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Luciano Cacciamani Coronado: Inside The Life Of Fernando del Solar’s Son

Luciano Cacciamani Coronado is the eldest son of Mexican TV personalities, Fernando Del Solar and Ingrid Coronado. Ever since the death of his father, fans have been curious to learn more about him. In that bargain, what do we know about the star kid? How old is he? And, what happened to his dad? In this article, we will talk about Luciano’s life so far.

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Profile Summary

Birth Date 19th December 2008
Place of Birth Mexico
Age 14
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Argentinian-Mexican
Father Fernando Del Solar
Mother Ingrid Coronado
Brother Paolo Ciamani Coronado
Known For Eldest son of Mexican TV personalities

Luciano Cacciamani Coronado Was Born Before His Parents Got Married

Fernando and Ingrid welcomed their first baby boy, Luciano Coronado on 19th December 2008. At that time, as sources claim, the former love birds had just begun dating a few months back.

Over and above this, his younger brother, Paolo Ciamani Coronado was born on 12th September 2011.

Luciano (left) and Paolo (right) - sons of Del Solar and Coronado, the TV personalities
Luciano (left) and Paolo (right) – sons of Del Solar and Coronado, the TV personalities

Now, talking about his family background, the star kid comes from an Argentinian-Mexican ethnicity. To further elaborate on this, his dad was born in Argentina but raised in Mexico, while his mother is purely Mexican.

Growing up, Luciano had a well-adjusted lifestyle with his family of 4. Although they had their ups and downs, the Mexican stars never let their kids suffer from any kind of hurt or pain. As a matter of fact, despite the divorce, Solar’s eldest son still had a good relationship with his dad before his death.

How Many Step-Siblings Does The 14-Year-Old Have?

Apart from his own younger brother, Coronado’s son had 4 other step-siblings.

Way before Ingrid married her late ex-hubby, she was married to Charly Lopez from 1988 to 2004. During her marriage with him, she gave birth to her son, Emiliano Lopez Coronado.


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Likewise, after divorcing the mother of his kids, Del Solar married Anna Ferro in April 2023. Although the couple did not have kids of their own, Ferro had 2 other sons, Alessandro and Mario Carlo with her partner from a former relationship. In addition to them, the pair also were rumored to have adopted a daughter whose name has not been disclosed yet.

Even if we do not see the Coronado kids hanging out with Emiliano, we can see a few pictures of them meeting Anna’s 3 children. It seems they have a good bond with their 2 step-brothers and a sister from their father’s side.

Both Of Coronado’s Parents Are Mexican TV Personalities

Talking about his mother and father, both Fernando Del and Ingrid are Mexican TV personalities. His dad used to be a model, an actor, and a television host. He has worked in Mexican shows like Pela Un Nuevo Amor and Hablame De Amor. On top of this, he formally hosted Venga la Alegria, a morning show aired on the Azteca Uno network. In addition, Solar is also popularly known for starring in the movies, Don de Dios and La Familia de Mi Ex.

Likewise, his mom started as a backup vocalist to working as a TV presenter. So far, Ingrid has been the host of La Academia, La Academia Kids, Soy tu Doble, and many more.

Luciano Cacciamani Coronado’s Parents Had A 3-Years-Long Marriage

The Mexican TV hosts got married to each other on 5th May 2012. Their parents knew each other way before they tied the knot. They started dating somewhere around 2008. Moreover, for the next 4 years, the ex-duo took their time in getting to know each other and forming a bond; later turned to marriage.

Luciano Coronado's Parents
Luciano Coronado’s Parents

In the beginning, everything seemed to have been going great, but 3 years later, their marriage hit rock bottom.

What Caused His Parents To Separate?

Rumor has it, that Fernando Del Solar and Ingrid Coronado separated due to his cancer. The same year they got married, the host of Vebga La Alegria was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. This further caused the loving couple to become distant. Hence, causing them to separate 3 years after tying the knot.

On the other hand, many also speculate that their marriage ended due to some unresolved issues that haven’t been disclosed yet. Either way, they went on separate paths after being in each other’s lives for 7 years.

Furthermore, it must have taken a great toll on their children and their well-being as both Luciano and Paolo were very young when their parents divorced.

Did Ingrid Get Custody Of Both Her Kids?

Since both of Del Solar’s sons have his ex-wife’s surname, we believe that Luciano and Paolo’s custody was given to their mother upon their parents’ divorce. So, why did the actor not get to keep his sons? Well, perhaps he was not fit to take care of his children because of cancer. Moreover, although Fernando was in the picture, the host of La Academia raised their sons as a single mother after the divorce.

The Young Boy’s Dad Passed Away In 2022

On 30th June 2022, the famed host, Fernando left the world. The actual cause of his death has not been revealed yet, however, there are multiple theories surrounding the topic.

The late actor with his 2 kids
The late actor with his 2 kids

Firstly, some believe that the model-cum-actor passed away because his cancer was back. For many years since 2012, Del Solar suffered from cancer of the lymph nodes. After rigorous treatments, he finally was able to live a normal life with his 2nd wife. But it has been speculated that his cancer was back and that is what took his life.

On the other hand, as per some other sources, he died after suffering from COVID-19. The personality’s death took place when the pandemic was still at large and killing thousands worldwide. Hence, this led some of his fans to believe that Fernando passed because he tested positive for the disease.

Where Is Luciano Cacciamani Coronado Today?

It is very hard for us to pinpoint where Luciano is today. After the divorce between his famous parents, it’s like he and his brother went completely off the radar. Nonetheless, we do believe that the teen still lives with his mother somewhere in Mexico. Ingrid must be working really hard to give her kids the life they deserve.

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