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Louis Hofmann’s Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth: Full Bio

Louis Hofmann is rapidly becoming a household name thanks to lead roles in hit Netflix shows. He first drew attention from Tom Sawyer (2011), then skyrocketed to international fame from the mystery sci-fi series Dark (2017-2020). 

His role in All the Light We Cannot See (2023) further cemented his star status. In this article, we delve into his personal life and relationships, from his current wife status and past girlfriends to his onscreen romances. 

Does Louis Hofmann Have A Wife?

The 26-year-old Hofmann is not married. However, he has been in a long-term relationship with a girlfriend whose identity is not yet revealed. Despite his rising fame, he remains quite private about his personal life. 

In a 2019 interview, he provided a rare glimpse into his dating life when asked about reducing his social media presence. He revealed that his girlfriend actually has the password to his Instagram account. 

As the German actor put it,

“In principle, I myself have no access to my Instagram profile. When I want to post something, my girlfriend has to sit beside me because she has the password.”

Louis Hofmann Modeling photo
Louis Hofmann on Instagram

While not much is known about the mysterious partner, the fact that she controls his Instagram suggests they have been together for years. Though he may not have a wife yet, he does have a long-term partner supporting him as his star continues to rise.

Louis Hofmann’s Girlfriend Is His Safe Place

In the same interview, Hofmann also gave insight into how his long-term girlfriend provides emotional support in his life. When asked about playing an emotionally turbulent role in the film Prélude (2019), he admitted it strained him during filming and for almost a year after. 

At that time, when he visited his parents in Cologne with his girlfriend, he suddenly felt overwhelmed by unease after watching his Prélude co-star. But being with his parents and girlfriend gave him “such a safe space” that he could finally process the emotions from filming that troubled him for months. 

As Louis tells it, the chance to unwind with his anchor of support – his girlfriend – while visiting family allowed a breakthrough. He implies his busy schedule prevented properly working through the intense feelings of playing the lead character. 

So, while keeping her identity private, the actor makes evident his partner is a grounding force and emotional haven. Her presence and their connection gave him the security needed to confront inner demons from his most “emotionally charged” role.

Louis Hofmann Has Had Multiple On-screen Romance 

Unlike his private life, Hofmann’s onscreen relationships are public knowledge and widely embraced by fans, often sparking rumors of real-life romances with co-stars. He has had passionate onscreen connections in shows like Dark (2017-2020) and films like Prélude (2019), sending fans into a frenzy “shipping” his fictional couples.

Louis and Lisa Vicari in ‘Dark’

In the moody sci-fi series, Louis and Lisa generated buzz for their onscreen chemistry as Jonas and Martha, whose relationship is plagued by the looming apocalypse. Though their characters were not endgame, fans were convinced the pair’s passionate connection meant they were dating in real life. 

Louis with his onscreen partner Lisa Vicari
Louis Hofmann with Lisa Vicari while filming for ‘Dark’

However, despite rumors sparked by their magnetic performances, the duo is not actually a couple off-screen. They stirred relationship speculation with occasional social media post during filming. Still, both have kept their real romantic lives private. 

Louis Hofmann OnScreen Romance With Liv Lisa Fries in ‘Prélude’

In Prélude (2019), Hofmann and Fries portray an intense connection between their characters, David and Marie. Hofmann plays a gifted pianist buckling under pressure at a sinister music academy. Fries stars as the alluring yet detached Marie, whom David becomes love-struck with.

As their secret affair unfolds onscreen, the actors create palpable chemistry as the pair find escape in each other from their oppressive environments. Their clandestine romance provides David with temporary solace but also becomes a dangerous distraction.

While their characters briefly find comfort in one another, Marie remains mysterious and withdrawn, leaving David still isolated and unmoored. Through lingering glances and stolen moments, the pair conveyed a complicated push and pull between enchantment and isolation.

Louis Hofmann’s Net Worth

Hofmann has amassed an estimated net worth between $1-5 million. He has landed a string of high-profile roles that have steadily grown his wealth over the past decade. 

His pivotal roles in the Netflix hit Dark and All the Light We Cannot See have added significantly to his finances. The latter was adapted from a bestselling novel with over 15 million copies sold worldwide, indicating the project’s strong commercial appeal. 

With these and other credits under his belt, Hofmann likely commanded six-figure salaries that boosted his net worth significantly. Additional income streams come from Hofmann’s acting work in major German film and television productions.  

Louis Hofmann’s Acting Career

Hofmann’s rise in the entertainment industry began when he appeared on the German TV show Servicezeit (1997-ongoing). After deciding to pursue acting full-time, he landed guest roles on several German series between 2009-2010. 

His big break came in 2011, playing the iconic title role in the film Tom Sawyer. He reprised this part in its sequel, Huck Finn (2012), showcasing his talent on the big screen. 

Louis in a sweater
Louis Hofmann photographed for the Interview Magazine

Similarly, his portrayal of Wolfgang in the 2015 drama Sanctuary earned him Best Newcomer Actor awards, establishing him as a promising young talent. Another one of his major milestones is when he garnered international acclaim for his performance in the Danish film Land of Mine (2016). 

Hofmann’s star continued to rise with parts in the coming-of-age story Center of My World (2016)and the Netflix phenomenon Dark (2017-2020). His emotional performance as Werner in All the Light We Cannot See (2023) further cemented his status as a rising global star.

Now, with new roles in highly anticipated projects like Masters of the Air (2024) and Monstrous Beauty, he is poised for even greater success. Though still early in his career, Hofmann has proven his versatility and magnetism as a fast-rising German actor.