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Jake Kiszka’s Girlfriend: All About His Love Life & Relationships

Jacob Thomas Kiszka, aka Jake Kiszka, is the guitarist of the band, Greta Van Fleet and also the twin brother of frontman, Josh Kiszka. Due to the band’s success, the members have gained newfound recognition, with many people eyeing their private life. 

Keep reading to learn more about his love life and find out who is the Juliet to this Romeo. 

Does Jake Kiszka Have a Girlfriend?

It is rather difficult to pinpoint if Kiszka has a girlfriend, given that he is a very private individual. In fact, he hasn’t shared anything about his relationships on his social media handles. The guitarist only shares snippets of his fun life and work on Instagram.

Lead Guitarist of Greta Van Fleet, Jake Kiszka is not dating anyone officially right now
Jake has been rumored to be in different relationships.

However, it does not mean that Jake is not completely out of the trenches of love. He has been rumored to be dating a couple of different women throughout the years.  

He Reportedly Dated A Girl Named Jita

Jake has stashed every detail regarding his potential partners. However, there is a ton of speculation online about him dating a girl named Jita. According to some sources, the ex-pair supposedly met in 2017 at Greta Van Fleet‘s show in the Chandelier Lobby of the FM Kirby Center of Performing Arts in Pennsylvania.

Jake Kiszka with his girlfriend
Jake with his alleged girlfriend, Jita

At the time, both of them were in early their 20s, but Jita was slightly older. She also apparently had a friend who was a fan of the band and followed them for a while. The rumors also state that Jake’s alleged lover studied to become a nurse anesthetist but dropped out and worked at her father’s IT company.

Fans Often Post About The Alleged Couple

Since they found out about the alleged relationship between Kiszka and Jita, fans have been eager for more details and posted a lot about the two online. There are many fan compilations online showing Jake and Jita together. They ship them a lot and often use the phrase “Meant to be with each other.”

Jake Kiszka Has Been Linked With Another Girl As Well

Lately, Kiszka is said to be in a relationship with another girl named Hannah Schooley. There is really not much information on the association, except for some sites mentioning that they are still dating.

Jake is quiet on this topic, and Hannah also seems to be a reserved individual. 

Both Of His Brothers Are In A Relationship

As for Jake’s bandmates and real brothers, Josh and Sam, they have been stated to be in a lovely relationship.

His twin brother, Josh Kiszka, came out as gay in mid-2023 and announced that he was in an eight-year-long relationship with a male partner. Jake fully supported his brother’s decision and even praised him for the courage it took to announce his sexuality to millions of people. He stated the following in an interview:

“I’m proud of him, but I think more so I’m in awe – of his bravery and his compassion, and the amount of power that he holds.

Jake’s younger brother, Sam Kiszka, is also in a loving relationship with independent songwriter, Hannah Wicklund