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Where Is London King’s Husband Justin Tesa Now?

Justin Tesa is renowned as the loving husband of former model/actress, London King. He supported her when she was at the lowest point of her life and now they have been married for over two decades. However, they’ve known each other for much longer.

Therefore, in this article, we will be looking into Tesa’s life as a celebrity spouse. Despite having a famous wife by his side, the man has managed to live a secret life. So, what’s behind the curtains?

Take a sneak peek into the article below to learn all the exciting facts about him!

Justin Tesa Is Famous as London King’s Husband

His marriage to the A Better Way To Die actress has gained him quite the recognition. Tesa and King tied the knot back in the year 2000. The couple had a lavish yet intimate wedding ceremony on the 21st of January that year.

Justin Tesa & London King Are Married For 24 Years
Justin Tesa & London King Are Married For 24 Years

Furthermore, the pair dated each other for a year before getting hitched. The former model also made an anniversary post in 2021 with the hashtag, #22yearsandstillgoingstrong. Based on our calculations, they must have met either in late 1998 or early 1999.

As mentioned earlier, they’ve celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary already. Despite such long years of marriage, Justin and London still seem to be head over heels for one another. They indeed found a soulmate in each other. Moving forward, the duo continues to build a happy life full of love and laughter.

King Had A Fresh New Beginning With Her Second Hubby

London King did not only get a fresh new beginning but also a second chance at love with her present husband. Formerly, she had quite a few relationships none of which lasted for long.

Initially, as a teenager, she was knocked up by a “mystery” man and was abandoned. Following this, she got into a relationship, and shortly after, married Rob Schnieder in 1988. She was only 20 when the marriage ended in 1990. It was a tough time for her – King now had to raise two kids all by herself.

Luckily, her knight in shining armor, Justin Tesa came through. He helped her with all her struggles and showered her with the unconditional love she longed for. This fostered their relationship and they’ve, so far, become inseparable!

Tesa Helped Raise His Wife’s Kids After They Got Together

Long before meeting her second husband, the Raw Fish star had given birth to two kids. Her eldest one, Noah King, born in August 1986, was a result of her affair with an unidentified man. He abandoned them shortly after the birth of his son. Likewise, she gave birth to Tanner Elle Schnieder on 3rd July 1989. Famously known as Elle King, the 34-year-old is the daughter of King and her former hubby, the actor from The Animal.

King With Her Kids
King With Her Kids

Moreover, both of her children were only babies when she divorced her first partner and moved to Ohio. There, she came across Tesa who helped her raise the kids. He provided them with a kind of fatherly love the children could never forget.

With that being said, both of his stepkids share a special bond with him. As a matter of fact, Elle is closer to her stepdad than her biological father. She often speaks about him and his support during interviews. On a similar note, Justin loves both the kids as his own.

Does The Pair Have Any Biological Kids Of Their Own?

Despite being married for over 23 years, Justin and London do not have kids of their own. In the initial days of their relationship, they were occupied with raising the Playing for Keeps singer and her big brother.


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Due to this reason (and many others), perhaps the couple could not find the time or the energy to raise other kids. Nonetheless, they are helping to raise their four grandchildren. The kids are often featured in their granny’s social media.

Elle King Owes Her Career To Her Stepdad Justin

If you do not know already, King’s youngest one, Elle is a renowned musician and an actress. Her music, inspired by country, rock, and blues, is loved by people of all ages. But, did you know that she owes her esteemed career to Tesa? You heard us right, Elle has proudly shared in a couple of interviews that she is who she is because of him.

In 2015, during an interview with ABC News, she revealed how he inspired her to become a musician. Even more so, Justin was the one to introduce her to the world of music; he taught her how to play her first song on guitar. As time went by, he nurtured her talent and supported her every step of the way.

Moreover, she said,

“I am only a musician because of him (Justin Tesa). I think that it was something that was inside of me, but he saw that and he definitely nurtered it and pushed me to, you know, dig deeper into music and step outside of things that were beyond just pop culture and, uh, learn about good rock and roll.”


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To this very day, Justin continues to provide her with all the support she needs. In November 2021, he was also present at the Grammys; Elle was nominated for the 4th time that year.

What Does Justin Tesa Do For A Living?

Justin is a part-time musician and a full-time businessman. According to his wife’s Instagram, he plays guitar for an unknown local rock band in NYC.

To add further, he also has his very own record label; it’s named GOOD TIMES Rock n Roll Club. Additionally, the man has a printing business. His company, Crown Print NYC is famous for printing t-shirts, foam hands, batches, patches, and many other items.

Furthermore, you’ll be surprised to know that Tesa operates his record label in the small printing shop he owns in the heart of New York.

Justin’s Shared Net Worth With His Partner

Despite leaving her career many years back, his wife is a millionaire. The ex-actress, who currently retired as a doula, is worth $4 million in 2024. The duo shares this fortune and has a well-settled life in New York. In addition, as a businessman, Tesa’s net worth has also been estimated to be not less than 1 million dollars.

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