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John Nettles’ Daughter Emma Nettles Is a Former Commissioner

Emma Nettles, the daughter of the renowned actor and author John Nettles, has forged her own path away from the entertainment industry. She once used to work at the Jersey police department as a commissioner. However, her path has diverged since.

If you want to learn more about Emma, her married life, and her career, you have come to the right place. Join us as we delve into these details.

Emma Nettles Worked For The Police

Nettles, currently going by the name Emma Martins, worked for the Jersey police. Following in her father’s reel footsteps, Emma joined the police force.

John portrayed the role of a Jersey police officer, Jim Bergerac, in 87 episodes of the TV show Bergerac. Her uncanny resemblance to her celebrity dad made her a well-liked employee at the department.

John Nettles' daughter Emma Nettles worked for the Jersey Police
Nettles formally worked for the police.

As her father had spent a big part of his life working in the same department for his role, John knew a lot of people. Whenever the two met, the actor always asked his daughter to send his regards to someone there.

Emma worked as a civilian support unit manager at St Helier, where she was responsible for five uniformed officers among 20 people. Well, Nettles quickly rose through the ranks.

She Also Became a Commissioner

Her service in the police took a substantial turn when she joined the Data Protection Office in 2002 as Deputy Registrar, leading to her promotion to Registrar in 2006.

Until 2011, she was a commissioner for Jersey, eventually taking over the responsibility for both Jersey and Guernsey islands. Moreover, when Jersey and Guernsey joined office, she was made Data Protection Commissioner.

However, when Gurnsey announced their split from Jersey to establish their own commissioner’s office, she quit the role. She held this role from 2011 to 2018. Following that, Emma was appointed as the Data Protection Commissioner for the Bailiwick of Guernsey from May 2018 to December 2023.

Emma Is Currently Self-Employed

After her role as a commissioner, Emma embarked on her advising journey. As an expert advisor, she provides Broad Advisory Services and Business advising. Starting her self-employment in December 2023, her role has been vital to several companies.

Emma Nettles is now self employed
Emma is self-employed as an advisor.

Furthermore, she is also a trustee of Jersey Hospice Care, a charity providing palliative care in Jersey for patients with life-limited conditions.

She Has Been Awarded For Her Hard Work

Her contributions as a data protection commissioner were well-recognized, making the public criticize the authority’s decision to move her to Guernsey.

She won the award at the PICCASO Privacy Awards Europe.

John Nettles' daughter Emma Nettles Received an Award for her contributions
While away from the glamours of movies and television, Emma’s contributions have been heavily recognized.

Nettles Has Also Appeared Onscreen

Given her dad’s career, it should not come as a surprise to anyone the star kid has also portrayed some characters onscreen.

While her roles are not substantial enough for them to give her the title of actress, they are worth noting. Accompanying her father on the set, she has also portrayed some minor characters.

She mentioned,

He’d take me on the set with him and find me little jobs, like being a `runner’ going from caravan to caravan knocking on doors, getting the actors on set. I was even in Bergerac as an extra a few times. It was a question of `Don’t blink or you’ll miss me’, but I got paid twenty-five quid…riches!”

Emma Nettles’ Husband Runs His Own Business

Nettles’ daughter Emma is married to Nobby Martins. Born in 1969, her hubby Nobby is an individual standing in his own right. Back when Emma became a commissioner for Jersey police, her partner ran his own computer business.

Before that, he played soccer for Jersey. Wanting to become a professional soccer player, his dreams were shattered following an injury.

The two dated for a while before tying the knot. Following their marriage, they have lived happily supporting each other’s personal and professional endeavors.

Not only this, it was her hubby who told her about the opening at Jersey Police and urged her to apply. At the time, she was working as a civil servant.

The Duo Has Two Children

Emma and her hubby Nobby are parents to two wonderful kids: Sophie and Nathan John. Nathan John was likely named after his grandfather, John.

Emma’s father has been candid about his love and adoration for his grandchildren. When asked about his proudest moment, John said,

Becoming a grandfather. I have two – a boy and a girl – and I try to see them as often as I can.

At present, Emma resides in New Jersey along with her family.

Emma’s Mother Was a Casting Director

Emma was born to John and his first wife, Joyce Middleton, in 1970. Her mother, Joyce, was a casting director. She helped in the casting of 23 episodes of Midsomer Murders, where John starred.

Despite her parents’ involvement in the industry, she took a path far from glamour and fame.

Her Father’s Fame Affected Her Childhood

As a renowned figure in the industry, John barely had time for his daughter. But, making up for the lost time, he made sure to spend quality moments with her as much as he could.

They used to go swimming, and Emma usually sat with their dog, Alice, while her father swam. She has recalled some of the early memories when she witnessed his fame for the first time.

Emma Nettles Is Close to Her father John Nettles
Emma and John are still close.

Emma mentioned how people used to shout at them. The constant attention John got while he was spending his time with his offspring made her furious at those people.

Nettles Has A Good Relationship With Her Stepmother

After John parted ways with Emma’s mother, Joyce, he went on to marry Cathryn Sealey. She has a good relationship with her stepmom. The star kid talked about how fulfilled her father was following his marriage with Cathryn.

While talking about Cathryn, Emma described Cathryn as a wonderful lady who made her dad happy.