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Rick Ammirati: President Of Holbrook Chamber of Commerce

Frederick Ammirati, well-known in the public sphere as Rick Ammirati, is the president of the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce. He has donned the role for two decades and is also a successful entrepreneur for many businesses you may be familiar with. 

Keep reading to learn more about Rick’s life, the businesses he is part of, and also his personal life and preferences.

Rick Ammirati Was Born In A Loving Family

Rick was born on September 3, 1964, in Holbrook, United States of America. He was part of a huge family with his father, Nicholas (Nick) R. Ammirati, uncles Larry and Frank Ammirati, his mother, aunties one of whom passed away, and his late grandma, Catherine Ammirati.

All of his family members have been caring and supportive of each other.

Rick Ammirati, the CEo of Friendly Drugs
Rick had a lovely family growing up.

Young Rick loved his late grandmother, Catherine dearly, as she was a kindred spirit and made him laugh whenever she visited. He remembers his days with her and talks about how she hid cookies for him; he was also a huge fan of her lasagna. So, when she died on February 26, 2o21, he couldn’t help himself and shared his deepest condolences for her. 

Ammirati’s Career Over The Years

The successful businessman is a part of many companies. Notably, he has been serving as the President of the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce for two decades. The company aims to improve the business community in Holbrook. As part of this, he also owns Happenings Magazine.

Besides that, he is the Vice President of Operations at GVP Media. There, he is mainly involved in video production, which may include TV Commercials, Facebook podcasts, live shows, and other video requests. He is also the co-host of a podcast by Studio 6B Media Group.

Rick puts his entrepreneurial skills to good use. He is also a member of the Interchange Business Organization, which helps companies and people find solutions to their challenges. 

Additionally, Rick is also the owner of the pharmaceutical company Friendly Drugs. The store is more than just a pharmacy; it is also a boutique store that sells accessories. Along with prescription drugs, the store also offers fashion apparel and beauty products.

How Much Is Rick Ammirati’s Net Worth?

Given the array of businesses he is part of, Ammirati’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Well, The Holbrook Chamber of Commerce earned a revenue of $107k in 2022 and had about $100k in assets. Plus, the salary for a high-end employee can go up to about $33k per year. As he is the president, Rick possibly makes more than the mentioned figure.

Rick Ammirati with his workers at Holbrook Chamber of Commerce.
Rick with one of his workers at Holbrook Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, Friendly Drugs is a flourishing company with many branches in New York. As the owner of the company, Ammirati may bag a considerable amount of revenue. Further, his position as VP of operations at GVP Media may earn him a good sum as well.

Rick Is Enjoying His Marital Bliss With His Beautiful Wife

Rick is a married man and is lovestruck by his wife, Louann Ammirati. The couple has been sharing a blissful life for a very long time, residing in Port Jefferson Station in Holbrook, New York. The earliest mention of their marriage was in 2004.

Talking about her profession, Louann who celebrates her birthday on July 21 is the district director-remote at a pharmaceutical distribution company, AmerisourceBergen. Besides, the long-time couple shares common interests in birds and also music. They also love attending concerts. On one occasion, the duo got to dance with the late famous singer Prince onstage while he was performing. 

He Is A Huge Fan Of Prince

Not many may know this, but Rick is an avid fan of the late singer-songwriter, Prince and has attended many of his concerts. He frequently mentions the fun he had attending Prince’s events with his long-time spouse on X. It looks like the late artist left a lasting impression on him, and the 59-year-old has been a fan for over 42 years.

Besides his love for Prince, the successful businessman has a funky sense of fashion and also admires birds. He is always giddy talking about his beautiful birds through his tweets. He apparently owns two Hyacinths, a Toucan, a black palm cockatoo, a harlequin, and a gray catbird, which he considers his son.