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Ian Anderson’s Wife Shona Learoyd Was His Label’s Secretary

Jacqueline Shona Learoyd, aka Shona Learoyd, is the long-time partner of Ian Scott Anderson, the frontman and flutist of the rock band Jethro Tull. The pair’s relationship has withstood the test of time, as Shona has always been by her partner’s side in their decades of togetherness.

Read more to take a sneak peek into Shona’s life history and her relationship with Ian.

Shona Learoyd’s Career Shifted From What She Had Learnt Early On

Shona was born in the United Kingdom to parents Frank Learoyd and Marjorie Edwards. Her father was a wealthy wool manufacturer. Her parents lived their entire lives in Bradford, Yorkshire, England.

Sadly, her dad Frank passed away aged 66 in 1991, while Marjorie was only 42 at the time of her demise.

Shona Learoyd, Ian Anderson's wife
Ian Anderson’s second wife, Shona Learoyd

During her earlier years, Shona was into ballet and practiced for 10 whole years. Ultimately, she decided that this was not her calling and pursued other career paths.

Ian Anderson’s Wife Has Handled Multiple Roles Over The Years

After leaving ballet, Shona performed a myriad of duties. She was Ian’s touring assistant and also a press officer at his label, Chrysalis Records. Later, she became the onstage special effects manager for the band. In addition, she was also the secretary and dancer at one of his world tours.

After their marriage, she began to oversee his whole music company, Ian Anderson Music Limited, in 1991. Throughout her whole career, she has been a part of the following companies:

Company Roles  Duration
Strathaird Salmon Limited Secretary  1988-1997
Strathaird Salmon Limited Director 1988-2000
Fraserburgh Smokehouse Limited Secretary and Director 1991-2000
Calliandra Productions Limited Secretary and Director 1995-2008
The Ian Anderson Group Of Companies Limited Secretary and Director 1991-present
Jethro Tull Production Limited Secretary and Director 1996-present

How Did It All Begin For Shona Learoyd And Ian Anderson?

Shona met her husband when she was still working for his label as a press officer and secretary. Their first encounter would eventually lead to their love blossoming and progressing to dating for a while.

During their earlier days, Shona had a cat named Fur, which Ian initially disliked. But, he grew fond of it soon after their marriage and spent some years in the British countryside with the pet. The pair were cat lovers and housed three more cats after that.

Married For Nearly Five Decades With Two Children

The pair tied the knot in a private marriage in 1976, where only their close friends and family were invited. The marriage shot her to fame real quickly. But unlike other celebrity couples, the duo is still going strong and have already been together for nearly five decades.

They have two children: a daughter, Gael Frances Anderson, and a son, James Duncan Anderson.

Shona Learoyd with her husband and Kids
Shona and Ian with their children, Gael and James

Gael is married to Andrew Lincoln, the actor of The Walking Dead, and has given birth to two children, Arthur and Matilda Clutterbuck.

Their son, on the other hand, followed in his father’s footsteps and was involved in the music industry. He is a drummer based in London and has been a part of numerous small bands. In 2013, he became a replacement drummer for his old man’s band while touring in Germany. 

Shona Learoyd Is Ian Anderson’s Second Wife

Ian Anderson was married before meeting Shona. He exchanged vows with actress Jennie Franks on February 7, 1970. His first marriage lasted only four years, and they divorced in 1974. They didn’t share any children.

Shona’s Husband Cheating On His Former Girlfriend

Ballerina, Jane Colthorpe revealed in an interview how Ian deceived her. The former pair first met when he was conducting her interview for a role in the movie The Hare.

Sometime between 1973 and 1974, the singer told her that his marriage with Jennie was over. Knowing this, Jane then moved into an apartment with him when she was 19, while Ian was 29. However, later on, Jane started questioning her boyfriend. Although he had told her that he separated from Jennie and was sleeping on the couch, Jane bumped into Jennie in a hair salon.

The two girls started chatting, and from their conversation, Jane realized that Ian and Jennie’s marriage wasn’t over, unlike what Ian had told her. Recalling what she felt from her meeting with Jennie, the Ballerina said,

“I got the distinct impression that their relationship hadn’t been as final in her mind as it may have been in Ian’s.”

Shona Learoyd alongside  her husbadn, Ian Anderson
Shona performing alongside Ian.

They dated for 12-14 months before Ian went on tour to support Warchild. By the time he returned, he had already started his romance with Shona, who was a dancer on tour, despite not breaking up with her. After this, Jane concluded that it was “clearly a pattern with Ian.”

Where Is Shona Learoyd Now?

For the first 18 years of their marriage, the couple lived in a 16th-century house west of London in Buckinghamshire. It was a red brick farmhouse with 630 surrounding acres. The couple had poured more money into refurnishing it.

In 1994, they moved to the county of Wiltshire due to stalkers often finding their old property. The husband-wife duo enjoy their 400-acre property, which is technically a farm. As of 2014, they had planted 30K ash and oak trees. Nevertheless, they often visit their Buckinghamshire property frequently as they have established a farm there and even harvest salmon.