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English Actor Kieron Moore’s Girlfriend: His Relationship So Far

Kieron Moore is an up-and-coming English actor who gained fame for his role as Demriti Belikov in the series adaptation of Vampire Academy (2022). Many became curious about the actor’s real-life relationship status after fans saw romantic tension between his character and his on-screen love interest. 

In this article, we will discuss Moore’s current relationship, whether he has any wedding plans in the future, and provide an overview of the trajectory of his blossoming acting career. Specifically, we will focus on details about his personal life that have emerged so far and the projects that have contributed to his rising star status.

Does Kieron Moore Have A Girlfriend?

As of now, there is no evidence that Kieron is dating. The actor does not post about any romantic relationships on social media, nor have any photos surfaced of him with a significant other. 

Additionally, no rumors or reports link Moore to any potential partners, including co-stars he has worked closely with on projects like Vampire Academy—this lack of information points to the actor being single and unattached. 

As a consequence, without a known beau, there are also no signs that Moore has any upcoming wedding plans or intentions to get married soon. 

Kieron Moore’s Complex Relationship Status on ‘Vampire Academy’

In the Peacock adaptation series Vampire Academy (2022), Moore plays Dimitri Belikov, a dhampir guardian who trains novice guardian Rosemarie Hathaway. Though Rose and Dimitri have romantic feelings for each other, their circumstances complicate their relationship. 

But as guardians charged with protecting Lissa Dragomir, relationships are forbidden. This creates an undeniable tension between the two as they try to deny their attraction while training closely together. 

Fans of the book series of the same name know that Rose and Dimitri’s romance is a central part of the story, but the show explores it more gradually. Small moments hint at their connection, like lingering glances and tension during fight training. 

However, Dimitri refuses to cross boundaries with his student Rose, leading to a “will they, won’t they” dynamic. Their duties are at odds with their hearts. Ultimately, The duo shares an intrinsic bond they cannot shake despite obstacles. 

Behind The Actress Playing Moore’s On-screen Girlfriend Sisi

Australian actress Sisi Stringer plays the coveted role of Rose, the lead female character and love interest to Moore’s Dimitri. Before this breakout opportunity, she built up her resume in the horror and action genres. 

After graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia, she appeared in roles in films like Bloody Hell (2020) and Mortal Kombat (2021). In the latter, she portrayed the comic book character Mileena. 

Around the same time, Stringer started getting lead parts in movies like Children of the Corn (2020) and Carnifex (2022). 

Kieron Moore and his onscreen girlfriend Sisi Stringer
Kieron Moore and Sisi Stringer in ‘Vampire Academy’

Vampire Academy marked her first major television project. As Rose, she displayed action chops during intense fight training scenes with Moore while also portraying a vulnerable, passionate teenager dealing with her first love. 

Since then, Stringer has landed a lead role in the film Force of Nature: The Dry 2 (2024). She has talent that will likely make her a star to watch in the years ahead, much to Moore’s on-screen loss in Vampire Academy.

Kieron Moore’s Career Thus Far

Though only in his mid-20s, the English actor already has several impressive acting credits. He started in 2019 with a small role on the long-running soap opera Emmerdale (2019), marking his television debut. 

Over the next few years, he started landing recurring and guest-starring parts in popular series like Sex Education (2021). That same year, he appeared in an episode of the hit Netflix fantasy show The Sandman (2022)

However, his big break came when he was cast as Dimitri in the 2022 Peacock series Vampire Academy. This was his first main role, starring in all 10 episodes as one of the show’s male leads. Despite mainly positive reviews, Vampire Academy (2022) was canceled after one season. 

Capitalizing on the momentum, he landed a main part in the upcoming Apple TV miniseries Masters of the Air (2024), alongside Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Anthony Boyle, Lauren McQueen, Isabel May, & Ncuti Gatwa, among others.

Kieron used to be a boxer

Before becoming an actor, Moore dedicated over a decade to boxing. He began training and competing as a boxer at a young age under the guidance of his father, who served as Moore’s coach. 

Kieron in the boxing ring
Kieron Moore used to be a boxer

Boxing ran in the family, as the actor was born and raised in Manchester, England – a city with a rich boxing history. He quickly took to the sport, spending years honing his skills and competing at amateur levels. 

Sources indicate he had a successful amateur career, with his father’s mentorship helping pave the way. However, Kieron also had a creative, reflective side, evident now through his acting.

Eventually, after 12 years, Moore stepped back from boxing to pursue his leftover childhood dream of acting. He has proven himself multi-faceted, acting allowing him to explore his emotional, expressive side in a way boxing didn’t. 

He also expresses himself through poetry

In addition to being an actor and former boxer, Kieron Moore has a strong love of poetry. It provides him with another outlet for his creativity and emotional expression. 

In an interview, he traced this back to childhood when he discovered his father secretly wrote poems, showing a vulnerable contrast to his “hyper-masculine” sports coaching. 

As a boy, he used poetry as an escape. He found validation from teachers who encouraged his writing talent. However, boxing dominated his path. Though different, he sees poetry and boxing both as means of self-expression.

He writes poems almost daily, filling up countless books over the years, but rarely shares this deeply personal work. He posts occasionally to an Instagram poetry page but finds making his writing public difficult and terrifying. 

Moore stresses that poetry is meant just for himself rather than for monetization or an audience. He may compile his poems into a single book when the time feels right. For now, acting lets him express himself while hiding behind a character.