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Lauren McQueen’s Boyfriend: Her Love Life & Relationship, Any Wedding Plans

Lauren McQueen is a 27-year-old British actress. She has starred in movies and shows like Violators (2015), Ordinary Lies (2015) and Hollyoaks (1995). Lauren was also involved in the show produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, Masters of the Air.

The beautiful actress has had memorable on-screen romances while performing her roles. This has only made people more curious about her real-life partner. On that note, let’s take a look at her dating life and find out more about how she got into acting.

Is Lauren McQueen Dating?

Well, Lauren definitely is dating a man in her life. Her boyfriend is a handsome, well-built blonde dude who shares Lauren’s love for wine. The pair is often seen traveling and also recently traveled to Barcelona, Spain, and they visited the La Sagrada Familia. However, unfortunately, the details about her boyfriend including his identity and background are unknown.

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Hopefully, she will reveal more details about her precious partner soon.

Has Had Tons Of Tweets Regarding Boyfriend

This may come as a surprise, but Lauren mentioned a lot about her boyfriend in her X(formerly Twitter). But, it’s not the same Boyfriend that you may expect.

The star may find it a bit embarrassing now. But she was a huge Justin Bieber fan back in the day. Her tweets from 2012 are unsurprisingly flooded with praise for JB’s hit song at the time, Boyfriend. She even learned to play it over the guitar and practiced the dance choreography with her friends.

Lauren posted her cover of “Boyfriend” in SoundCloud cloud but it is no longer present there. One of her tweets even read:

It is safe to say she was a hardcore Belieber. In addition to that, she likely had a huge crush on Leonardo De Caprio as she tweeted in a post that she was happy to see her boyfriend in The Great Gatsby.

Does Lauren McQueen Have Any Wedding Plans?

Lauren’s acting career is her main priority at the moment. She has taken quite a stride in recent years and hopes to achieve more success after Masters of the Air. As such, she also starred in the TV show, Belgravia from the creators of Downtown Abbey and The Gilded Age. It is unlikely that she has any wedding plans as of late.

The performer in her would probably like to flex her acting prowess more rather than get married. However, as for her on-screen characters, love was always on the brain. Her character, Lily Drinkwell/McQueen in the British soap opera, Hollyoaks is quite the case.

Major Spoilers Ahead!!!

Lily had two major love interests in the show: Romeo Quinn and Prince Mcqueen, who was her husband in the show. Things between Lily and Romeo had started to crumble; she also went down the spiral of self-harm. The real actress revealed that her character would die in a serious sepsis storyline before realizing her true feelings.

Before her death, Lily ran away with Romeo, as he tried to flee the UK as a wanted criminal. She second-guessed herself when the two reached the train station. Breaking the law was not what she wanted. And, she realized she was still in love with her former husband, even regretting not saying goodbye to him.

Lauren Mcqueen with her castmates from soap opera, Hollyoaks
Lauren’s character, Lily with love interests, Romeo(left) and Prince (Right).

Luckily for her, Prince, her aunt in the show Diane (Alex Fletcher), and Tony (Nick Pickard) tracked her down. They had found a troublesome detail while conducting her blood test. But, it was far too late. Her wounds from self-harm develop into sepsis and that would be the end of her. There was grief all around.

Lauren’s Storyline Helped Raise Awareness For Sepsis

Although the storyline was heartbreaking, there was still a silver lining to all of this. Lauren, who had decided to quit the show, was glad that she was given such a responsible role and hoped she did it justice. She didn’t disappoint. Her versatility was on full display and the performance won Best Episode and Best Storyline at The British Soap Awards.

Lauren Mcqueen, Award Winner at the British Soap Awards
Lauren was nominated as the Best Newcomer at the Soap Awards

The Hollyoaks star hoped it would help people realize how life-threatening self-harm is. She added:

Sepsis is actually very common, which many people may not know what the symptoms are, and it’s something that needs to be treated very quickly. I hope it opens up a lot of conversations and encourages people to talk and get help if they relate to Lily.

Her On-Screen Husband Has Two Children

Given their chemistry on set, fans were quick to ship Lauren with Malique Thompson-Dwyer, who played Prince Quinn in the show. However, that may just be wishful thinking in the end.

Lauren's onscreen partner Malique-Thompson-Dwyer with his pregnant girlfriend
Lauren’s onscreen partner Malique-Thompson-Dwyer with his pregnant girlfriend

Malique has a mystery girlfriend whom he has dated for quite a while. He revealed on his Instagram page that he was expecting a child with his partner in 2022. Following the announcement, all of his soap pals congratulated him.

Before having his second child, he had a daughter named Alexis in 2017 from another relationship. He also stated that being a father had changed him for the better in the end.

How Lauren Got Into Acting?

The budding star attended the Elliott-Clarke theatre school in Liverpool where she learned all the dance grades: ballet, tap, and modern since she was five. She also took musical and acting classes there. Additionally, she would take part in musicals at the Empire – shows like ScroogeJoseph, and more.

She did many acting numbers as a child. In Scrooge, she was cast as Martha Cratchit, who only said one line throughout the whole show “The stuffing’s ready mother”. Along with her friends, she was involved in a Christmas show at the Empire called Santa Claus The Musical, where she played the understudy of the leading girl.

Gradually, she gained more experience and even got to play the lead in some of the shows. While performing one of her lead roles, her classmates from the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School were present.

She vividly remembered the opening of the show, singing a song alone in the middle of the stage, and the applause from her classmates. That feeling was the main driver for her pursuing acting. 

By age 11, she had an agent and worked professionally on stage and in different TV dramas. The young prodigy decided to skip drama school and wanted to learn from the experiences. She would later land the role of Lily Mcqueen in the soap opera Hollyoaks.

What She Hopes For The Future?

Her love for acting hasn’t gone away in the slightest. She was ecstatic to well-established actors like Kieron Moore, Callum Turner, Austin Butler, and Anthony Boyle in Masters of the Air. 

In addition, she hopes to be the next leading lady in a period drama or something gritty that challenges her versatility.

She started kickboxing after seeing a video of Ana De Armas rehearsing for a fight scene for her role in the latest James Bond movie. The emerging star hoped to work with actors and directors from whom she can learn and collaborate.

Her Singing Prowess

One of her first professional jobs was in Willy Russell’s Our Day Out The Musical at the Royal Court. She credited this as one of the best experiences in her life. The actress would love to explore opportunities to sing during her acting roles too.

She is not an amateur at singing. Her vocals are on display in many of her covers posted throughout both her Instagram and YouTube. The former performer has covered songs like, Let Love by Sonny Tennet, Rewrite the Stars, and many more by herself and also with guitarist, Matt Taylor.

Watch: Lauren’s cover of Hold Me While You Wait

All those hours dedicated to Music might be the reason she covered Justin Beiber’s song, Boyfriend so well.