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Debra Ponzek and Her Husband Greg Addonizio Are Chefs

Greg Addonizio whose full name is Gregory Addonizio is a chef, businessman, and restaurateur. He is also better known as the husband of Debra Ponzek, Bobby Flay‘s first wife. 

Greg is a great chef in his own right, but when you have someone as great as Debra as your wife, you are bound to get overshadowed. Let’s take a look at what Greg has done throughout his life.

Greg Addonizio’s Early Life and School

Addonizio was born on January 21, 1964, in Chappaqua, New York to his mother Annabelle Addonizio. He attended high school at Horace Greeley High School.

Debra Ponzek's Spouse, Greg Addonizio
Debra Ponzek’s husband and business partner, Greg Addonizio,

Later, Greg gained culinary practice at the Culinary Institute of America from 1982 to 1984.

Addonizio’s Earlier Career Before Debra Ponzek

After graduating, Greg worked for famed chef, Larry Fogione at The Pear Tree in Rumson, New Jersey, and Lavanos Restaurant in White Plains, New York.

He later started his culinary career as the chef and owner of Miramar Beach Inn located in Half Moon Bay, California in 1985. He was there until 1991.

After Miramar, Greg moved to Connecticut and served as the chef-owner of the

Greg and Debra First Met in School 

The two first met each other in Culinary school in 1984 but would have different career paths for the next nine years. Ponzek would establish herself as one of the culinary titans of the world. She won the James Beard Foundation Award for Rising Star Chef in 1992 over many renowned chefs and even her then-husband, Bobby Flay.

Fate had plans for the pair as they would eventually find each other again. They met again on a late-night TV show where Debra was doing a cooking demonstration after a mutual friend had told Greg about it. The rest is history.

Watch: Debra Ponzek’s Cooking Demonstration in the Early Show

They Wed in 1994

After their reunion, the friendship between Greg and Debra evolved a step further and their romance ensued. The pair got married in the last week of April 1994. They then moved to Connecticut that same year.

Just a year before their nuptial, Debra’s whirlwind of marriage with celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, had come to an end. After their separation, Flay married his second wife Kate Connelly and they also have a daughter Sophie Flay.

Greg Addonizio and Debra Run a Restaurant Aux Delices

After Addonizio and Ponzek moved to Connecticut, they opened a restaurant, Aux Délices in Riverside in 1995. Greg who had previous experience with restaurant ownership and management handled the business side of things while Debra performed the duties of the head chef.

The establishment was a shared effort and was warmly welcomed by the local clientele who enjoyed specialty foods and freshly baked goodness.

The restaurant is doing very well and caters to all types of events ranging from small family birthdays to even weddings and fundraisers. Following its success, the duo expanded to Greenwich in 2000, followed by a Darien shop in 2004, and Westport in 2012. They have also opened a branch in Stamford. 

The Couple Share A Very Loving Relationship

Addonizio is a family man and loves his wife very much. The pair are often spotted in pictures together. Debra frequently posts a photo of working alongside her husband at a food stall. She is also in love with his recipes and showers him with compliments every chance she gets.

They even went to the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) together.

Greg Has Three Kids With His Spouse

The lovebirds are proud parents of three children, one daughter and two boys: Remy, Cole, and Gray. Their children have grown up and follow different career paths.

Greg Addonizio's Father day with his Children
Greg (Middle ) with his children Remy, Cole(left) and Gray(right).

Remy Addonizio, their first daughter whom the couple named after St. Remy, has been working as a Salesplanner for Warner Media since 2019.

Cole Addonizio, their first son, has done fairly well for himself too. He works as a Premium products manager at Capital One. The youngest, Gray Addonizio has worked as a Contractor Apprentice at Francis Development LLC since 2016. He has also been a sales associate at his parents’ restaurant Aux since 2012.

Greg Addonizio’s Net Worth and Whereabouts 

His net worth is $1.5 million. His major source of income is his Restaurant business. As for his current whereabouts, Greg now resides with his wife and their three children in Greenwich, Connecticut.