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Fernando del Solar’s Mother Rosa Lina Servidio Supports His Widow

People say that the most painful feeling in the life of a parent is facing the death of their child. The demise of the TV personality and actor Fernando Del Solar might have dealt the same blow to his mother, Rosa Lina Servidio.

Let’s know more about the celebrity’s mother.

Rosa Lina Servidio’s Lineage Has Italian roots

Rosa was born to Marcos Antonio Servidio and Victoria Leonardi in the late months of 1951. Her old man worked double jobs. Marcos Sr. worked in a bank in the morning and as a long-distance telephone operator at night. She was the second child of the couple.

Her older brother, Marcos Antonio Jr., sadly passed in his childhood, barely six months after her birth. Nonetheless, her younger brother was also named Marcos Antonio Jr. after his birth in April 1958.

Fernando Del Solar with his mother Rosa Lina Servidio
Fernando shared a close bond with his mother.

Her grandfather, Antonio Servidio, had moved from Calabria, Italy, to Argentina with hopes of escaping poverty. He operated a hair salon and married María Lina Ávalos, a Paraguayan woman. Thus, Rosa’s lineage is mixed with Italian and Argentinian roots.

The beautiful lady’s childhood was spent in a loving family. Her parents instilled the principles of unity, honesty, and generosity in the children.

Rosa’s Work Life: What Did She Do?

Fernando’s mother graduated from school to become a teacher. She then went on a trip to Europe in 1969, which lasted 8 months. Having visited Greece, Spain, England, Russia, and the entirety of Italy, Rosa had a blast. Upon her return, she alternated her professional career between being an educator and a collaborator with her father.

After having kids, Rosa became more focused on nurturing them and opted to become a housewife. She worked occasionally while her husband worked as a merchant.

Rosa’s Childhood Love and Marriage with Late Husband

Rosa’s family lived in the same neighborhood as Norberto Cacciamani, Rosa’s husband. Her father used to walk the then-young Norberto to school every morning. She was also a good friend of his sister, Ema Cacciamani.

When she was 12 and her husband was 15, Rosa spent the holidays with the Cacciamani family. This was the time when they caught feelings and started dating each other.

For the sake of their education, the two unfortunately parted ways sometime in the middle. However, the young lovebirds ended up reconciling and continued their romance for 8 years before getting married.

Rosa Lina Servidio And Norberto Cacciamani’s Beautiful Wedding

With the permission of their respective families, the two sweethearts decided to get married. Rosa was 20, and Norberto was 22 years old. The wedding was held in Buenos Aires on November 13, 1971, in the temple Basilica of San Carlos Borromeo y María Auxiliadora.

Although they initially wanted to get married on November 11, that date was ironically called ‘the day of the cu*ko*ds.’ The civil registries were also closed. Norberto hilariously said that the reason they got married so young was because his father-in-law could not stand seeing Norberto’s face in his house.

Unfortunately, Rosa Lina Servidio’s Husband Has Already Passed Away

The couple led a happy life and remained married for decades before her husband died in 2022. Norberto passed away on June 12, 2022. After his passing, his son Fernando bid him goodbye in a now-deleted post shared on Instagram. He mentioned that he was fortunate to have been born as his son and was content with all the time they had together.

Her three kids, including Fernando

About a year into their union, the lovebirds decided to try having kids. On their second anniversary, the then 22-year-old gave birth to Fernando at the San Jose Sanatorium. The pregnancy was relatively easy for Rosa, and she even kept working until her father requested that she stay at home.

Later, she gave birth to her daughters, María Eugenia and Romina Marcia. They were born at a difference of 3 and 6 years, respectively, from the late TV star. The three siblings had a close bond and often made mischief together.

Disapproval of her son’s choice of career

Many parents around the world tend to object to their children pursuing a career in the entertainment field, considering how difficult it is to make it big in the industry. The case was the same for Rosa and her husband. Initially, they tried to stop Fernando from working in the acting field. But, upon his insistence, they relented to his choice.

Although the couple provided their son with all the housing, food, and care, they refused to pay for his acting classes and other expenses related to his career. But when Fernando moved to Mexico for more acting opportunities, his parents were the ones to pay for his flight ticket.

Due to the separation from her son, the mother was sad and anxious. She thought his departure meant slowly losing her child. She tuned in to every one of the commercial breaks her son starred in and was a steady and silent support to him.

Rosa Lina Servidio's son Fernando Del Solar
Fernando’s career was later supported by both his parents.

Upon achieving some success, Fernando called his sisters to Mexico to get more employment opportunities. After a few months, their parents also migrated to Mexico to be near their children.

In Mexico, the Cacciamani witnessed their son’s popularity, and only then were they able to rest their worries about his occupation.

Rosa’s Son Fernando Passed Away 18 Days after her Husband

Unfortunately, Fernando was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2012. During his worst medical crisis in December 2015, he went into a coma after his surgery. The doctors suggested his family to let him go.

However, Rosa did not lose hope and requested the hospital to keep her son on artificial life for five to seven days. He later woke up on December 31 of the same year.

Sadly, her son lost his battle with the illness on June 30, 2022. Even more tragic was the fact that she had lost her husband merely 18 days before.

Rosa and Fernando’s EX-Wife Did Not Get Along

Fernando and his ex-wife, Ingrid Coronado, were married for 3 years from 2012 to 2015. The TV stars had two children, Luciano and Paolo. Rosa, initially taken aback by their relationship, decided not to interfere.

Later, the actor cut off his ties with his folks, and it was only upon his admission to the hospital in 2015 that the family came together again. By then, the former couple’s marriage had deteriorated, and Ingrid seldom visited him in the hospital. They ended up divorcing shortly after.

Furthermore, after Fernando and Ingrid’s marriage ended, she had an increasingly cold relationship with the former’s family.

Rose Supports her son’s widow

After divorcing Ingrid, Fernando went on to marry Anna Ferro in 2022. Though they didn’t get to enjoy their marital life for more than a few months, those were some of the happiest moments in the late actor’s life. She also got along well with his family.

Upon Fernando’s death, his ex-wife raised the issue regarding the content of his will. Her opinion was that their two children had been left unprotected. Ingrid also said that his widow had been illegally living in her apartment.

Fernando Del Solar's mother Rosa Lina Servidio and his wife Anna Ferro
Fernando’s mother is close to his widow.

Rosa spoke out in support of her son’s widow and exclaimed in front of the media that Ingrid had not let her see her grandchildren for years.

Furthermore, she accompanied her daughter-in-law to receive the postpartum recognition granted to the deceased Fernando by the Senate of the Republic.

Where is Rosa Lina Now?

In his will, Fernando left his apartment in the Del Valle neighborhood of Mexico City to his two sons while the lifetime usufruct belongs to his parents. Since his father died, the right solely is his mother’s.

According to her Facebook profile, Rosa Lina currently resides in Mexico City.