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Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter Megan Ramsay Is The First To Graduate In Her Family

Megan Ramsay is the firstborn of the renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay. Unlike her other siblings, Megan has kept her life private from the eyes of the public.

But if you are eager to find out more details about the person behind the fame, the strict rules Megan had to follow, and her short-tempered father’s interference with her dating life, then you have come to the right place.

This article thoroughly discusses Megan’s private life and upbringing.

Megan Ramsay Is The Eldest Child of Gordon Ramsay

Gordon and his wife Tana Ramsay welcomed their first child, a daughter Megan after two years of their marriage on May 16, 1998. With her arrival, the family was filled with joy. The couple opted for IVF as Gordon had less sperm count, and his wife suffered from polycystic ovaries.

Megan Ramsay alongside her mother as a kid
Little Ramsay with her mother.

Needless to say, the beautiful lady shares a loving bond with both of her parents. Despite their busy schedules, her mom and dad manage their time to be with their children and never miss wishing them on their birthdays.

On Megan’s 24th birthday, Tana shared two pictures of her daughter that showed the childhood picture of Megan in the first one, followed by another with the recent picture.

Details On Megan Ramsay’s Parents

Her mom Tana shares a common interest in cooking with her father Gordon, which led her to publish her first cookbook, Tana Ramsay’s Family Kitchen, released on December 12, 2013. Besides that, Tana is an occasional TV personality and a former Montessori teacher.

As many already know, her father, Gordon, has established a successful career around the globe through his mastery of cooking. He is a well-renowned television personality and has made a crucial presence as a judge in various TV shows like Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, etc.

He founded his restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, in 1997 and holds seven stars.

Ramsay Has Four Siblings

As stated earlier, Megan is the eldest kid of the celebrity chef. In contrast to her life, her five siblings maintain quite a high-profile public life.

After Megan, her fraternal twins Holly Anna Ramsay and Jack Scott Ramsay were born on January 1, 2000. Holly is a digital content creator, while Jack serves the UK’s Royal Marines.

Her third sibling is Matilda Ramsay, who goes by the name “Tilly.” She shares the same compassion for cooking as her father and involves herself in such activities.

Megan Ramsay's four siblings and parents.
Megan’s siblings and parents.

Furthermore, her brother Oscar James Ramsay was born on April 4, 2019, and the youngest one is Jesse James Ramsay, who was born in November of 2023.

Unfortunately, in 2016, Megan’s father and mother faced a pregnancy loss at 20 weeks. They had named their son, Rocky.

She Is the First Family Member to Graduate From The University

Megan is not only the first child of the family but also the first one to hold a college degree. She went to Ibstock Place School and completed her IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

Continuing her further studies, the star kid enrolled at Bradfield College to study English Literature, photography, and business.

She then got into Oxford Brooke, graduating with a major in psychology in June 2019. Her father celebrated this milestone with an Instagram post congratulating her. Gordon shared some beautiful moments captured with Megan, where she was accompanied by her mother, Tana, sister, Holly, and brothers, Jack and Oscar.

Her proud dad wrote,

Gordon wrote in the caption: ‘So proud of this young Lady @megan__ramsay our first Ramsay ever to graduate with a degree @oxfordbrookes hard work pays off ! Congratulations Megan love you Dad.’

Megan Ramsay is now a college graduate
Megan graduated from Oxford University.

What Does Megan Ramsay Do?

Megan has been working for a private company, 118 Residents Association Limited, as a director since 15th January 2021.

Previously, she worked at Freuds, where she joined in August 2019, as an associate in the Health and Behaviour change team. Prior to that, the star kid also spent a month at White Stuff. Right after working there, she joined Beauty Pie Ltd. and gathered her experience in the HR department.

In addition to that, Ramsay was an associate at Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd. for two months. Similarly, she has enhanced her efficiency by working with several other organizations such as Studio Ramsay, National Crime Agency, and Quintessentially Travel. 

Before her career began, Megan did an internship at different firms, including her job as summer staff at Ibstock Place School in June 2017, where she worked in the Sports Department and taught from ages 7 to 14.

Besides that, she was involved in the AJ Bell Triathlon at the ExCel Exhibition Centre with her brother Jack and father Gordon in August 2018, in London.

Megan Is Dating a Boyfriend But Her Dad Did Not Approve That

Ramsay has been in an on-and-off relationship with her boyfriend Byron for years now. However, her strict father Gordon previously disapproved of her relationship with Byron, on The Kelly Clarkson Show. He said,

He was okay to begin with. A bit wet. A little bit sort of … you want a man to date your daughter and he was just, a little bit pathetic.

The chef also interrupted the couple’s date night with a phone call, which ended up with Megan hanging up on him. He explained the conversation, which Byron answered with fear,

Byron, it’s me. Not your future father in law, you little f…!

Gordon defends himself as he talks about worrying about his girls.

I just want the girl to be looked after, and for them to look after each other. You’re always anxious about that.

Prior to that, in February 2016, Gordon revealed his secret trick to keep his eye on her dating life during an interview session with Jimmy Kimmel Live! He admitted to paying $100 a week to his son Jack to spy on her.

The restaurateur told,

Not many boyfriends come around. They don’t come up to the house.

In addition to that, Gordon recalled the incident when Jack reported a guy through Megan’s Facebook, he confronted his daughter about this guy, who later turned out to be only her colleague.

Her Other Boyfriends

In January 2018, Megan revealed her then-boyfriend, Charlie Webb, through her previous Instagram account where she was seen kissing him. Following that, she also featured him on their first anniversary later in 2018. Further, they were together during her graduation ceremony at Oxford.

Megan Ramsay and her boyfriend Charlie
Megan and her ex-boyfriend Charlie.

Social Media

Megan is on Instagram under the handle @megan_jane_7. However, her profile is private, with just one post. She is also on Facebook. She has posted a few pictures of her dearest ones.

She Is Also Involved In Philanthropy

With reference to her last post made on her official Facebook page, Ramsay had donated to Sands, the stillbirth & neonatal death charity, a charity dedicated to saving babies’ lives and supporting bereaved families.

Net Worth

Besides, talking about her net worth, Megan has a fortune of $500k. She makes her fortune from her vaiours jobs.