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Lee Zeldin’s Wife Diana Gidish Gave Birth To Premature Twins

Republican politician Lee Zeldin is an attorney and officer in the United States Army Reserve. The man has been in the spotlight of the political world since 2010, and his wife Diana Zeldin has supported him through every step.

So what do we know about Diana? Do you know she is also an attorney? Find out more such facts here today!

Diana Gidish Is Not The Only Kid Of Her Parents

Born on December 9, 1975, Diana was raised in Brandywine, Maryland. She has an older brother Michael Gidish, who is a franchise owner for Glass Doctor.

Diana Gidish's mother and father
Diana’s late dad Terry.

Her father’s name is Terry Gidish. He worked for the federal government and ran a shop for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, plumbing, and carpeting. Unfortunately, he passed away in June 2022.

What Does Diana do?

She is also an attorney. Moreover, the beautiful lady works as an Intellectual Property specialist. She has been an employee of Carter DeLuca Farrell & Schmidt law firm in Melville, New York, for more than a decade. As a patent specialist, she is responsible for the protection of her clients’ rights over their creations and inventions.

Aside from that, she is also the co-founder of The Law Offices of Lee M. Zeldin, along with her veteran husband, Lee. The lovebirds founded the law firm based in Smithtown, four years after active duty.

Diana Gidish Met Her Husband At A Hotel

The lovely duo have been married for more than a decade. Their first meeting was in Washington, DC. The man was out in the Ritz-Carlton hotel dressed in his full uniform after attending a friend’s wedding. Diana was in the same place, having drinks with colleagues in the bar area. The two met by chance, and it was love at first sight for Lee.

Afterward, the lawyer made an excuse to come back to DC, and the pair had their first date at Smith & Wollensky. The charismatic lady also won the hearts of Lee’s family members upon their first meeting by being the only person in the restaurant who could ride the resident mechanical bull without being thrown off.

Their Wedding was a Secret Affair

The lovebirds had known each other for more than ten years before tying the knot. Their wedding ceremony was a private affair.

Besides, the pair celebrate their marriage anniversary on January 12.

Lee Michael Zeldin with his wife Diana Gidish
The couple got married after a long-term relationship.

The tenacious 48-year-old has been a constant support to her husband and has provided unwavering assistance throughout his political career. She has accompanied him in political campaigns and dinners.

The life partners seem to lead a happily married life. The politician is constantly mentioning his wife on all kinds of occasions. They reside in Shirley, New York.

Union of two different religions

Many people draw the line at their partner believing in different faiths from their own. However, this has not been the case for this pair. Diana is a practicing Mormon while her husband was brought up in a blend of Conservative Judaism and Reform Judaism.

Despite their differences, the two seem to respect each other’s faiths and have raised their children the same way. Thus, the Zeldin family celebrates both Christmas and Hannukah.

Diana Once Featured in an Advertisement to Support her Hubby

In the 2016 general election, Lee faced opposition from Democratic nominee Anna Throne-Hoist. He claimed that the negative publicity he faced during the period was the work of Hoist.

Then, Diana was featured in an advertisement refuting the negative rumors regarding her husband.

Apart from this, the politician’s wife made a guest appearance in the TV series Moms in 2018.

She is a Mother Of Identical Twins: Had Complications While Giving Birth

Alongside enjoying their marital life, Lee and Diana have also embraced parenthood well. Their two children, Arianna and Mikayla, were born on September 30, 2006, and are identical twins.

Lee Michael Zeldin with his wife, Diana Gidish and two daughters
Diana’s daughters are identical twins.

However, their birth was one of the most challenging moments in the pair’s life. Diana was admitted to the Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC, and went into premature labor. The babies were born 14 weeks early and weighed only a pound and a half. The doctor-in-charge had implied that Mikayla might not make it.

Nonetheless, the children grew up to be healthy and their relieved father exclaimed how he was glad that they ‘fought like champs’. Today, the Politician is a doting father to his daughters. Meanwhile, the twins also share a close bond with their mother.

Talking about their career, the twins went to William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach, the same school that their father graduated from. Additionally, they attended Hebrew School at the B’nai Israel Reform Temple, the same place they had their bat mitzvahs.

The Fiasco of the PPP Loan

In 2021, the president of the William Floyd Democratic Club, Steven Lupo accused Diana of taking out a $20,208 loan from the Paycheck Protection Program under her maiden name ‘Gidish’. This program was launched to help people financially during the pandemic.

But Lee later clarified that his wife had been the victim of identity theft. Afterward, the couple filed a police report and contacted the Small Business Administration.

Upon further investigation, it was concluded that Gidish had not received any money from this program, nor had she given permission to use her information to obtain a PPP loan.

The shooting incident outside the Zeldin home

In October 2022, two teens were shot right outside the Zeldin home when Diana’s children were the only people in the house. At the time of the shooting, the lawyer and his wife were attending the Bronx Columbus Day Parade in the Morris Park neighborhood.

The children, upon hearing the gunshots, immediately called 911. Their parents returned home shortly after the shooting. As a result, the Zeldin pair increased the security around their house.

What is Diana Gidish’s Net Worth?

Several sites state that Diana’s net worth is around $500K. Well, the average salary of an IP specialist in the US is around $76,465 a year. So, looking at her expertise and experience, she must possibly be earning more than that. In addition, her husband has an estimated net worth of $2 million.