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Joanna Kulig’s Sister Justyna Schneider Is Married With Two Kids

Justyna Schneider, recognized as the younger sister of Polish actress and singer Joanna Kulig, has carved her path in the entertainment industry as a talented movie actress. While Joanna enjoys widespread fame, her sibling has slowly built her reputation through her performances on the screen.

Justyna’s unique style and acting have captivated audiences with her on-screen presence. Apart from the familial ties, her personal and professional journey unfolds with commitment and dedication to the art. So, in this article, we are gonna learn about Schneider’s professional and personal life.

Justyna Schneider’s Family Is Religious

Justyna was born on March 16, 1985 , in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. She grew up in Muszynka with her four siblings. Her mom worked as a cook at the local kindergarten, and her late father was a famous folk poet. When Justyna was about three years old, Poland went through big changes, moving away from communism.

Joanna Kulig's sister Justyna Schneider is a talented actress
Justyna has four siblings.

Even though the war was over, these changes impacted her family a lot. Her grandmother was mostly affected, as she would save extra bread in case there was another war.

Furthermore, Schneider’s family is very religious. During her childhood, the family sat in church pews, praying to God. The Kuligs also enjoyed their time there and even volunteered in charity work, collecting donations for missions and clothes for the poor.

All The Five Kulig Siblings Were Into Music

Only Justyna and Joanna succeeded in their ventures, while their other siblings were also expected to have great musical careers.

Justyna started playing the violin and singing at a young age. She even completed secondary school with a focus on opera singing. Her sister Ania played the clarinet, her brother Piotr played the saxophone and clarinet, and another brother Marek played keyboards and accordion. Joanna, their sister, opted for the piano and also had vocal talent.

Who Is Justyna’s Elder Sister Joanna Kulig?

The eldest daughter of the Kulig family, Joanna, was born on June 24, 1982. Initially, she was focused on a career in jazz music, which was unsuccessful. However, she then pursued acting and joined AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow, graduating in 2007.

Justyna Schneider's sister is a well-known actress
Justyna’s elder sister Joanna

The beautiful Joanna made her debut in the 2007 drama Wednesday. However, her international breakthrough came in 2018 when she starred in the movie Cold War. In the movie, the actress’s role was required to sing and dance, allowing her to showcase her talents.

Why Do Justyna And Joanna Have Different Surnames?

Within the Kulig family, Joanna decided to uphold her familial heritage by retaining her maiden name even after getting married. She chose to keep the surname Kulig, reflecting her commitment to continuing her family’s legacy.


Justyna Schneider with her talented sister
The sisters, Justyna and Joanna, have different surnames

In contrast, Justyna opted to adopt her great-grandmother’s surname. This decision was made to avoid confusion with her sister, Joanna, as their names sounded quite similar. So, choosing a different surname, the younger one sought to establish her distinct identity within the family.

Joanna inspires Justyna

Justyna saw her sister’s achievements and artistic experience at the start of her career. She was aware of the fact that Joanna’s accolades were far away from hers. The younger sibling embraced the moment and knew she was at the beginning of her endeavor and still had the time to earn a name for herself in the industry.

Despite being proud of her older sister’s accomplishments, Justyna prefers to be recognized for her achievements rather than being overshadowed by her famous sibling. She doesn’t aim to compete with anyone but strives to establish her own identity.

Justyna Is Also Into Both Music And Acting

Joanna is well known for her acting as well as her singing. Similarly, Justyna also has a knack for both. She wanted to refine her acting skills, so she joined the acting department of PWST in Krakow and graduated in 2010.

In the following year, she made her debut on the big screen in the movie Los Numerous by Ryszard Zatorski, playing the main female role. Her acting prowess caught the eye of many directors.

Soon after, she got part in another movie, Supermarket, in 2012. The Polish actress then went on to play in different movies throughout her career.

Justyna Schneider in her debut movie
Justyna, in her debut movie Los Numeros

In addition, her music career also has been great. She had an amazing performance in the 2014 Debuts competition in Oople. Not only that, she also performed the song Zabawa w ciuciubabkę on stage.

In addition, the sisters have also collaborated a few times on stage. Justyna and Joanna were invited to perform a song on the 50th anniversary of actor Wiktor Zborowski being on stage.

Justyna Schneider and Joanna Kulig performing together
Justyna and her sister Joanna performing on Wiktor Zborowski’s 50th anniversary on stage

Justyna’s Personal Life

Talking about Justyna’s relationship status, she is married with children. Her husband is from Krakow, where the couple currently live. The married couple has two children: a son named Antosia and a daughter named Helenka.

Furthermore, her son was baptized at the St. Jacka Church in Krakow, and she chose her sister Joanna to be the godmother, even though they don’t live close, as Joanna resides in Warsaw with her husband. Motherhood helped Justyna understand children and people better, including their diverse characters and behaviors.

The multitalented star cherishes her family deeply, and they share strong emotional connections. When she is away for work, her mother and parents-in-law take care of her little ones.