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Herschel Walker’s Ex-Wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman’s Life After Divorce

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman is an American Businesswoman who is widely known for her marriage to former NFL superstar, Herschel Walker. The couple was married for two decades before Herschel’s diagnosis with a mental health condition ended things between them.

A lot of explicit details have then been revealed about their time together. Let’s take a peek at the life of Cindy and her troubled marriage with Herschel in the article below:

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman Had A Happy Childhood With Her Parents

Cindy was born in September 1961 in Florida, United States. She was born to her mother, Eva DeAngelis, and father, Thomas DeAngelis. Her father was a former real estate agent from Cocoa Beach, Florida. She also has a sister, Maria DeAngelis Tsettos

Herschel Walker's Stunning ex-wife, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman
Cindy Grossman, Herschel Walker’s ex-spouse is from Florida

Cindy and Walker Were College Sweethearts

Cindy went to Cocoa Beach High School in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She later attended the University of Georgia for her studies in business. It was there Cindy met her to-be partner Walker. 

The ex-duo had a history together as they met before Walker even started his career in the NFL. They met in a training room of the athletics department when they were nursing their injuries.

Sources claim Cindy and Walker’s sister, Veronica were on the same track and field team. In fact, Veronica was the one who introduced the former lovebirds in 1981. The pair became friends and went on to date for more than a year finally getting engaged in 1983.

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman with her Ex-Husband
Cindy posing alongside her ex-spouse, Herschel Walker

Both of Cindy’s parents had met Herschel many times and knew about their love. Her father, Thomas described him as an “exemplary gentleman.” Her mother Eva also knew about the couple’s deep love for each other. She once said the lovely pair also had a moralistic view of their relationship as they didn’t even share a bed while going on trips.

Cindy DeAngelis Grossman and Walker Wed in March 1983

After being in a relationship for over a year, Grossman and Walker officially tied the knot on March 31, 1983, in a private ceremony. Cindy’s mother originally had a huge wedding celebration in mind, but the duo wanted something lowkey. They got their wish fulfilled as their reception took place at the home of Thomas Darcey in Bloomingdale and was performed by the mayor.

They walked down the aisle just after Walker got his first football job. Cindy supported him throughout his entire NFL career.

Their Seemingly Perfect Married Life

Walker was fond of Cindy, and the pair started off their married life on a very positive note. He would also defend their marriage from the media as there was scrutiny due to Cindy being white.

In 1989, the sweethearts moved into their house in Dallas when Walker was with the Minnesota Vikings. During a TV interview, Cindy jokingly mentioned she performed all the household work while her husband couldn’t do any.

Her former hubby Walker also reminisced about his time with his wife in his book: “Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder.” He fondly mentioned Cindy was the first woman he dated, and she scared him, too.

They also have a son together, Christian Walker, born in September 1999. 

Abuse Allegations from Cindy Led To Their Divorce

Things came to an end between them in 2002 after 19 years of marriage following various accounts of threatening and domestic abuse directed towards Cindy by Walker. 

She reported several instances of physical abuse from her then-husband. She also mentioned that he was not even behaving like himself. According to her, Walker threatened to hurt her when she was pregnant

She recalled a time when they would be talking, and he would point a gun to her head; even his physical features would be different. At one time, Grossman even thought he had the devil within him and went to the church for help.

Watch: Cindy goes into detail about her abuse from Herschel Walker

Everything made sense when Herschel revealed he had been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, a mental illness causing different personalities to be formed within a person. But, Cindy hadn’t known about this for the whole time they were married.

She would later understand why her once-loving husband would act the way he did and be interested in a myriad of different things like ballet and the military. The reason for his abuse towards his son and her became apparent.

The Aftermath of the Divorce And Child Custody

Following their separation, Cindy would have custody of their child. Walker was deemed too unstable to take care of their little one. He was in favor of this decision as well. Walker would go on to call his ex “his best friend” in his book too.

However, Cindy later filed a restraining order against Walker after he threatened to shoot her and her new boyfriend in the head. She won a protective order against him in December 2005.

Her Relationship With Her Son

Cindy and her son, Christian, share a strong bond. He was a cheerleader of the Spirit of Texas Royalty. He was a part of the squad that won the World Championship of All-Star Cheerleading in 2016.

He is also a social media influencer who has gained fame bashing liberals, abortion rights, LGBTQ, and others.

Christian always praises his mother on his X account and often shares his experiences with her. The mother-son pair endured a lot together, and they are close. 

Unlike Christian’s relationship with his mother, he has not been a fan of his father, as evidenced when he ran for the Senate of Georgia. He continually bashed him in different posts, even calling him a “Deadbeat” and a “hypocrite.” Despite his comments, his dad Walker tweeted that he would always love his son.

Cindy Grossman with her ex-husband and son
Grossman with ex-spouse Herschel Walker and son, Christian Walker.

Is Cindy DeAngelis Grossman Remarried Someone?

Cindy has reportedly moved on after her divorce from Walker. She is stated to have married another man, but there is no available information about her new husband, and she has not come out with him in public either. 

As for her ex-spouse, Herschel married his second wife Julie Blanchard in 2021. Aside from Christian, Herschel mentioned he had three other children; two sons and a daughter, all from different women.

What is Cindy DeAngelis Grossman Doing Now? 

She is believed to be a successful businesswoman who is doing fairly well. She has been involved in a business venture in Irving, Texas, United States, for many years. However, other details about her professional life and whereabouts are out of the media.

What is Her Net Worth?

Grossman is estimated to be worth around $200 thousand. In comparison, her ex-partner has a fortune of $10 million.