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Reason For Minkah Fitzpatrick’s Wife Rumors: His Girlfriend In 2024

Minkah Fitzpatrick Jr is a football safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. Born Nov 17, 1996, he is now a 27-year-old but despite the age suitable for companionship and marital endeavors, people are yet to see the New Jersey-born with a potential match.

Fitzpatrick’s love life differs from his professional activities which often become the talk of many tabloids. Yet amidst all the analysis and headlines he has spawned Minkah Jr remains silent on whether he has a plan to have a wife or the subject of his girlfriends and relationships.

Minkah Fitzpatrick Never Had A Wife: Has He Plans To Get Married?

No, Fitzpatrick Jr isn’t married, and all the rumors of his wife are mere speculation. This may be safe to say in view of his social media posts and the fact that no headlines have ever mentioned the Alabama graduate set to walk down the aisle. Furthermore, he seems to be all about football and his family.

The six-foot-one-inch tall athlete appears to be interested in sharing all about the game across his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter logs. However, none of the posts on his socials draw attention to his intentions to marry or even a plan to get down on his knees. So, for the time being, Fitzpatrick clearly remains unmarried and completely devoted to the game, family, and God.

Minkah Fitzpatrick Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anna Riggs Tully?

While Fitzpatrick isn’t married, he has been linked to one woman for quite some years now. Multiple sources have been claiming that the Steelers no. 39 is in a relationship with Anna Riggs Tully.

Minkah Fitzpatrick Jr and his alleged girlfriend Anna Riggs Tully
Minkah Fitzpatrick Jr and his alleged girlfriend Anna Riggs Tully

Tully apparently is a 1998 born. She is from Guntersville, Alabama. This alleged girlfriend of Fitzpatrick is one of four children of Susan Vandervoort Tully and Jeff Tully. Anna has one sister, Mary, and two younger siblings Kate and Dee.

It is yet to be official as to where and when Anna and Fitzpatrick met. Some sources nonetheless suggest the two crossed paths at the University of Alabama. Tully went to Guntersville High School. Anna also played varsity soccer in high school.

Are Minkah Fitzpatrick And Anna Riggs Tully Still Together

It’s been a while since people saw Fitzpatrick and Tully together. In fact, the NFL football safety and his supposed partner haven’t even so much as mentioned each other on their respective social media handles. Resultantly, many people suspect whether Tully and Fitzpatrick are still together or if they have long been separated.

Also, neither the Steelers’ safety nor Anna ever talked about their rumored relationship in a social setting. Consequently, there have been groups of people who think that shipping was a fan theory from the beginning.  The theory additionally claims that people only wanted to forge some romantic intrigue. After all, Fitzpatrick has exceptionally private affairs especially when it comes to matters of his heart.

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Was Minkah Ever In A Serious Relationship?

Similar to the aforesaid state of affairs, whether or not Fitzpatrick ever had a serious relationship is a kind of blind bargain. As mentioned before, he has hardly opened up about his romantic pursuits. Nevertheless to assume he might have been in a relationship or two shouldn’t be a farfetched statement. As such, the NFL professional is already in his late 20s. However, if he ever had serious in that regard again is a brain teaser.

So had he ever had multiple romantic affairs? It could be inferred through some apparent ideologies and beliefs of the football safety himself.

Melissa with her son, Minkah Jr, and her husband, Minkah Sr in Jan 2015
Melissa with her son, Minkah Jr, and her husband, Minkah Sr in Jan 2015

While NFL players having arrays of partners, baby mothers, and wives isn’t unheard of, that may not be true in the case of Minkah Fitzpatrick Jr. For starters, he is a devout Christian. The professional footballer has claimed his love for God on multiple occasions.

He additionally is also a family man and seems to follow in his parents’ footsteps who have been together since eighth grade. Although being a believer in God, having a family of his own should certainly be on the list for him, with whom he wants to embark on this journey remains to be known.

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