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Santiago Gimenez’s Girlfriend; Any Wedding Plans, Love Life in Details

Renowned for his extensive career and skills on the field, Santiago Gimenez has left an indelible mark in soccer. Alongside his professional career, his personal life has been equally intriguing to the public. He is in a relationship with his girlfriend Fer Serrano, who stands in her own right.

Here, we will provide details about Santiago’s partner, her life, and her relationship with him.

Santiago Gimenez’s Girlfriend Is Mexican

The athlete’s partner, María Fernanda Serrano Coto (aka Fer Serrano), has made her own mark as an actress and host.

The Mexican actress was born on November 28, 1997, in Mexico City, Mexico. Her parents, Ricardo Serrano Lavié and Marlaine Coto de la Garza have played instrumental roles in shaping her career.

Santiago Gimenez's Girlfriend Fer Serrano is 26 years old
Santiago’s partner María is from Mexico.

Her mixed Mexican and Spanish heritage adds a layer to her already intriguing persona. She also has a younger sister named Camila Serrano.

Fer Is a Former Tennis Player

Contrary to her current professional endeavors, Serrano first excelled as a tennis player. Her athletic journey began at the tender age of four. However, given her parents’ name in the Mexican entertainment industry, it is no surprise that Serrano was more inclined towards acting.

She Has Multiple Acting Credits

Gimenez’s girlfriend María made her acting debut in the telenovela, The Virgin Wife at 7. By the age of 10, the then-child star had already appeared in four television shows, including Real Life Cases, leading to her first movie debut at 13 in Rock Mari.

Alongside that, Fer has also hosted the Disney channel’s Pajama Party, making her known to a larger audience worldwide.

It Was A Love At First Sight For Santiago Gimenez and His Gf Fer Serrano

Going live on Instagram, Gimenez and his girlfriend mentioned that they met at a club way before they started dating. While both of them had a crush on one another, it did not go further than that.

The duo met again while playing Call of Duty, making their union possible. They mentioned how they used to play the game together, regardless of the time.

It did not take long for the game to be a venue where they could be together. That is until the soccer player asked Fer to be his lover on 14 June 2020.

Santiago Gimenez With his Girlfriend Fer Serranao
Santiago and Fer have been together since 2020.

Jumping with pride and happiness, Gimenez made their relationship public the very next day with a picture of them together where Serrano is seen holding a massive bouquet of red roses. He also posted a photo of them kissing with a caption from biblical verse.

0.1 The beginning of a beautiful path.
“And now faith, hope and love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Since then, the soulmates have seen singing praises of one another on their respective social media profiles.

Gimenez And Serrano Are Engaged

Marking a major milestone in their relationship, the strong duo got engaged on 28 November 2022. One might ask, “Who proposed who?” the answer is not simple.

Everyone knew they would be together. It was just a matter of time before they proposed. It was not Fer or Santiago who presented the ring– it was both of them together.

Santiago Gimenez Proposes His Girlfriend Fer Serrano
Gimenez and Serrano have been engaged since November 2023.

While both of them knew they would kneel down and ask the question, neither of them realized the other was going to do the same. Announcing their engagement, they posted,

everyone thought this would be the journey to propose to each other and we ended up proposing on the same day without knowing anything. how crazy lpm!!!


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Their Wedding Plans

Although it has been over a year since they took their relationship to the next level, they have not exchanged vows. Despite the spotlight they have received as a celebrated pair, adored by thousands worldwide, they have yet to reveal their wedding plans.

Their current focus appears to be on their respective careers, leaving them no time to get married. However, they might have a plan to tie the knot, which, hopefully, they will make public soon.

Serrano Is His Biggest Supporter

Alongside being his loving partner, Fer is also an enthusiastic supporter of her boyfriend. When Gimenez was making his UEFA Champions League debut on 25 October 2023, his doting bae was there to cheer him from the stands.

If you were watching that game, you might have noticed Fer cheering at every move Santiago made. She screamed her heart out when her man scored two goals.

Her genuine pride in his achievements can be seen in her reaction caught on ESPN FC TikTok.

After the match, Fer also shared her excitement via an Instagram post. She is often present in his games, supporting him. Apart from that, the lovebirds also go on trips and enjoy dates.

Fer Is Older Than Santiago

Well, Fer is four years older than her boyfriend, who was born on April 18, 2001. When they started dating, the soccer player was 19, and his girlfriend was 23.

Age is not an issue in their relationship. They have consistently been each other’s pillar of support.