because of some complications.

Since then, she has always been on a diet.

Zulekha Haywood is married to her long-term boyfriend, Jason Young

Haywood got into a blissful marital life with her husband Jason Young, marrying him on November 2, 2016. Looks like, the two had an intimate wedding ceremony. Zulekha was the first to announce their marriage on her Instagram.

It’s been over seven years since they got married and their conjugal life is still going strong.

Zulekha Haywood when she married her husband
Zulekha has been married to her husband since 2016.

Talking about their initial love relationship before the wedding, Haywood started posting about her future hubby since January 2015. They got engaged in July 2016.

Haywood’s Husband Jason is a High Performing Manager

Jason started his career in January 2010 as a general manager at Shalel Lounge, where he worked for 3 years. Then, he served as the lead bartender at The Red Cat. Afterward, he worked at Fitzgerald’s as a Beverage Director.

Later, he got the role of Restaurant Manager at Red Lobster. Similarly, he also worked as a General Manager at Twin Peaks Restaurants.

At present, Young works in Lean Kitchen as General Manager. He started his work there in Jun 2023. All in all, Jason is a high-performing sales and management leader and has a track record of exceptional guest service, loyalty, and revenue growth.

The couple has one child

At present, Zulekha is living blissfully with her only daughter, Lavinia Rose Young. Rose was born in July 2017, four weeks prior to her delivery date. After her birth, both of her grandparents were ecstatic and took on to their social media handles to share the good news with everyone.

Zulekha first shared the news of her pregnancy in May 2017. She shared a photo of her flaunting her baby bump. After some weeks, she announced her name via a post and her soon-to-be-born daughter’s ultrasound.

Zulekha Haywod alongside her daughter, husband and father
Zulekha’s daughter Lavinia is growing up well.

Zulekha First Worked At Her Mother Iman’s Cosmetic Company

Although her parents were following their careers respectively, Zulekha never chased for fame. She had her own ambitions. She started working in her mother’s company, Iman’s Cosmetics, as a Customer Relationship Manager in December 2004 and played the role for 4 years until 2009. Zulekhalater became a Planning and Procurement Manager at the company and held the position from April 2009 to May 2014.

After that, Haywood got the role of a Brand Manager at Jay Manuel Beauty in 2014 and left the organization in 2016.  Then, she was engaged as an Inventory Analyst at Portu Sunberg for only eight months.

At present, she is working as a Procurement Specialist in INVISTA and has been there for four years. In the beginning, she joined the company as a Procurement Coordinator (Consultant.)

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Self-made Zulekha Haywood’s Net Worth

Looking at her portfolio, it can easily be deduced that she is a successful person. Multiple sites have stated Haywood holds an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Apart from that, her father has a net worth of $9 million, while her mother’s fortune is $200 million.