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Jermaine Fowler’s Girlfriend Could Be His Future Wife: Wedding Plans

Though there has been constant speculation about Jermaine Fowler’s wife, the fact is he is not married yet. However, he has been dating his long-term girlfriend Megan Heaster for a while. Not only this but the couple are also parents to two kids.

Jermaine and his girlfriend Megan’s love story is a beautiful tale. In their relationship that has already spanned a decade, the lovebirds seem to have only experienced love. Well, in this article, we are going to explore all the details about their relationship that you have always wanted to know.

Jermaine Fowler’s Girlfriend Megan Heaster: When Did They Began Dating?

Fowler has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Megan Heaster since 2014. They initially connected due to their shared professions: Jermaine as an actor and Megan as a film makeup artist. Their bond quickly deepened after their introduction, likely sparked by their mutual understanding of the entertainment industry.

Jermaine’s talents in front of the camera likely resonated with Megan’s work behind the scenes, fostering a connection rooted in their shared passion for film. Since then, they have built a strong and enduring relationship, founded on their common ground and complementing each other’s careers. Their journey together showcases how shared professional interests can form the foundation for a lasting and meaningful partnership.

Well, the love birds love sharing their love for each other on their social media, especially Megan. Back in 2020, Megan shared a collage of beautiful photos on the occasion of Jermaine’s birthday also their sixth year together as a couple. In the caption of the beautiful post, she wrote,

Happy Birthday 🎊🎁🎂 my love @jermainefowler Going on six years, i couldn’t imagine not having you in my life. Enjoy your wonderful birthday. Our beautiful babies and I celebrate you today. Thebe and Mars are lucky to have such a wonderful loving daddy. Thank you for being you. Very proud of the man you have grown to be. Lets have the best social distancing birthday ever. #family #birthdayboy #loveyou. Also Happy Birthday to JERMAINES twin brother @aziz.notrust , enjoy your day and love you too.

Jermaine Fowler probably future wife Megan Wishes Him Birthday
Jermaine Fowler Girlfriend Megan Wishes Him Birthday

The post reflects the kind of love they share for each other. We hope, their relationship continues the same way forever.

The Lovebirds Have Also Worked Together

Jermaine and Megan, not only a boyfriend and girlfriend but also professionals in the entertainment industry, have collaborated on the set of “Superior Donuts” (2017) and “Bushwick” (2017). In “Superior Donuts,” Megan served as Jermaine’s personal makeup artist, highlighting their professional synergy in bringing characters to life.

Similarly, in “Bushwick,” Megan worked as the key makeup artist, while Jermaine portrayed a role in the film. Their partnership extends beyond personal connection, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend personal and professional dynamics on set.

Is Megan Jermaine Fowler’s Future Wife? When Are They Getting Married?

Jermaine and Megan are content with their current relationship and have no immediate plans for marriage. While they haven’t discussed wedding plans, their commitment to each other is evident. Despite fans’ hopes to see them tie the knot, the couple’s focus remains on nurturing their bond and pursuing their individual careers.

Their decision to prioritize their relationship as it stands reflects a mature understanding of their partnership and a shared commitment to mutual happiness. As supporters, we eagerly await their future steps, respecting their timeline and celebrating their love regardless of the form it takes. Anyway, we would love to see Megan and Jermaine as wife and husband.

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The Couple Have Two Children Together

Fowler and Hester are parents to two beautiful kids. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Thebe Orion Fowler, on July 12, 2017. Similarly, they welcomed their second child in 2020. They named him Mars Kevin Fowler in honor of Fowler’s late mother and close friend.

Jermaine Fowler with his girlfriend Megan Hester and children
Jermaine Fowler with his girlfriend Megan Hester and children

Before the arrival of the second child, she had shared her photos maternity shoot in February 2020, Hester shared a maternity shoot photo, announcing the imminent arrival of their son. In the caption, she wrote,

We are so excited for our little guy to arrive on Tuesday, being induced on the 25th. I think hes ready to leave my tummy. Feeling blessed and thankful for our second bundle of joy.

Note: Jermaine recently appeared in the popular series A Murder at the End of the World, which stars actors like Alice Braga, Brit Marling, Pegah Ferydoni, and many others.

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