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Meet Zoe Colletti’s Boyfriend & Secret Behind Her Lasting Love Story

The Family Plan actress Zoe Colletti is dating her long-term boyfriend Nicholai Perrett. Both the couple are 22 years of age and have been very open about their relationship. Even though the duo share a drastically different professional field as an actress and boxer, they share a common hobby of content creation which brought them together.

With the bond they share, there has been a lot of curiosity among their fans, especially about their relationship. In this article, we are going to share some untold details about their love life. Let’s get started.

Zoe Colletti And Her Boyfriend Nicholai Perrett Have Been Together Since 2019

Relationships these days are short-lived, especially among Gen Z. But Zoe and Nicholai seem to prove the stereotype wrong. The lovebirds have been together since 2019 and it has been over 5 years since they are madly in love.

Zoe Colletti In The Swimming Pool
Zoe Colletti In The Swimming Pool

Though the duo began dating in 2019, they revealed their affair a year later around the beginning of 2020. Well, they are both head over heels in love and we hope their relationship continues the same way forever.

Zoe Colletti Met Her Boyfriend In Canada

Colletti and Perrett’s first meeting is an interesting story. They reportedly first met in Canada in 2019, where Nicholai had traveled for a random visit. In the meantime, Zoe was in Prague for a movie shoot however she had to travel to Canada for two days as there was some pending dubbing to finish for a movie she had done earlier.

During her visit to Canada, Zoe went to a mall for some shopping with her mom. After the shopping, as they were heading home in a Uber she realized that she had left her phone at the mall and had to return. But as she tried to book an Uber back home after receiving her phone, she could not book one after multiple attempts.

As a result, she along with her mom decided to walk home when her mom saw a kid who they later realized was a YouTuber they followed and a friend of Nicholai. Interestingly Nicholai was also present there when Zoe and her mom walked to talk to the guy and also clicked the photo with him. However, Zoe and Nicholai did not talk at all at that meeting.

Eventually, it was only four months later, when his friend messaged Zoe after watching her movie that she inquired about Nicholai showing him a photo where he was in the background. Later, after Nicholai came to know about her interest in him, he messaged her, and eventually became close to each other and began dating.

They Have Discussed Their Wedding In A YouTube Video

As a couple, Zoe and Nicholai have discussed weddings in their YouTube video where they put a hypothetical situation as to who would be late for their own wedding. To this, both of them agreed that it would be Zoe as she would be busy dressing and having ice cream in the nearest Starbucks in her wedding dress.

Zoe Colletti With Her Boyfriend Nicholai Perrett
Zoe Colletti With Her Boyfriend Nicholai Perrett

Well, talking about their actual marriage plans, they do not seem to have one as of now. They are still in their early 20s and are primarily focused on their career rather than getting married. Having said that, we are quite certain that Zoe and Nicholai would make a perfect wife and husband.

Zoe Colletti’s Partner Nicholai Is A Boxer & YouTuber

Well, Nicholai is quite a successful individual. While he aspires to become a boxer, he is a successful YouTuber and a social media influencer. As of February 2024, he has over 29.4 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel. He is a lifestyle blogger and focuses on his day-to-day life to create content most of which also includes prank videos.


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Similarly, he is also quite popular on Instagram with over 487k followers. Well, his Insta feed is filled with photos of him boxing. Even on his Insta bio, he identifies himself as a “Youtuber and Boxer.”

Her Career

Well, like Nicholai, Zoe is also a YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers but her primary focus has always been acting. She made her acting debut back in 2006, with a TV series American Men. This was followed by her role in several other TV series like Past Life, Rubicon, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Fear the Walking Dead, among others.

Besides, she has also appeared in several movies like Annie, Wildlife, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, A Boy Called Christmas, & The Family Plan among others. Her role in The Family plan got her huge fame and appreciation.

Colletti’s Boyfriend Helped Her With Lines In “Boo Bitch”

In an interview, Colletti shared that she missed her senior prom due to the pandemic, but her boyfriend and mother surprised her with a makeshift prom during quarantine. She expressed gratitude for their thoughtfulness in recreating the experience for her.

Additionally, she mentioned that her boyfriend, Perrett, supported her career by assisting her with script reading for an audition for “Boo, Bitch.” While running lines together, they adopted a favorite acronym from one of her character’s scenes, showcasing their collaborative and supportive relationship.

Colletti’s anecdote highlights the importance of loved ones in providing emotional support during challenging times and the joy found in shared experiences, even amidst adversity. Talking about this she said,

It’s funny because my boyfriend was my reader when I did my audition, and in one scene we go, ‘TBBH.’ And [now], me and my boyfriend say ‘TBBH’ all the time — ‘to be brutally honest.’ I say that to my boyfriend to let him down easy — you know, like, ‘To be brutally honest, you suck.’

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