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Gordon Ramsay’s Son Jack Scott Ramsay Is A Royal Marine

Jack Scott Ramsay is the son of renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and author Tana Ramsay. The star kid debuted on television at the age of 5 in his father’s TV series ‘The F Word.’ He has been in the spotlight ever since.

However, the fellow is rarely seen in the media. Let’s learn more about what he is doing now.

Jack Scott Ramsay Has Five Siblings, Including A Twin Sister

Jack was born on December 31, 1999, to the Ramsay couple, along with his fraternal twin, Holly Anna Ramsay. Multiple sources, however, claim they were born on January 1, 2000, which is untrue.

In addition, Gordon and Tana had their twins via IVF as the chef had a low sperm count while his wife suffered from polycystic ovaries.

Jack Scott Ramsay with his family
The Ramsay couple with their children at the British Academy Children’s Awards

The young man has 5 siblings in total. He has an elder sister, Megan Ramsay, his twin, and a younger sister, Tilly Ramsay. Alongside that, he has two younger brothers, Oscar Ramsay and Jesse James Ramsay.

Jack Had A Cushy Childhood In London

The celebrity kid was born in Southwest London, England, and spent the initial parts of his childhood in Battersea.

The family moved to a bigger mansion in the same region to accommodate their growing family. Considering his father’s popularity and fortune, he must have had a comfortable childhood.

Initially, He Made frequent appearances on his father’s shows

Making his first TV appearance in ‘The F Word’ in 2005, Jack Scott has since appeared in his father’s shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Christmas, and Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live.

In addition, he has appeared on his sister Tilly’s show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch and Born Famous, a show about celebrities’ offspring.

Many may be surprised to know that the lad also made an appearance in ‘Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince: T4 Premiere Special‘ in 2009.

An Alumnus of Dulwich College And Later attended Exeter University

Gordon’s son was privately educated at the expensive Dulwich College, an all-boys school in South London. He achieved impressive A-Level results, scoring an A and two Bs. The good-looking guy later went on to attend Exeter University in the West Country of England.

His father posted a congratulations message on Instagram to celebrate the start of his twin children’s college life. He wrote in his post,

“Well done Jack & Holly ! 2 more Ramsay’s off to University #Exeter #ravensbourne (sic)”.

Gordan furthermore stated that he was proud of their amazing results and also congratulated all the other students.

Gordon Ramsay's son and daughter
Gordon Ramsay congratulated his kids on their achievements.

He Is Into Sports As Well

Unlike his parents and siblings, Jack has not shown as much interest in cooking. Well, he was rather a talented athlete in his college days. He and his team at Dulwich College won the 2017 U18 Champions Trophy Final in rugby.

Furthermore, he also participated in the 26.2 mile London Marathon in 2018, along with his twin sister, to celebrate their 18th birthday.

Jack and his twin after running the marathon
Jack and Holly showing off their marathon participation medals

Moreover, he used to work out with a personal trainer in the basement gym of his dad’s enormous London home.

What Does Jack Scott Ramsay do?

While many expect celebrity children to follow in their footsteps, the young Ramsay rather did something daring. Well, the fellow left his pampered lifestyle and joined the Royal Marines in January 2020.

His father couldn’t hide his happiness. Gordon took to Instagram and stated he was very proud of his young man and made him the proudest father.

Jack in his military uniform
Jack Ramsay looked attentive in his marine attire.

While appearing in ‘Born Famous, ‘ Ramsay said,

“I have grown up in a bubble. I’ve never had to fight or do anything for myself. I don’t know what I’m like without everything I’ve got.”

The decision to join the Marines may have been to experience something tough without his parents’ loving supervision.

His Father’s Doppelganger: The Resemblance Between The Two Is Uncanny

Ramsay’s face resembles his father’s, Gordon’s, to a tee. Even a person who is unaware of their relationship would be able to tell that they are related.

One can take a look at his son’s face to know what Gordon looked like when he was younger.

Jack Scott Ramsay with his father
Jack Scott is the exact replica of his father.

Has A Close Relationship With Both His Dad And Mom

Both Gordon and Tana seem to be extremely close to their son. The young man is frequently seen in his parents’ Instagram posts. His father is all about showing his accomplishments and often praises his achievements in his captions.

His mother also showers him with love and affection. With his busy schedule, Tana seems to value all the time that she gets to spend with him. Back on September 4, 2018, Tana shared a photo with him on Instagram where they can be seen sharing time at some beautiful location.


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Jack Scott Ramsay’s Girlfriend Martha; Are They Still Dating?

Ramsay had been dating his non-celebrity girlfriend Martha since his high school days. The couple posted a picture of them sharing a Christmas kiss in 2016.

Jack Scott Ramsay sharing a kiss with his girlfriend
The young couple sharing a Christmas kiss

The couple has been private about their relationship during the last few years. Plus with Jack’s lack of social media presence, it is difficult to say if they are still together.

Scuffle at UK music festival

In August 2022, at a Cornwall festival, Jack got into a confrontation with a reveler over a burger and was caught on video cursing the other person.

Jack in a scuffle
Jack pictured getting agitated with the security at Cornwall Festival

The story is that the reveler and his friends were waiting for their number to be called for their order. During that period, an unclaimed order was called for 20 minutes. The reveler claimed the ticket even though it wasn’t theirs so that they could stop waiting for their burger.

Later, Jack came to claim the burger, and the confrontation eventually escalated into a brawl, and the security stepped in.

Is Jack Scott Ramsay Active On Social Media Nowadays?

Ramsay is mostly absent from the social media scene, except for a few appearances in his parents’ and siblings’ posts.

Previously having over 200k followers on his Instagram page, the young lad seems to have deactivated his Instagram profile. Since then, he seems uninterested in both reactivating the old one and opening a new one.

The last update on his Facebook page was back in December 2016.