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Hamza Lavezzi Trained Drake’s Former Partner: Were They Dating?

Hamza Lavezzi is a French trainer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, and futsal player. Lavezzi gained sudden popularity after appearing as a personal trainer to singer Drake’s baby mother, Sophie Brussaux.

But does Lavezzi have a fame of his own? Who is he beside Brussaux’s trainer? As a matter of fact, is he still the personal mentor of the rapper’s baby mother? Get the answers to all these in addition to a complete bio of Hamza.

Hamza Lavezzi Is Moroccan Living In France

Lavezzi was born on Feb 2nd, 1986. He is Moroccan by ethnicity. On several occasions,  he has advocated for his ancestral nation. When the North African nation suffered an earthquake on Sep 8, 2023, Hamza, via his Facebook, asked his followers to donate to the families in need. He also organized a donation drive.

Hamza Lavezzi In His Boxing Attire
Hamza In His Boxing Attire

The trainer despite being famous prefers to keep details about his parents and family away from the media.

Who Is Hamza Beside A Trainer?

Lavezzi, as mentioned, is a certified trainer. The French man is the head coach and manager at Street Fight Training. He additionally works as the sales manager at Lambda Construction Limited, a construction company. Furthermore, he plays futsal presumably semi-professionally.


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Hamza Lavezzi Rise To Popularity

As aforementioned, people started knowing about Lavezzi after a video of him training with Drake’s former partner Sophie Brussaux went viral.

In the video, Sophie throws some serious punches while sparring with Lavezzi at the Street Fight Training Academy in France.

The video however was from October 2019. No further stories emerged after the video’s appearance. Also, it seems Lavezzi is no longer the personal trainer to Brussaux.

Is Hamza Dating Sophie Brussaux?

Brussaux doesn’t seem to be dating Lavezzi. As mentioned, post the aforesaid video, the two have hardly appeared alongside each other.

Lavezzi though made a handful of appearances in Brussaux’s stories. The snippets however mostly portray them training and nothing more. The two can be seen doing pull-ups, squats, and burpees.

In the meantime, Brussaux and Drake co-parent their son, Adonis. They have been keeping things peaceful for years. Brussaux hasn’t said anything regarding her relationship with Drake in front of the public.

Brussaux and Drake’s relationship reportedly began somewhere between late 2016 to early 2017. The outsiders first got to see them together when they were having a dinner date in Amsterdam in January 2017. Later that year in October, Brussaux gave birth to Drake’s son, Adonis.

But what about Lavezzi? Does he have a partner of his own?

For a man who likes to flaunt most of his life on social media, Hamza Lavezzi is yet to tell the details of his personal life. For the time being, he remains a master of discretion when it comes to these matters. Despite the abundance of posts featuring his works, friends, and achievements, the French fighter seems to be strategically withholding any glimpse of his romantic antics in the visual mosaic of his hundreds and hundreds of posts.

The absence of Lavezzi’s romantic half from his digital exhibition has led many to believe he is currently single and choosing to stand on his own. He could be single for quite a long time. Nonetheless, he definitely comes as a guy who possesses an uncanny ability to safeguard the sanctity of his inner affairs.

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