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Evin Harrah Cosby, Navigating Life Beyond the Shadow of Bill Cosby

Evin Harrah Cosby is the loving daughter of comedian, Bill Cosby and his actress wife, Camilla Cosby. Born and brought up by a family of great stature, Evin became famous due to the work done by her mom and dad in showbiz. For many years, her parents have been an asset to Hollywood; Bill with his great acting skills, and his partner with her film-producing business.

Now, keeping them aside, who is their daughter, Evin? Is she also into acting like her famed mom and dad? Apart from this, is she married? Here, we will give you all the answers to the questions you might have about her personal life and more.

Evin Harrah Cosby’s Childhood In The Famous Cosby Family

She was born as the daughter of actor-cum-comedian, Bill Cosby and his partner, Camille Cosby on 27th August 1976. In 2024, she is 47 years old.

Evin Harrah Cosby As A Child
Evin Harrah Cosby As A Child

Moreover, her birthplace is the city of Los Angeles, California. By birth, she is an American national with an African-American ethnic background.


She has studied in top-notch schools and universities her whole life. To be more precise, she initially attended Banks Elementary School, followed by Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School.

After graduating high school, she moved on to Spelman College. However, she later realized her true passion and transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

Evin Is The Youngest Among 5 Siblings

Mr. and Mrs. Cosby are parents to 5 children – 4 daughters and 1 son. Among them all, Evin is the youngest and the most pampered one.

Evin With Her Parents & Siblings
Evin With Her Parents & Siblings

Talking more about her siblings, she is the younger sister of Erika Cosby, Erinn Cosby, and Ensa Cosby. Erika is the oldest of them all. Born on 8th April 1965, she is a painter. Likewise, Erinn is the couple’s second daughter born in 1966, while Ensa was born on 8th April 1973.

Similarly, she also has an older brother, Ennis Cosby. He was born on 15th April 1969. Sadly, Ennis and Ensa are no more.

Two Of Her Siblings Died At A Young Age

At the young age of 27 years, Cosby’s only son, Ennis died. On 16th January 1997, he was shot to death. He was killed by an 18-year-old Ukranian immigrant, who only intended to rob him and nothing else. However, after things got out of hand, the alleged murderer pulled the trigger on him. Later on, the convict was charged guilty; he also apologized to the victim’s family.

Sadly, Ennis isn’t the only one who left the Cosby clan. Evin’s other sister, Ensa has also passed away. As per sources, she died due to severe kidney problems on 23rd February 2018; it had been some years since she started suffering from the said disease. At the time of her death, Ensa was 44 years old.

What Does Evin Cosby Do For A Living?

Unlike her celebrity parents, Evin always had a passion for working as a designer-cum-stylist. To pursue her passion, she attended a reputed fashion school in New York. This, in turn, helped foster her interest in becoming a fashion designer to a great extent.

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she worked in a number of places here and there. Moreover, she initially started working backstage, assisting in styling the costumes for her father’s show, The Cosby Show. Subsequently, she also worked as an intern at the well-known, Essence magazine. In addition to this, she also worked with Mikki Taylor.

Since she only worked under others for many years after graduation, Harrah struggled financially. During one of the interviews, she expressed how she was “making some money but it wasn’t enough”.

That was definitely a very challenging part of her life. However, she did not give up. Hence, after years of struggle, she opened up her own boutique, PB & Cavier in NYC. Her boutique features a number of designers from London to California, specializing in elegant and classic styles.

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Her Reaction To Accusations Against Her Famous Father

Apart from a well-established career in cinema, otherwise, Bill is known for notorious reasons. Somewhere around 2014, several women came forward and accused Cosby of sexual assault. As per the allegations, he had raped, assaulted, and harassed more than a dozen women who worked with him during his active years as an actor.

Despite having several charges against him, Bill’s youngest one supported him throughout his battle with law and order. Furthermore, she disregarded all the complaints against her dad and stood by his side when no one did.

According to Evin herself, she believes that her father “loves and respects woman” and he “is not abusive, violent, or a rapist”. Moreover, she feels like the media was quick to judge him as a”rapist without knowing the truth”. Not only this, but she also expressed during an interview how her father was actually the one who always motivated her; he was the one who helped her in establishing a successful business.

Now, although in his daughter’s eyes, Cosby would never even hurt another female, he was found guilty by the court. Furthermore, the actor was sent to prison for 3 and was released in 2021.

Is Erin Harrah Cosby Married?

As far as we know, she is not a married woman. Although we already know a lot about her life, her romantic life has always been a mystery. Even more so, she hardly has ever mentioned a romantic partner during public meet-and-greets.

So, although we do not have a sure-shot answer to the above-mentioned question, we want to believe that Bill’s daughter is an unmarried woman as of now.

On the other hand, some sources have claimed that she was in a relationship with rapper, Keith Murray. Furthermore, it is believed that the two dated for a brief period before breaking up. Despite this, Cosby has never really confirmed the rumors of her dating Murray. On the contrary, she once shared how he loved her with all his heart and that the two dated for some time.

Harrah Is A Mother Of 2 Kids

In spite of not being tied in holy matrimony, the fashion designer is a mother of 2 kids.

Evin Harrah With Her Children
Evin Harrah With Her Children

Since she hardly ever talks in public, the news about her having 2 children came forward when Evin defended her father. As per her statement, her dad is “helping her raise her children and teach them family values”. With that being said, it is clear that she once was associated with a man who was the father of her kids.

Moreover, digging deeper into this subject, we found that she has a son and a daughter. Currently, both of them are teenagers with ages ranging from 17-19 years.

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