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Josh Kiszka Is In A Gay Relationship; Who’s His Boyfriend? Ever Had a Girlfriend?

Joshua Michael Kiszka or Josh Kiszka doesn’t need a lengthy introduction. The frontman of the rock band, Greta Van Fleet, lauded to be the next Led Zeppelin, has made waves through his songs. However, in mid-2023, Josh grabbed headlines when he opened up about his sexual orientation through his Instagram post. 

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a deep dive into his personal life and speculate as to who Josh’s boyfriend is and whether he had a girlfriend before.

Josh Kiszka Came Out As Gay In 2023

The Highway Tune singer finally came out of the closet in June 2023, voicing his disapproval of the bill restricting LGBTQ+ rights in Tennessee. He posted a photo in front of lights symbolizing the LGBTQ+ colors and mentioned that he had been in an eight-year-long relationship with his partner.

Instagram Post of Josh Kiszka coming out as gay.
Josh came out as gay in 2023.

Josh was distraught over the changes stated on the bill and noted that it threatened the “freedom of love.” He presented his full support to the community. Kiszka even called it a positive force that champions positivity and acceptance through different media and mainly legislation.

Speaking on the matter, he added,

Over the years, the outpouring of love for the LGBTQ+ community has been resounding, but there is still work to be done for LGBTQ+ rights in TN, the nation, and the world. In response to the exceptional support from my last post, I wanted to share how we can all continue to advocate for this valiant cause.

Who Is Josh Kiszka’s Boyfriend?

Josh is yet to make an official announcement regarding his boyfriend’s identity. But his eager fans can’t seem to wait for the reveal and have begun to dig for details. The majority of the fanbase believes Micah Cain is Josh’s boyfriend. They have searched for the pair’s interactions on Google and every social media platform possible.

As per Oatuu, Micah was initially a touring member who later became an official member of the band, Greta Van Fleet. The post further mentions Josh’s rumored partner, Cain, is openly bisexual and is attracted to both genders. He just wants to live his life authentically without any restraints. 

Unfortunately, there is not much factual information to back up this claim.

Fans Mistook Kiszka’s Vocal Coach For His Partner

When Josh first made news of his sexuality public, fans were quick to point out a certain man who they thought was his partner. There are numerous photos of them together, and the two seem very close. Within days, fan edits of the two surfaced both on TikTok and YouTube.

But, on further research, it was identified that the man with Josh in the picture is actually Ron Browning, Josh’s vocal coach. Ron has a wife of his own and is not romantically involved with Kiszka in any way. Instead, Ron has helped him throughout his singing career.

Josh Kiszka with Ron Browning
Josh is on the right, with his vocal coach, Ron Browning, on the left.

In addition, Josh calls Ron “The Magic Man” and gives him high praise. 

Without you my throat would’ve dropped along time ago. Thank you for guiding me on my journey. I love you, my guru!

People Always Were Eager To Learn About Josh Kiszka’s Girlfriend

As Josh is a popular face in the music industry, people have always longed to find out more about his private life, especially his girlfriend. Before his announcement, there was a rumor about a new gf every week. 

Regarding these rumors, one fan asked, “Okay, but does Josh Kiszka have a girlfriend ?? Asking for a friend.” Years later, a fan going by the username “runwaybluez,” said, “damn guys, you caught me. It’s true, I’M josh kiszka’s secret girlfriend.” However, the latter turned out to be a hoax.

The rumors got so bad that there were even fan animations of Josh with an unknown girl posted on YouTube. Another user made this snarky comment about the situation.

Furthermore, Josh’s stans were at the edge of their seats for his interview with Melissa Hager when she asked about his preferences for girls. But the majority of them may have left happy as he revealed everyone was his type.

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