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Joe Tacopina First Met His Wife Tish Tacopina At A Hotel

Tish Tacopina, whose full name is Patricia MacDonald Tacopina, is the wife of American lawyer and TV personality, Joe Tacopina. Her husband is regarded as one of the best criminal and civil attorneys, having even represented former U.S. President, Donald Trump as his attorney in the Stormy Daniels case.

Tish is living quite a blissful life with her long-time partner. Keep reading the article to find out about her origins, her career, and her relationship with Joe.

Tish Tacopina Was Born In A Large Family

Patricia was born in March 1964 to Mary Kirby MacDonald and John E. MacDonald. Her parents were based in Massachusetts during her earlier years.

Joe Tacopina's wife, Tish Tacopina
Tish was born in a family of nine

Her family including her mom and dad consisted of 11 members. Well, Tish has eight siblings: John Jr, Susan, Joanne, Brian, Michael, Mary Ann, Stephen, and Kathleen MacDonald.

She Lost Her Father In 2001

Tish’s father, John, spent his childhood in Boston and developed a passion for competing in races along the New England Coast. He is also a WWII Naval Air Force veteran. After the war, he was a Naval Reserve Officer at Squantum Naval Air Station, Wollaston, where he spent his entire career and retired after 44 years.

Unfortunately, Tish lost her father on August 7, 2001, in Southport, CT, after his battle with a long-term illness. His memorial was held on August 11 of the same year in St. Luke’s Catholic Church, Westport, CT. The ceremony took place with full military honors.

What Is Tish Tacopina’s Profession?

According to sources, Joe’s wife Tish is a marketing and business professional who has been involved in many companies throughout her career. She attended New York University, where she graduated with a marketing and business degree. Besides that, she is also a homemaker and takes responsibility for the house and kids. She currently resides in Connecticut with her family.

Besides, given her professional status, it is likely that Tish has an estimated net worth of around $100k. Her husband, Joe, on the other hand, is worth over $20 million.

Tish And Joe Tacopina Have Been Married For Over Three Decades

The lovely pair, who have an age gap of two years, got married in the last week of December 1990. They have five children through their marriage: Chris, Morgan, Liv, and twins Joe and Matthew Tacopina.

In 2020, Tish and her husband Joe celebrated 30 years of their marriage with their kids at The Inn at GrayBarnes.

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The duo has stuck by each other through thick and thin and are still going strong.

Tish Was Previously Engaged

Joe met Tish when he was still studying at the University of Connecticut School of Law. In search of refreshments, he went to Storrs Marriott, a hotel near campus. That is when he spotted Tish, who was a hotel manager, for the first time and immediately fell in love. The young lad wasted no time and asked her for a date. 

Tish looked up in amusement at first. However, she quickly declined her future husband when she found out he was serious. She mentioned that she was already engaged to a guy named Paul, who was based in New Zealand.

Despite this, Joe persisted and asked her for a single date. He was allowed a 60-minute date as Tish’s parents didn’t want her to be with Paul. Joe was given a chance, and he almost ruined it immediately.

He broke her Mazda’s window with a coat hanger and placed a rose and a note on the driver’s seat, a move considered romantic among Brooklyn natives. But Tish was from Westport. Luckily for him, the tactic worked, and they got engaged seven weeks later. 

Five children, four dogs, and one bird later, it is safe to say Tish doesn’t regret her choices.

Tish Tacopina Is A Huge Supporter Of Her Kids

She is a supportive mother and takes care of all her children. She posts about them rather frequently on her Instagram account. Her children have grown up now and gone to carve their respective paths in life. She has a tight-knit family and all of them spend a lot of time together.

Tish Tacopina's children
Tish and Joe’s five children

Their son, Chris, graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2018 and went to Madrid for his MBA studies. The parents keep in touch with him from time to time.

The pair’s older daughter, Morgan, also graduated from high school, as per one of Tish’s posts. She married a man named Dan from the UK and gave birth to the Tacopina’s first grandson, Theo Joseph Shaw, in April 2023.

The couple’s younger daughter, Liv, graduated from Syracuse University in 2019 and went to London for further studies. She celebrated her 21st birthday with her father there. As for their twins, Joe and Matthew, they graduated from Cheshire Academy in 2017. They were a part of the football team during their time there.