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Latrese Allen Boyfriend, Net Worth: Full Bio

Internet comedienne, vlogger, and motivational speaker Latrese Allen’s ex-boyfriend Uptop has lately become a hot topic. While she is no more together with him, her fans are quite concerned about her relationship status along with her ex-partner’s status at present.

Latrese is notable for her unfiltered take on life, relationships, money, and family matters. Oftentimes, she also loves to share about her cookery. Safe to say, her life does have a fair share of adventures. There however have also been some controversies and conflicts. Scroll through them in addition to a peek at her complete bio including her early life, her career as a comedienne, and more.

Latrese Allen Did Have A Boyfriend

Allen was in a relationship with a guy named Uptop. He reportedly was a Bahamian. It however is unclear what his real name is. She has addressed him as Uptop from the very beginning.

Latrese and Uptop apparently started dating sometime in late 2022. The latter appeared in several of the comedienne’s videos.

Did Latrese Allen Boyfriend Really Cheat On Her?

In June 2023, Allen posted a video on Facebook and YouTube saying her boyfriend, Uptop cheated on her. The video came with the caption

Girlfriend caught boyfriend cheating and now she’s selling everything she purchased for him. Definition of an Indian giver. Was she wrong for taking the things she got for him?

The video starts with furious Latrese pointing at everything she had bought for her boyfriend. She tells her viewers that she is going to sell all the stuff she had bought for him for little or nothing.

The comedienne says she is going to sell the chairs, jewelry, house, phones, and everything she had ever gifted him. Allen even declares to get rid of her clothes that her cheating boyfriend had touched. The video also has an address listed on it so that the viewers can come and pick up what they like.

At a little over two-minute mark, Latrese’s boyfriend, Uptop appears in the video on his car. As soon as he gets out of it, the two quickly get into a heated argument. Allen’s boyfriend yells at the comedienne saying how she can’t just sell the things while Latrese continues to express her anger at him. She also reveals her boyfriend had been cheating on her for a year.

However, a month later, there comes yet another video on her YouTube channel but the whole video features the comedienne’s cheating boyfriend, Uptop explaining how he didn’t betray her.

This was a surprise to many of her fans as they wondered why Allen published an explanatory video of her partner on her YouTube channel after what he did to her. The additional shock was the title of the video itself which said,

Bahamas men love his American woman and want the world to know.

In the video, Uptop claims that he loved the comedienne and that he never cheated on her.

Is Latrese Allen Still With Her Boyfriend?

While she endured a messy betrayal from Uptop, she has never revealed whether she and Uptop are done for good or whether a secret reconciliation is going on behind the scenes. What’s more, it’s been a while since Allen mentioned her cheating boyfriend on any of her social media handles. The aforesaid apology video from Uptop was the last time anyone heard from him at least in regard to Latrese’s personal matters.

Allen previously was in a relationship with a man named Courtney (Coco), another internet personality.

Latrese Allen’s Net Worth

Allen doesn’t have an official tally of her net worth. Sources nonetheless say she has a wealth equivalent to $1 million or even higher. Considering her reach on social media, that estimation shouldn’t be surprising. She has often flaunted her richness through several of her videos. In fact, almost every other video of Allen includes the subject of money.

Allen’s primary sources of income are YouTube, comedy skits, donations, and TikTok. She also rakes in some extra money from brand endorsements.

Worth mentioning is that Latrese has quite an expensive house that includes three big bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, and a big garden.

Latrese Allen And Her Sad Early Life; Was Arrested Multiple Times

Allen had quite a tragic upbringing. She lost her father, Anthony Johnson in an incident when she was still a kid. It consequently affected her mother, Pamela Diane Allen giving her severe depression. Because of this Pamela couldn’t take care of her daughter, Allen. The comedienne therefore was raised by her grandmother.

During her teenage years, Latrese was arrested five times including an arrest on cocaine possession with intent to deliver in 2001. Allen was 18 at the time.

Allen has at least one sister, Trance. The internet comedienne graduated from high school but apparently didn’t go to college.

She was born on Nov 16 1984 in Sarasota, Florida. She apparently is a native of Newton, a neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida.

Latrese Allen May Have Been Married Before

Allen has four kids, three sons and one daughter. She had one more son, A’Blesson Abraham. He however died when he was just 12 months old. The motivational speaker hasn’t revealed what caused his death.

Latrese with her children in Dec 2023
Latrese with her children in Dec 2023

The internet comedienne often posts pictures of her children on her socials. Allen however hasn’t mentioned who the father of her children are.

While the internet personality loves to talk about her kids every now and then, she has yet to spill the details of each of her children.

As for now, Latrese seems to be single. She now has a house in Georgia. She relocated to the Peach State from Sarasota. Allen says the reason to leave Florida was because of the Poor Security Issues.

Latrese Trouble With Her Son

In April 2022, Allen’s son, Courtney claimed that his comedienne mother assaulted and molested him. He had previously undergone a lie detector test concerning the accusations against the comedian.

Posting a video, Courtney recounted an incident where he was playing Iggy Azelia’s “Fancy,” and Latrese confronted him and his sister to inquire about the song. According to Courtney, his sister revealed that he was playing the song. This reportedly prompted her to ask him inappropriate questions. He claimed that she initially beat him and then proceeded to subject him to further abuse.

Courtney then, in Jan 2023, took to a live stream, addressing the disturbing claims of alleged molestation by his mother when he was 11 years old. Although he refrained from delving into specific details this time, Courtney mentioned that his mother, Latrese, called him again and accused him of fabricating the story about her inserting her fingers into his rectum as a form of punishment. Notably, she reportedly failed a lie-detector test regarding these allegations.

She has consistently denied the allegations, despite reportedly failing a lie detector test with respect to the accusations.

How Latrese Allen Started Her Career

Allen started her career in the entertainment in the late 2010s. She began by posting her comedy skits on YouTube. In the meantime, she also started to perform standup in several clubs. In 2011, Allen started making vlogs. Her popularity also led her to appear in the OWN coming-of-age drama series, David Makes Man in 2019.

Allen, meanwhile, is also the founder and CEO of Serenity Bags And All. It is a donation and charity-related website. She additionally has an online boutique.

The comedienne receives quite a lot from donations. Allen now mostly engages with her fans through YouTube and Facebook live streaming.

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