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Is Martha Plimpton Married? Her Husband, Boyfriend, & More

Martha Plimpton is an American actress, former model, and activist. She is well known for starring as Stephanie Steinbrenner in the 1985 hit movie, The Goonies. In comparison to her successful acting career, her love life has not been sailing so smoothly. With this in mind, let’s look at her past relationships and if Martha is married to anyone at present.

Martha Plimpton’s Isn’t Married to Anyone At Present  

Although Martha is notorious for keeping details about her private life secret, she happily stated in a 2023 interview with The Times that she was single. Plimpton further stated she is happy to be single thus she can go anywhere she wants without someone telling her what to do and causing stress.

The actress added,

I have two dogs and a very active work life and I don’t have any time for a partner.

She is active on social media handles like Instagram and mainly shares about her personal life with friends and her dogs. The only mention of love in her posts is for her dear friends, her pets, and art.

Besides, Plimpton also has a passion for artwork with meaningful themes and often shares it in her stories.

Martha Plimpton is single
Martha holding her dog while attending a strike.

In addition, she posts about her activists’ work; she has voiced her support for the African people and abortion rights in many of her posts. She was even a part of the Sag-Aftra strike, which aimed to provide better pay and working conditions for scriptwriters.

One Of Martha Plimpton’s Well-Known Relationship Was With A Late Actor, River Phoenix

Martha was still a teenager when she started acting. During those initial years, she was in a romantic relationship with the late actor River Phoenix.

The ex-pair had known each other for a year before being cast on The Mosquito Coast (1986) when they were 15. However, they couldn’t stand each other then. Nonetheless, their romance blossomed as soon as the filming started. They began to see themselves in a new light and were cool with their presence.

Their loving relationship was overlooked by Phoenix’s family too, as they were fond of Plimpton. They didn’t have much time due to their respective acting careers. Nevertheless, that too changed when they were both cast in Running on Empty (1988).

Martha Plimpton with her then partner River Phoenix.
Martha’s ex-boyfriend and late actor, River Phoenix.

Their chemistry was apparent both on-screen and when the cameras stopped rolling. Martha and River’s immense love elevated the movie to the next level, and the two looked prime to be a power couple for a long time coming.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. One of Martha’s friends stated that she broke up with Phoenix after the 1989 Oscars, citing his addiction to drugs as the reason. River then started dating Susanne Solgot, a musician and massagist from Florida.

Unfortunately, he died from a drug overdose in 1993, aged 23. Speaking about his death, the actress said she loved him, and that he was an extraordinary person.

Did Martha And Phoenix Have An Abortion?

In June 2019, Martha announced that she had a history of abortion and noted that she had her first one in Seattle. With this statement, fans began to speculate whether the baby belonged to the late actor Phoenix.

However, since both of them were relatively young at the time and Phoenix’s reluctance to become a father, the case is unlikely.

Further, Plimpton has not made any public comments regarding the father of her child.

Plimpton Was Even Engaged Once

As stated above, Martha is not married yet. But she was on the verge of marrying. In the mid-90s, the talented actress was engaged to actor, Jon Patrick Walker. He has starred in flicks like Winter’s Tale (2014) and Thunder Force (2021).

The former flames were deeply in love but unfortunately, their marriage never happened.

Plimpton's ex-partner Jon Patrick Walker.
Martha was engaged to Jon Walker.

Jon has now moved on, and he married Hope Davis in 2000. The duo has two daughters, Georgia Walker and Mae Walker.

She Was In A Relationship With Fred Armisen

Rumors suggest that Martha also dated another actor, Christian Slater, for a while. However, it was declared not to be true.

Besides, the actress was also spotted with her arms around the comedian and actor, Fred Armisen at an event for Saturday Night Live in March 2006. Reports say they dated briefly at the time, before going their separate ways.

Plimpton with her ex boyfriend Fred Armisen.
Fred Armisen and Martha meeting for SNL Live.

Martha Plimpton’s Last Known Relationship Before Declaring Herself Single

The Goonies star Martha’s latest relationship was with Edward Owens. The ex-couple’s relationship can be traced back to 2009, as stated in a New York Times article. She walked into the Grill at the Players, a private club, to play poker with four of her pals from the Broadway musical, Pal Joey. There, she introduced her friends to her boyfriend, Edward. He gently asked her if she was winning, and the couple also shared an intimate kiss.

They spent a lot of time together. Edward was also present in one of her other interviews with the New York Magazine.

Martha plimpton with boyfriend, Edward Owens.
Martha’s latest boyfriend, Edward

Moreover, the pair raised Eloise, their wheaten-terrier mutt, together. They were together for a long time but didn’t disclose any details regarding their breakup.

In fact, she has not had any children from her previous relationships, though she detailed her experiences with abortion before. But, she is a godmother to the daughter of Caitlyn Lace.