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Piper Curda’s Boyfriend: Her Dating History & Relationships

Piper Curda is an American singer and actress known for her stint in Disney Channel’s shows like Rule the Mix, I Didn’t Do It, Teen Beach 2, and many more. She is one of five siblings who all work in the showbiz industry. Fans have already seen her romances on-screen and are intrigued to uncover who her boyfriend is off-screen.

Let’s look at her relationship history and find out who she is dating.

Piper Curda’s Boyfriend: She Is Actually Single

Piper who tends to leave social media handles for months on end and be quiet about personal details, made a public announcement regarding her private life on January 2, 2024. It seemed her experiences in 2023 were rough as she stopped believing in love altogether.

In addition, she mentioned that the year was the first time since 2016 that she was without a boyfriend for the holiday season.

Curda noted that she learned to embrace the solitude that came with being alone. She was learning to take a positive outlook on life; she noted that she started reckoning with abusive relationships with a certain partner, friends, and herself.

Throughout 2024, Piper Curda Didn't Have A Boyfriend
Piper does not have a boyfriend

Many fans, however, believed that one of her Instagram posts hinted at a possible partner in 2022. But, upon further inspection, that was not the case. The post was basically aimed at supporting a GoFundMe to provide donations for the victims of the Texas Elementary School shooting in 2022.

All in all, Piper admitted she is single. She has openly revealed herself to be on the asexual spectrum with pronouns she/they. She also has a history of dating, spanning back to 2014.

Piper Curda’s Last Known Relationship Is With Her Then-Boyfriend Troy Ogletree

The I Didn’t Do It star Piper first saw her then soon-to-be boyfriend, Troy Ogletree, through one of her friend’s Snapchat stories. Six months later, he moved in with Piper and her best friend. That’s when they got to know each other and became close friends.

The budding friendship gradually transitioned into romance. They also went on trips to Chicago and multiple other outings with their buddies.

The ex-pair’s first date was on August 8, 2016. The former couple went to a sushi stop and, after that, bought a pack of Oreos from a grocery stop. Then, they went to Troy’s apartment and just watched Stranger Things, a typical millennial dating experience.

Their great chemistry and genuine love for each other were apparent in the Jubilee series Couple Secretly Shares Both Sides of Their Love Story. They thoroughly explained their love story in the episode and talked through what they liked about each other. Both of them almost always had the same answers to the questions.

Troy even elaborated on his relationship with his cheating ex. This led him to be skeptical when he and Piper first started dating. But, eventually, she helped him ease through it.

The now-broken-up duo’s heartfelt responses gave people hope for a love like theirs. They seemed perfect for each other. Alas, it was not meant to be. They would eventually part ways somewhere around 2019 or 2020.

Who Is Piper Curda’s Ex-Boyfriend Troy?

Like Piper, Troy can also sing and act but is mostly a songwriter. He makes chill pop music and is inspired by artists like Lauv, The Weekend, The 1975, and many more. The artist has released multiple singles, which include For the Weekend, Champagne Season, and more.

Prior to dating Piper, he was in a relationship with Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke. They dated from 2013 to 2015 before going their separate ways. Brooke had allegedly cheated on Troy with another man.

After his break up with Piper, Troy started dating a lawyer named Cheryl Cruz in 2020. They are still together as of 2024.

Piper Is Said To Have Dated A Few In The Past

Well, Troy is not the only guy Piper has ever dated. According to the I Didn’t Know Fandom Wiki, she was also in a relationship with her co-star, Austin North. Furthermore, as per Who’s Dated Who, they had a brief relationship from May to October 2014. He played the character of Logan in the show, who was her character, Jasmine‘s boyfriend.

Piper even has a lot of tweets mentioning him in her X (formerly Twitter) account. She explicitly mentioned that she loved crashing his parties and selfies with her then-boyfriend, Troy. And according to her, Austin thinks of her as the “day one” homie. While reports state Austin and Piper dated in the past, could it be they were just two close friends?

Piper Curda ex-boyfriend, Caleb Stanley
Piper Curda with her then-boyfriend, Caleb Stanley.

The Fandom site also mentioned her relationship with fellow A.N.T. Farm co-actor Jake Short. They apparently dated from March to September 2015 after she broke up with Austin.

Then, in early 2016, she was linked to commercial designer and producer Caleb Stanley. The couple hung out a lot during that time.

While Piper didn’t publicly reveal her relationship, another member of the family verified it. Her younger sister,  Saylor Curda, confirmed that he was indeed Piper’s boyfriend. For that, Caleb replied sarcastically, “No filter and no warning. Thanks for the help!” Although Caleb had the support of the family, the duo didn’t last that long and split by mid-2016.

Piper Is Close To Her Family

Throughout all of the fame and the relationships that came in between, Piper never lost sight of her loved ones, mainly her brothers and sisters. All of the siblings are close and spend a lot of time with each other.

She was fond of her brother, Major Curda, who was her lunch date several times and also her companion for events. The actress also took one of her sisters, Riley Curda, as her date to the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.