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Sonya Curry’s Father Cleive Ester Adams Is a Devout Christian

Celebrity parents are often overlooked, especially when their children gain more recognition. This might be the case for Sonya Curry‘s father and the grandfather of Steph and Seth Curry, Cleive Ester Adams. Though he is well-known in his community, many might not know what he is engaged in.

Let’s take a look at the life of Cleive Adams, including information about his wife and children, and find out what he is up to nowadays.

Both Of Cleive Ester Adams’ Parents Were Devout Christians

Cleive Adams was born in Winding Gulf, West Virginia, on Wednesday, February 2, 1949. He was brought up in a Christian household along with his four siblings; he was the second child. Besides, Adams was baptized as per the regular Christian procedures.

Sonya Curry's father Cleive Ester Adams
Cleive had a Christian upbringing.

His father, Cleive E. Adams, Sr., held the position of Deacon, while his mother, Bertha Blanche Arrington, was a missionary for the church. The couple married on June 10, 1947, in Raleigh, West Virginia, United States. They lived in Winding Gulf for 10 years before moving to Rocky Mount after the birth of Cleive Jr.

The pair welcomed four more children: Linda A. Barlow, Marsha Brenette Adams, John (Linda) Adams, and Marilyn (Richard) Clements. Sadly, Cleive Adams Sr. died on January 24, 1984, while his wife, Bertha, lived for a long time.

One Of Cleive Adams’ Siblings Passed Away In 2015

Unfortunately, it was bad news all around for the Adams family on October 5, 2015, as their youngest sibling, Linda A. Barlow passed away. The younger sister had a jolly personality and even left a lasting impression on whoever she met. She was a teacher at Prince George’s County School System and later a sales executive.

Sonya’s Dad Is a Bishop

Sonya’s father is following the same path that his parents showed him. He has shown his lasting devotion to Jesus and particularly to Jerusalem Way of the Cross Church of Christ. Cleive swore his loyalty to the church and was subsequently baptized in the name of Jesus on August 23, 1976.

Cleive Ester Adams, grandfather of Stephen Curry
Cleive fulfilling his pastor duties.

Ester was part of the church for 33 years before being appointed as Minister. He was even on the Juvenile choir and fulfilled several roles, ranging from Chairman of the Pastor’s Aide to the Sunday School Teacher. Cleive Sr. would have been proud to witness his son achieving an even higher rank than his own.

Besides, on August 10, 2018, he was declared a bishop of the church in Alexandria, Virginia, by the presiding bishop, Alphonzo D. Brooks. Before that, he was a District Elder since 2017.

Sonya’s Curry Parents, Cleive Ester Adams and Candy Adams’ Relationship

Cleive was raised and schooled in Rocky Mount, Virginia, and is also a veteran of the Vietnam War. Sources claim that he was a football player at Virginia Tech. It was during his college years, that he would meet his wife, Candy Adams, and eventually tie the knot during the 1960s.

The pair gave birth to three daughters: Sonya Curry, India Adams, and Lyrissa Safford, and a son Cleive Adams Jr.

Cleive Adams' ex-wife, Candy Adams
Cleive’s baby mama, Candy Adams.

The couple had it tough during their initial years as they would live in a trailer home in Virginia. Being people of color, they also faced several instances of racism, as depicted by Candy. They endured these rough patches in their life and provided support for their kids, especially Sonya, during her earlier playing days.

Unfortunately, their pairing wasn’t meant to be, as they are divorced.

Proud Father Of Four Children

All of Cleive’s children have grown up and have gone on to carve their distinct career paths.

His oldest daughter, Sonya, shines the brightest, though. She was a successful volleyball player in her college days and won everything that was to be achieved. Besides, she is also the founder of the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman in North Carolina. She was previously married to Dell Curry, whom she met in college, and gave birth to NBA superstars Stephen and Seth Curry.

Cleive’s other daughter, India, is also an educator by trade and is the Head of School at Phoenix Montessori Academy. Meanwhile, his son Cleive Jr acted as the head coach at Ferrum College until 2023, when he was promoted to athletic director. As for Lyrissa, she is married and seems to be focused on raising her children.

Sonya Curry Thanked Her Father And Family After The Release Of Her Book

Cleive’s daughter, Sonya, thanked him along with her family for their unrelenting love and support throughout the years during the release of her book Fierce Love. She has not forgotten her dad’s teachings and pursues a life-long connection to God and faith.

Cleive, staying true to his Christian heritage, continues to fulfill his bishop duties in Rocky Mount, USA.