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Where Is Fernando del Solar’s Father, Norberto Cacciamani, Now?

Norberto Adolfo Cacciamani is known for being the father of Fernando Martín Cacciamani Servidio, famously known as Fernando del Solar. Norberto was the support system behind Fernando’s successful career.

Find out about Norberto’s origins, his beautiful love story with his wife, and the bond he shared with his son in the article below.

Norberto Cacciamani Was Raised In A Family Of Merchants

Norberto was born in 1949 in Corrientes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. His father, Norberto Óscar, was the second generation of Cacciamani born after the Italian-French Migration. Oscar’s family were merchants and worked in the hard trade. However, he didn’t follow in their footsteps and became a schoolteacher, instead.

Norberto Cacciamani with firstborn, Fernando del Solar
Fernando del Solar’s father, Norberto Cacciamani

Oscar would later marry Perla Teresa Ferrero, in a civil church. Along with Norberto, the pair welcomed two daughters, Ema and Marcela.

Growing up, the same family values were also instilled in Norberto Adolfo and his siblings. In addition, they were also taught the core values of honesty, rectitude, and work and that “marriages are sworn before the Church and are for life.”

Fernando’s Dad Norberto Never Really Liked Studying 

All the Cacciamani family members were well-educated. On the same token, Norberto did all of his studies in Buenos Aires, including Chemistry and Agricultural Engineering. However, he was tired of studying and took a job later on.

Despite his strained relationship with education, it was in school that he met Marcos Jr., who later paved the way for him to meet his future wife and Fernando del Solar’s mother, Rosa Lina Servidio.

The Endearing Love Story Of Fernando del Solar’s Parents

Norberto and Rosa’s families lived in the same neighborhood. They first saw each other when Rosa was five, and he was seven or eight. She was a close friend of his sister, Ema, and Norberto had a good friendship with her brother. As such, either Rosa was at Norberto’s place, or he was at hers.

Initially, nothing happened between the two. But, at the age of 12, Rosa spent holidays with the Cacciamanis. That is when they began to like each other. They soon started dating when Norberto was 15, and Rosa was 12.

Unfortunately, they separated after Rosa went to study in Europe but fate had other plans as they met again later.

Married After Years Of Courtship

After around eight years of romance, the couple finally tied the knot in Buenos Aires on November 13, 1971, in the Basilica of San Carlos Borromeo y María Auxiliadora when Rosa was 20 and Norberto was 22 at the time.

They wanted to get married earlier on November 11, but that day was the day of Saint Martin. Everyone who got married on that day had their partner cheat on them sometime in the future.

Later, Norberto jokingly had this to say about their marriage in Fernando’s biography:

We got married very young because my father-in-law couldn’t stand me anymore!

Norberto Tried Other Career Paths But Settled On His Family Business

Norberto was still young and studying when he got married. He got tired of studying and worked as a technician in the laboratory. Nevertheless, he eventually decided to enter his family business. The late celebrity dad was accustomed to daily hard labor and excelled.

Meanwhile, his wife worked as a teacher and collaborator.

Welcomed Two Daughters Alongside Fernando

The young couple desired to become parents, and they achieved this on their second wedding anniversary. It was impossible to know the gender of the baby in 1973, but still, Rosa’s father desired a young boy.

Her pregnancy was great, but problems arose during the day before the delivery date. The doctors said that it was a false alarm and sent her home. But, again, a day later, her water broke, and she was rushed to the San José Sanatorium located in the traditional neighborhood of Palermo. Alongside her were her husband Norberto and her mother, Victoria.

Finally, at 4 o’clock on April 5, 1973, their baby boy was born. The parents initially wanted to name him Diego Martin, but in the heat of her childbirth, she named the boy Fernando Martín Cacciamani.

Norberto Cacciamani with his first son, Fernando del Solar
Norberto with his famous son, Fernando del Solar.

The couple later had two girls: María Eugenia (Maru) and Romina Marcia.

Norberto Was Not A Fan Of Fernando Being An Actor

Fernando was a good boy in school, and his parents did not have to deal with much while he was growing up. But, when Fernando said he wanted to be an actor, they did not agree with his decision at first.

Regarding his acting career path, Norberto mentioned the following:

No one knows him, no one comes to see him, the place where he appears is pathetic. This one is going straight to failure.

They allowed him to pursue acting but didn’t pay the expenses required. Fernando would later move to Mexico in 1996, where he found success as a media presenter, actor, and TV host. 

Norberto And His Family Also Moved To Mexico

After finding success in Mexico, Fernando invited his sisters to try their luck. The sisters also found their calling and settled there. Furthermore, Rosa was distressed and issued an ultimatum to Norberto: “If he decides to stay in Argentina, she won’t.”

Thus, the pair moved to Mexico on September 9, 2001, selling their property and assets. There, the couple opened a cafe, La porteña. The Cacciamani pair was amazed by the amount of love Fernando got in Mexico. Later, Norberto would also embrace the country as his newfound home and would appear as John Travolta in a commercial.

Norberto Cacciamani Had A Great Time With His Son Until His Passing

Norberto was a great father and always supported his son throughout. The father maintained good relations with both of his late son’s wives,  Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro, as well as his grandkids, Luciana and Paolo. 

Norberto also supported his son when he was diagnosed with Hodking’s lymphoma. Although he was sure Fernando would not die, an aggravating pressure was still there. 

The father-son-duo had a lot of time together and went on multiple trips. Their time together came to an end on June 12, 2022, when Norberto passed away.

He was cremated, and his ashes were scattered in the sea. His daughter-in-law Anna also posted his photo as a tribute.

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Fernando was left heartbroken after his father’s departure. He wrote, 

I’m very sad and still can’t believe I won’t be seeing my old man anymore…Not eating a roast, nor laughing at what’s happening… Today I will smile because it happened, because it was him and because of everything we lived together.

Well, Norberto was by his son’s side during his difficult time. He was also there to emotionally support Fernando when he parted ways with Ingrid.

Fernando Passed Away Some Weeks After His Dad’s Passing

Well, Fernando was distraught over his father’s death and shared a tribute on his now-deleted Instagram. Unfortunately, Fernando soon followed his father to heaven 18 days later, on June 30.

Broadcaster Sergio Sepúlveda broke the unfortunate news. There was no news of his deteriorating health, and he was even looking forward to his presentation as a motivational speaker.