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Meet Minkah Fitzpatrick’s Mother Melissa Fitzpatrick: Full Bio

Melissa Fitzpatrick is the mother of Minkah Annane Fitzpatrick Jr., a football safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. Similar to many footballers, Minkah Jr. often talks about his mother in interviews thanking her for the contributions she had to his life and career.

However, unlike her son, Melissa doesn’t have that much of a distinct career or life details. But turns out there are a handful of stories from her side too. Read them for the first time in the accounts below starting from her early life to what she does now.

Melissa Fitzpatrick’s Birth Details And Family

Melissa Fitzpatrick, originally, Melissa D’Areli was born on May 11, 1976. She is the daughter of Linda D’Areli and Joseph D’Areli. The NFL football safety’s mother has two siblings, Dawn Severino and Timothy D’Areli.

Melissa with her son, Minkah Jr, and her husband, Minkah Sr in Jan 2015
Melissa with her son, Minkah Jr, and her husband, Minkah Sr in Jan 2015

Sports Illustrated once reported that her mother had a house in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Melissa’s mother died at age 78 on Aug 9, 2023. She used to work for Crest Department Store in Jersey City, New Jersey. Minkah’s maternal grandmother later worked for Country Fresh Frozen Foods in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Fitzpatrick Jr’s mother didn’t go to college as SI reports Minkah was the first Fitzpatrick to graduate from college

Melissa Fitzpatrick And Her Husband Minkah Sr Have Been Together Since Eighth Grade

Melissa met Minkah Fitzpatrick Sr. at an ice cream parlor after an eighth-grade dance. By the time they were 19, they were already the parents of two kids, Destiny and Minkah Jr.

Her husband and Minkah’s father, Minkah Sr. was raised Muslim. Therefore, Minkah grew up in a family with both demonstrations of faith. Minkah Sr used to be a diesel mechanic in addition to a part-time plumber. He was always working overtime.

Minkah Fitzpatrick with his wife, Melissa
Minkah Fitzpatrick with his wife, Melissa

The couple are parents to five children including Minkah. The others are Destiny, Promise, Devine, and Justice.

Minkah once revealed his mother was really sick when she had him. Melissa apparently almost lost her life while having him. During his draft with the Miami Dolphins, Minkah said it means a lot to him that his mother is there with him every day.

“I’m just grateful to have a mother like her,”

said the first-round draftee of the Miami Dolphins.

Melissa has been giving her son a grade for each of his games since he was a kid. Even now, she rates him for every game with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Melissa And Fitzpatrick Sr Worked Hard For Their Children

Minkah once said his parents, used to work two and sometimes three jobs back in New Jersey to provide for their children. Furthermore, the Steelers and his older sister Destiny shared a bedroom in a tiny railroad apartment until they were six and seven. At one point, their parents even thought of changing Minkah’s school so they wouldn’t have to pay his tuition.

Minkah told his parents that he was going to buy them a house and he did so in Aug 2018. Speaking to Miami Dolphins, the ex-Alabama safety said his mother was running around the house like a kid after she got into the new house.

What Does Melissa Fitzpatrick Do Now?

Minkah’s mother, Melissa’s profession is an inscrutable premise. The mother of five doesn’t show up much in the promotional capacity. She is also hardly available on social media.

Up until Dec 2017, she was working for Burlington department stores along with her daughter, Destiny. However, what profession she abides by in the present is a sort of a million-dollar question.

Many believe Melissa may be serving as her son’s advisor or even his agent as she often gets vocal when it comes to defending her son against media criticisms. Still, it is unsettled what exactly she does in the present.

The Time When Melissa Called Out The Dolphins And The Reporters For Her Son

Parents backing their NFL sons in football is not uncommon but Melissa made headlines when she did it for her son, Minkah Jr back in Aug 2019. Minkah at the time was playing for the Miami Dolphins when the team’s reporters criticized the Old Bridge-born athlete’s play at strong safety.

It all started when the South Florida Sun Sentinel reporter, Omar Kelly tweeted that Fitzpatrick Jr wasn’t playing well. Responding to that, Melissa, via her Twitter, wrote,

No you would never want to do that maybe it’s because he is not a ss and is being used to suit other people skill set not his own.

The mother of the football safety additionally said that ripping his son was expected from reporters like him. Fitzpatrick Jr later said that while he didn’t disagree with what his mother said, he wasn’t a huge fan of the way she went about expressing it. He later issued a statement saying that he wished his mother had talked to him before posting her comments on X.

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