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Jimmy Uso’s Son Jaiden Fatu Is His Huge Supporter

Jaiden Fatu is the son of the popular WWE wrestler, Jonathan Solofa Fatu whose wrestling name is Jimmy Uso. He is one of the newest members of the prestigious wrestling heritage, the Anoa’i family.

To find out about the personal life of Jaiden, including his relationship with his sister and stepmother, read the article below.

Jaiden Fatu Was Raised By Their Stepmother  

Jaiden is the son of popular WWE star Jimmy Uso. Unlike his father’s details, no information about Jaiden’s biological mother is available. He was raised by their stepmother, Trinity LaShawn Fatu (Naomi) whom Jimmy married on January 16, 2014. However, the couple don’t have children of their own.

Jimmy Uso's son Jaiden Fatu and daughter Jayla Fatu
Jaiden with his father and sister.

 As for his family heritage, Fatu is of Samoan descent. 

Jaiden Grew Up With His Sister

He has a sister named Jayla Fatu. Like any brother-sister duo, they are also incredibly close to each other. As a child, they were also very fond of animals, as seen in the following video where they were playing with Naomi.

Since their father is a WWE superstar, they often attend to watch his matches. Jaiden and Jayla also use this opportunity to meet up with other WWE wrestlers. On one occasion, they were pictured with WWE diva, Natalya.

In addition, the siblings share a tight-knit bond with their cousins, Jaciyah and Jeyce Fatu, their uncle Jey Uso‘s children, along with Za’khi Christopher Fatu and Zion Fatu, their other uncle Solo Sikoa’s kids. The families are very supportive of each other and often hang out with their grandfather, Rikishi.

He Has A Lovely Bond With His Stepmother

Naomi treats Jaiden like her own son. She mentioned in a Twitter post that Jaiden and Jayla are the reason that she glows. To her, family is the most important, and she upholds this motto with her actions, too.

Naomi voluntarily did not attend a WWE Divas event in 2018 due to Jayla’s birthday celebration, in which Jaiden was also present. Apart from that, the family of four also goes to various places together and hangs out a lot.

Jaiden Fatu’s Incredible Family Legacy

 His father Jimmy, along with his uncle, Jey (full name: Joshua Samuel Fatu), make up the Legendary tag team, the Uso brothers.

Jaiden Fatu with his parents
Jaiden with his father, stepmother, and sister.

The Usos are multiple times WWE tag team champions and have been part of a fan-favorite storyline with the Bloodline along with Roman Reigns (full name: Leati Joseph Anoaʻi). His stepmother, Naomi, is also a wrestler who previously won the WWE women’s championship.

As many already know, Jaiden’s grandfather, Rikishi is a great WWE wrestler. Along with this, his uncles include wrestling greats like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Roman Reigns, Solo (Joseph Yokozuna Fatu), and others. 

Will Jaiden follow His Father Into The Squared Ring?

The decision to follow in his father’s footsteps is up to Jaiden. But, if he ever does, the expectations of him would be very high.

Although there are no reports of Jaiden training with his dad, it is no secret that wrestling is in his DNA. He is an avid wrestling fan and has tweeted about many wrestling-related stuff. As his parents are wrestlers, he grew up watching their matches and their training sessions too.

His Favorite Wrestlers

Alongside his father and uncle, Fatu is also a huge supporter of The Shield and their members: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. He has reposted multiple tweets related to the faction members and also followed Roman’s storyline with the Bloodline with great interest.

Jaiden Fatu On twitter
Jaiden is a huge wrestling fan.

What Is Jaiden Fatu Doing Currently?

He now resides in Escambia, Florida, with his parents. He likely attends high school there, too. However, his parents have kept a lid on this information, and so there are no reliable sources to go by. 

He is active on social media and has Facebook, X, and Instagram accounts.