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Is Yuzuru Hanyu Married? His Girlfriend & Rumored Relationships

Yuzuru Hanyu is a young figure skater and ice show producer from Japan. As a two-time Olympic and two-time World champion, Hanyu has won the hearts of millions worldwide. While his professional accomplishments are widely known, not many know about his romantic relationship.

Besides, the rumors of his wedding were widespread in the past, what’s the truth? In this article, you are going to explore some interesting facts about him. Let’s get started.

Yuzuru Hanyu Is Never Married: Rumors About His Wife Is Fake

Around 2016, a rumor spread, hinting toward the figure skater proposing to a girl, allegedly his high school girlfriend, to marry him. However, the speculation never came out to be true as he is still unmarried. As far as we know, he has no plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon. He is just 29 and we might have to wait for a while before we will get to see him as a groom.

Were Yuzuru And Chinese Figure Skater, Li Zijun, Dating?

In the past, there were rumors of an affair between Yuzuru and fellow Chinese figure skater Li Zijun. The speculation primarily began after a photo of them together surfaced on the internet where the two could be seen standing together.

Well, the truth is they were never involved in a romantic relationship. Li is rather in a different relationship and even announced her pregnancy at the start of 2024.

Yuzuru's Alleged Partner Li Zijun
Yuzuru’s Alleged Partner Li Zijun

Though the fellow figure skater has never dated, they have been quite good friends.

His Relationship With Maia Harumi Shibutani

In 2020, a sweet photo of Maia Harumi Shibutani and Yuzuru Hanyu circulated all over. In the picture, we can clearly see how the two athletes are really close to one another. Moreover, both of them wore all-black outfits and Hanyu held a Winnie the Pooh soft toy over Maia’s cheeks, making it look like it was kissing her.

The cute picture that led to all the rumors of Maia and Yuzuru dating
The cute picture that led to all the rumors of Maia and Yuzuru dating

As we’ve described the picture, you can guess where we’re headed. With the photo being passed around, many started to believe that Maia Harumi was in a relationship with Yuzuru. Furthermore, fans also started to call her “lucky” in the comments. So, were they actually dating?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a certain answer to this question as well. Neither of the two winter athletes has confirmed the rumors. Even more so, there aren’t any other posts on Shibutani’s official Instagram that could lead us to the truth. Regardless of this, we do believe that Maia and Yuzuru are very good friends if not lovers.

Is The Olympian Yuzuru Hanyu Gay?

In recent times, another rumor has popped up pointing out his sexuality. His gay rumors started after he was alleged to be involved romantically with his training partner, Javier Fernandez. Farnanzez is a former figure skater from Spain. Additionally, he began training with Hanyu around 2012.

Fernandez and Hanyu pictured together
Fernandez and Hanyu pictured together

Javier and Yuzuru have always been very close to each other. Perhaps, this is why fans have speculated a lovey-dovey relationship between the two. Furthermore, the rumor fired up as the Japanese figure skater was often seen praising the Spanish one for his talent.

Over and above this, fans became extra sure when Fernandez explained his relationship with Hanyu to feel like “having a wife”. He could have meant that the two are best of friends but the Internet took it the other way. Nonetheless, to this date, Hanyu’s gay rumors haven’t been confirmed yet. So, we do not know for sure if he and Javier ever dated each other.


Was the Japanese Olympian ever married to a wife?

No, the Japanese Olympian has not married to this date.

Who are his rumored ex-girlfriends so far?

His rumored ex-girlfriends are Li Zujin and Maia Harumi Shibutani.

Did he date his training partner, Fernandez?

It is rumored that he dated his training partner, Javier Fernandez in the past and might be gay. This is yet to be confirmed.

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