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Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s Wife: Is He Married? His Love Life In Detail

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Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, beloved for his role in the hit series, has a love life as heartwarming as his on-screen persona. Married to the love of his life, his journey with his wife is a beautiful testament to lasting companionship and mutual respect.

Fans eager to know more about his off-screen romance will find a story filled with love, laughter, and shared moments that mirror the kind of genuine connection everyone dreams of.

Dive deeper into the world of Paul to discover the love story that supports his remarkable career.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee Is Married To His Wife for Decades

Paul, well-known for his role in “Kim’s Convenience,” shares a heartwarming life with his spouse, Anna Lee. They exchanged vows on December 31st, 1999, just as the world was about to celebrate the year 2000, marking their union with a memorable start. When Paul proposed Anna to, it didn’t go as well as he intended as she was ‘sick as a dog.’

Although the pair couldn’t go on a honeymoon right away, a year later they enjoyed a much-awaited time together in Orlando, Florida.

Paul with his partner Anne attending a game
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s wife is an ALS translator.

Residing in Toronto, Paul and Anna, alongside their sons and a cherished dog. The family enjoys a close-knit family life filled with laughter and love. Besides, Paul frequently posts pictures of Anna on Instagram, offering fans a peek into their joyful moments together. Their relationship, blossoming since the last day of the 20th century, remains strong, supported by shared experiences and mutual respect.

How Did The Couple First Meet?

Paul has a charming story of how he met his life partner, Anna Lee. Their first encounter was through a mutual friend, during a casual night out at a bar, where they almost missed each other. Luckily, they met, shared laughs, and exchanged numbers, leading to a memorable first date exploring Toronto with dining, walking, and more laughter.

As their relationship blossomed, Paul introduced Anna to his passions, including widescreen movies, video games, and sci-fi, spending cozy evenings in her Kensington Market basement apartment. Their connection, built on shared interests and joy, eventually led them to marry in 2001, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

The Pair is a Proud Parent of Two Children and a Dog

Paul and his wife Anna are proud parents to two sons, Noah and Miles. Noah, their eldest, shares Paul’s passion for all things nerdy, including a love for Star Wars. Paul describes Noah as a mini-version of himself, which sometimes leads to playful clashes due to their similarities.

The Canadian actor share two kids.
The Canadian actor share two kids.

Meanwhile, Noah is currently studying acting at the Toronto Metropolitan University, according to his Insta account, @gr0mulac3.

On the other hand, Miles, his younger son, showcases a different set of interests. Despite being more athletic and physical, Miles also has his unique geeky hobbies, such as creating stop-motion animations and drawing. He currently studies at the Etobicoke School of the Arts from where he will graduate in 2027.

After Becoming a Father Paul Understood His Parents All Too Well

Paul, who famously appeared in Avatar: The Last Airbender alongside Dallas Liu and Arden Cho, has discovered through fatherhood a deeper connection with his own parents’ experiences. Becoming a dad has given him insights into the challenges and rewards of parenting, revealing the common ground he shares with his parents that he couldn’t see as a child.

He recognizes the “cosmic payback” of his youthful actions in the way his kids sometimes view him, mirroring his misunderstandings of his parents’ intentions.

Lee emphasizes the importance of teaching his children respect for others and the value of excellence in both actions and manners, a principle he inherited from his parents.

This journey into parenthood has broadened his perspective, understanding the sacrifices and the bigger picture his parents were always considering, highlighting a cycle of learning and appreciation across generations.

What Is Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s Spouse’s Profession?

Surely you are eager to know about Anne’s profession with many of you even believing she is also an actress. Well, that is further from the truth. She works in a totally different field altogether.

She is an ASL interpreter. Paul himself revealed it on his Twitter account. In the tweet, he wrote,

My wife is an ASL interpreter! When we first started dating I learned to finger spell. #okseeyou”