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Herschel Walker’s Wife Julie Blanchard Has Been By His Side For Decades

Herschel Walker is currently in a blissful marital life after his first one ended in a nasty divorce. The former player is currently married to Julie Blanchard, who has been by his side for quite some time now.

Unlike his fame, Julie relatively stays off the radar. But, today we will find out some intriguing facts about Julie’s life and her enduring marriage with Herschel.

What Does Julie Blanchard Do?

Julie who celebrates her birthday in the first week of August is a former vice president of the Southeast Region at CBS Outdoor. She worked for the office in 2011 and was responsible for shaping and implementing strategies and plans within the company.

Herschel Walker with his wife Julie Blanchard
Herschel’s wife Julie formally worked as the vice-president of CBS.

Unfortunately, it is not known what Blanchard is currently engaged in.

Julie And Herschel Married After a Long-Term Relationship

Julie and her husband Walker exchanged their marital vows after more than a decade of being together. The lovebirds officially tied the knot in May 2021 in Texas. It was Walker’s second marriage after his divorce from his first wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman in 2002.

The couple has been together since at least 2011. In the December 2011 issue of Playboy magazine, Julie was mentioned as Walker’s fiancee. Thus it is safe to say, the two already got engaged even a decade before their nuptial.

However, even after being together for a long time, the two have no children. However, Walker is a father of four. He has three sons including, Christian Walker from his first wife Cindy, and a daughter, with multiple baby mamas.

Blanchard Supports Her Husband Through Thick and Thin

As a doting wife, Blanchard is very supportive of her life partner Herschel. She has been by his side throughout his personal struggles, political career, and several media fallouts. Besides, Herschel’s battle with dissociative identity disorder is also a known fact.

All in all, his wife has shown unconditional support to him throughout his episodes. She also tried to stop him from participating in the MMAs, saying she felt scared for him.

Julie and Herschel’s Frequent appearances on the campaign trails

Back in 2022, the former NFL athlete was running for the U.S. Senate race and was backed by former President, Donald Trump. Even though many were skeptical of the decision, like Julie, she, however, later was fully on board. She was frequently seen accompanying the campaign trails alongside him.

Herschel Walker and his wife Julie Blanchard
Blanchard was by her husband’s side during his campaign.

It was only upon her husband’s entry into politics she started appearing more in the public eye.

She Was Vocal when there were ‘abortion accusations’ against Walker

Herschel is no stranger to controversies. When the former NFL star was accused of encouraging and paying for a woman’s 2009 abortion, his wife stood by him and voiced out her support. He was also accused of having a son with the former.

With Walker’s staunch stand against abortion in his political campaign, the lady complained it was cruel that the man continued to claim not knowing about her or the abortion.

Meanwhile, Blanchard replied that she had continually tried to bridge the distance between her husband and the woman. She also said that he tried to be more than financial support, but the accuser had ignored the attempt at communication.

Did Julie Blanchard attempt to profit from the senate campaign?

As stated earlier, Julie was not very confident of her husband’s decision to enter the senate election. She feared his less-than-favorable past would be a setback in his campaign as well as his reputation.

However, she heard about the benefits she could get through the official campaign and changed her tone.

Herschel Walker with his wife Julie Blanchard
Julie, while supporting her husband in a campaign.

News outlets reported Blanchard planned to strike an agreement with a media company and collect a commission. An employee of the concerned company was Julie’s friend. Later, Julie ended up taking charge of the campaign.

Poor political intuition

Just like her husband, it was also Julie’s first political venture, and she was not quite up for it. There were reports that she had clear motivation to control the narrative of the campaign to earn money.

Moreover, one staff accused Blanchard of isolating Walker from them. She frequently inserted herself into both big and small decisions. Another staffer said, “The best spouses know how to calm the candidate, but Julie was more like an accelerant for Walker’s worst instincts.”

Another point against Blanchard was that she believed her husband could take up 50% of the Black community’s votes. Therefore, she wanted to shift the focus to urban radio. Julie wanted Cardi B on the campaign trail for the Republican. It was because of the star’s tweet regarding the economic recession.

As per The Sun, the campaign rejected Blanchard’s attempts to execute her plan. In addition, she failed to reach an agreement with the media company. Notably, the campaign staffers blamed her as one of the reasons for the failure of the election.

Blanchard Too Was Involved In A Controversy

In August 2021, The Associated Press reported Walker’s spouse faced an investigation for casting a vote in Georgia during the 2020 presidential election despite residing in Texas.

But, Julie stated she has a driver’s license in Georgia, owns a car, and also conducts her business there. Therefore, she considers herself a resident of that state.

The Constitution says that non-residents are barred from voting in Georgia in most circumstances. One of the exceptions is when the voter claims a homestead exemption. This was not the case for Julie.

Nevertheless, she is not registered to vote in Texas. Her Georgia voter registration was repealed in 2017 due to lack of activity. Well, she re-registered in 2019. Later, Blanchard was cleared by the investigator. No residency violation was found, and the case was dismissed.

Julie Blanchard and Herschel Walker Now Resides in Atlanta, Georgia

At present, Julie resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Walker. Besides, the couple listed one of their Atlanta houses for sale for $1.45 million. They put their property which Walker listed as a Republican’s residence during his U.S. Senate campaign on sale in August 2023.

The 3,000 square feet of living space has three bedrooms.