You are currently viewing Scott Bieler’s Net Worth In 2024: Full Bio

Scott Bieler’s Net Worth In 2024: Full Bio

Scott Bieler is widely famous for his dedication and achievement in the field of automobiles and currently serves as the President of the West Herr Automotive Group. Along with all his professional achievements, Bieler has also been quite famous for his charity and social service which indicates that he has a well-off wealth. So, what is Bieler’s net worth?

Here, we will talk about the wealth the business personality has gained all his life., Following this, we will also get to know how he reached such heights and where he by birth comes from.

Scott Bieler’s Net Worth Is Over $11 Million

As of 2024, Bieler has a net worth of over 11 million. The 43-year-old has been actively involved in the business sector since the mid-1970s. Even after nearly 5 decades of being in the automobile service, Bieler is still thriving hard to maintain his wealth.

Bieler is a multimillionaire with a net worth of over $11 million
Bieler is a multimillionaire with a net worth of over $11 million

At present, Scott has not indicated anything regarding taking a break from his work life.

His Wealth Has Significantly Grown Through the Years

The financial life of Bieler has grown over the years. With the upliftment of his net worth, the businessman has gained worldwide recognition. Let’s take a look at the spike Bieler’s net worth has gone through in the past five years.

Year Net Worth
2018 $6.8 million
2019 $7.2 million
2020 $8.5 million
2021 $9.3 million
2022 $10.6 million
2023 $11 million


When Did Bieler Join the West Herr Automotive Groups? His Major Source of Income

Scott joined the West Herr Automotive Group in 1975 as a salesman. The then 27-year-old Scott was committed to working hard for the company and soon got promoted to the position of manager and then the general manager. Eventually, in 1983, he partnered up with Brad Hafner for the company.

The West Herr Automotive Group is the 25th largest auto group in the country. In 2019, the company rose its selling 51,099 new and used retail vehicles.

Scott Is The CEO and President of the Company At Present

After 22 years of serving the company, Scott was handed over the presidency of the automotive company. Following this, in 2000, he was able to own the majority amount of shares of the company.

Soon after his promotion to CEO and President of The West Herr, Scott was able to increase 22 franchises in 26 different locations of the country.

Along with the West Herr, Scott also runs the Scott Bieler Foundation which helps to improve the health and welfare of individuals.

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Bieler Has Annual Earning of Over Thousands

As of present, Bieler makes nearly $300k annually through his work for the automotive. He has made more than $5 million from the 48-year-long service at the West Herr.

Along with the increase in his assets, Scott has also brought a remarkable profit to the company. The West Heir’s assets have increased by nearly $7 million in the past two years. The company has assets of over $30 million with annual revenue of $5.3 million.

The Scott Bieler Foundation that he runs with his wife also has a revenue of over $8 million as of 2023.

Scott’s Involvement and Recognization in Philanthropy

Following his professional upliftment, Bieler has also been active in the field of philanthropy and social service for many years. He is the vice chairperson of the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation board. Before this, he co-chaired to building of the new Bieler Clinical Sciences Center and is the Chairman of the Contribution Committee for the Ford Friendship Express van donation program.

Along with this, Scott also served on the Upstate New York Federal Reserve Regional Advisory Board for 5 years. He has also served on the Boards of the Buffalo Zoo, and Buffalo Niagara Partnership.

The philanthropist has been awarded the Outstanding Citizen by The Buffalo News and the Canisius College Distinguished Citizen Award. As of today, Bieler is recognized as the Outstanding Philanthropist by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Where Is Scott Bieler From? Full Bio

Bieler was born in 1948 in Orchard Park, Erie County, New York to his parents. He was raised in Orchard Park and completed his schooling and college from there itself. We do not have many details about his parents but we know that Scott belonged to a Christian family.

As of present, Bielber might be the most successful business person as well as a social service provider with the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

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Bieler is A Married Man

The businessman has been happily married for a very long time. He is married to Kathy Lasher who is also actively involved in the field of social work. We do not have any idea about when and how the couple met but as they come from the same field of service, they might have met through it too.

Scott and his wife Kathy both are in the field of social service
Scott and his wife Kathy both are in the field of social service

Kathy works as the Vice-President and Director of the Scott Bielber Foundation Inc. under her husband’s presidency. The duo have been awarded the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation’s Exemplary Citizenship Award for their service.

His step-son is also a member of West Herr Automotive Group

The Bieler couple does not have any children together. But Scott has a stepson, Matt Lasher from his spouse’s previous relationship. Lasher is married to Tiffany Lasher and is already a father of four children.

Matt currently is working as the Marketing Director of the West Herr Automotive Company and has been a part of the company for 14 years. He joined the company in 2009 after completing his BSBA with an emphasis in Marketing and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado.

The father-son duo are working hard to continue bringing rise to their financial status in the coming years. The Bieler Family today resides in Orchard Park, New York.

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