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Is Arden Cho Married? If Yes, Who’s Her Husband? Boyfriend & Relationship

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Arden Cho is a familiar face to many, not just for her acting but also for her interesting personal life. People often wonder about her love life, especially who she has dated. One of her most talked-about relationships was with Ryan Higa, a popular YouTuber. This connection made many fans curious.

But the big question on everyone’s mind is: Is Arden married? There’s a lot of interest in whether she has tied the knot after being linked with well-known personalities. Let’s take a closer look at Arden Cho’s relationship history and find out if she is married or not.

Is Arden Cho Married?

Despite her connections with high-profile personalities, including a notable relationship with YouTuber Ryan Higa, Arden is not married. As of now, she has not shared any plans or intentions of tying the knot shortly. This insight into Arden’s personal life reveals that she remains unmarried, focusing on her career and personal growth without any public announcements regarding marriage or a husband.

Arden Cho Half-Expected to be Married and Have Kids By Now

Cho, after dedicating over two decades to her career, is enjoying a much-needed break in South Korea, reflecting on her life and future aspirations, including her dreams of marriage and family. Initially planning a short visit, Cho extended her stay, renting an apartment in Seoul’s upscale Cheongdam-dong area, and immersing herself in the culture, cuisine, and people of her ancestral home. This period of relaxation and introspection has given her the space to ponder life beyond her professional achievements.

Despite her successful career in acting and modeling, Cho’s personal desires resonate with those of many: to find love and start a family. She candidly shared her earlier expectations of being married with children by now, a dream influenced by her Midwestern upbringing. However, life has taken a different path, leading her to embrace her role as the “cool auntie” among her friends, lending out clothes and offering advice to their teenagers. This shift in perspective reflects Cho’s resilience and ability to adapt to life’s unpredictability, focusing on self-care and setting boundaries with those who drain her energy.

Cho’s openness about her single status and her high standards for a partner reveals a woman who values self-worth and mutual respect in a relationship. She seeks someone who appreciates her passion for her work without feeling threatened, highlighting the challenges of finding a compatible partner in the demanding world of entertainment. Her journey underscores the importance of patience, self-love, and the courage to hold out for a relationship that truly complements her life and aspirations.

Arden is still unmarried; Does she have a Boyfriend?

According to her online profile, Arden Cho is single, with no hints of a new relationship in sight. Her last known romance was with Korean rapper Samuel Juno Park, a relationship that caught the attention of many fans. Since parting ways with him, Arden has not been linked to anyone new, leading to speculation about her current dating life. It appears that since their relationship, Arden has been enjoying her single status, focusing on her career and personal development.

Arden with her ex-boyfriend. South-Korean rapper, Samuel.
Arden dated Samuel after breakup with Ryan.

For those curious about whether Arden has a boyfriend or is navigating the dating scene, the answer seems clear: she is embracing her independence and is not publicly involved in any romantic relationships. Keep an eye on Arden’s journey for any future updates on her dating life or potential relationships.

Cho Famously Dated OG YouTuber Ryan Higa

Arden Cho and Ryan Higa, a well-known YouTuber, actor, and comedian, shared a relationship that caught the attention of many. They dated between 2015 and 2020. Their connection became a subject of speculation until Higa himself confirmed on his Off the Pill podcast in 2019 that they were dating. He explained that they had been in a relationship for a long time but chose not to publicly announce it.

According to Higa, they didn’t want their relationship to become the focus of their online presence, fearing it might add unnecessary pressure and complexity. Despite their decision not to make a formal announcement, many fans were already aware of their relationship.

Arden with Ryan Higa
Ryan and Arden were in a relationship from 2015 to 2020.

Higa highlighted their approach to keeping personal moments private, like their Valentine’s Day celebration, which they spent enjoying dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse. This approach, Higa believed, helped maintain the integrity and privacy of their relationship, steering clear of the public scrutiny that often accompanies online declarations of love.

Did Ryan cheat on his ex-girlfriend Arden?

Ryan and Arden’s breakup became a topic of discussion when rumors swirled around social media, suggesting Higa had cheated. Addressing these rumors head-on, Higa clarified on Twitter that he never cheated on his now ex-girlfriend during their time together, debunking the speculation sparked by Cho’s cryptic song lyrics on Instagram, which hinted at heartbreak but did not name anyone specifically.

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In response to the rumors, Higa reassured fans, aiming to quell the quarantine boredom-fueled gossip. Just a week before tackling the rumor, Higa revealed in his YouTube video titled “My Midlife Crisis” that he was single, announcing the end of his relationship with Cho without delving into messy details.

The YouTuber emphasized that their breakup was mutual, shedding light on a respectful end to their relationship. This statement provided closure to fans, confirming the couple had parted ways amicably, without the drama the rumors suggested.

Arden Used To Be Friendzone in High School

In high school, Arden Cho’s dating life was pretty quiet. She didn’t date much back then and was known for being friend-zoned rather than being someone’s girlfriend. This meant that while others were navigating the ups and downs of high school romance, Arden was more likely to be seen as just a friend.