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Did Sam Brock Meet His Wife Gaby Dellan At His Workplace?

Throughout the times, the thought of undying love has slowly withered away. The feelings change, and eventually, so do the partners. But everlasting love may be in the cards for the celebrity couple Sam Brock and Gaby Dellan. The husband and wife have been by each other’s side for a very long time and look set for a lifetime of happiness.

Let’s look at the details of their love life and wedding and find out more about Sam’s partner.

Sam Brock And His Wife, Gaby Dellan: Together Since 2013

The couple are absolutely adorable. It seems that Sam and Gaby haven’t lost their shine and continue to stick by each other through thick and thin. They met sometime back in 2013, 11-years ago. Sam apparently asked if she needed an umbrella on a rainy day, and their relationship kicked off. 

Sam Brock with wife, Gabriella Dellan.
Sam and Gaby, the power couple from NBC.

The duo dated for 5 years before finally deciding to share their eternal vows.

Sam And Gaby Had An Intimate Wedding

The beautiful Gaby was so excited about the wedding and wanted no stone unturned. They took upon the services of The Knot, a wedding planner website, to manage their wedding. Everything, ranging from the invitations down to the food and decorations, was managed by the site. In addition, the duo also had a lovely pre-wedding photoshoot six months before walking down the aisle.

Sam Brock and Gaby Dellan during their photoshoot
Sam and Gaby married back in 2018.

The pair got engaged on July 25, 2016. After two years of engagement, they tied the knot on January 20, 2018, in Miami, Florida. They then flew off for their honeymoon about a week later.

Sam Brock’s Wife Is Also A Journalist

The husband and wife have a lot in common. Well, Gaby has been an on-air meteorologist at the Telemundo Station Group in Miami, Florida, since January 2020.

She initially studied Industrial Management and graduated with a degree in Engineering Management from the Santa Clara University. Later, she attended Mississippi University to learn Broadcast Meteorology from 2015 to 2019.

Gaby started her career as a morning host and web producer at Univision Communications Inc. in May 2013. She was the primary host of the morning show “Despierta Sacramento,” which emphasized pop culture, entertainment, and food. In addition, she also managed the Univision 19 website’s news, events, and galleries. 

The host left the show in 2014 and joined

Given that Sam was also an analyst/reporter for NBC at the time she joined, is it that the two met while on their job? And was he the deciding factor in her moving to the Telemundo group?

More About Gaby And Her Family

Gabriella Dellan is of Latino/Hispanic descent and is originally from Venezuela. She celebrates her birthday on July 25. Her mother, Alicia Fuentes de Dellan, and her father have been together for over 40 years. The host also has a brother named Gerardo Dellan Fuentes. 

Gaby Dellan with her family and Sam Brock's mother, Julie Brock.
Gaby with her parents and Sam’s mother.

Gaby loves her parents and once posted about her father, who loves cooking, wishing him Happy Parents’ Day. She is also close with her husband’s side of the family, namely Sam’s mother, Julie Brock. Julie was joined by the two TV personnel while celebrating her 73rd birthday.

Sam Doesn’t Shy Away From Expressing His Love To His Wife

The pair’s love for each other keeps growing, and they are not shy about showing it either. The soulmates spend a lot of time with each other outside of their work. They have gone on multiple trips together; they visited the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood once in 2019.

In addition, the duo is a big fan of the rock band Guns & Roses and frequently attends their concerts. They also never skip wishing each other on their birthdays and their marriage anniversary.

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The journalists’ chemistry was also apparent on-screen when they hosted the 17th Annual Hope Gala in 2015. The power couple doesn’t have any children together but are parents to their two lovely Pomeranian dogs. Plus, Sam also has a niece named Izzy.

Gaby is as mad for her partner, Sam, as he is for her. She frequently posts about him and even dubbed him the only “love of my life.”