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Debra Bollman’s Husband: Her Marriage & Love Life

Debra Bollman‘s name is forever tied to the hilarious moment back in 2015. When Wisconsin Badgers forward Nigel Hayes whispered to his teammate, “God, she’s beautiful,” she skyrocketed to fame. Since then, people have been keen to know if the beautiful lady has a husband.

Keep reading to find out more about Debra’s partner and if they share any children.

It Hasn’t Been That Long Since Debra Bollman Married Her Husband

Debra has been married to Anthony J Farfan, since September 5, 2017. The pair have a healthy and loving relationship. They are supportive and listen to each other’s reasoning. During the construction of their house in 2020, Bollman credited Anthony’s genius ideas and fine details as an integral part of its success.

Debra Bollman with husband Anthony Farfan
Debra married her current spouse in 2017

The couple also spends a lot of time together; they have frequent date nights and also go on vacations. The couple also recently visited Cabo for their vacation and shared a few photos on their Facebook. Their quirkiness excels when they are by one another’s side, as seen in many of their funny pictures.

Debra Bollman’s Husband Is From California

Anthony, who is married to the real estate investor, is a native of Walnut, California. He moved to Norco Ca Horse Town, USA, before finally settling in Henderson, Nevada, with his wife.

Debra Bollman's husband with his son and father
Anthony (R) is from California

His father was a combat veteran in the United States military. Furthermore, Anthony is a big fan of baseball and supports his home team, Los Angeles Dodgers. However, he has kept other details about his professional life private.

Is It Debra And Anthony’s Second Marriage?

While not much is known about what Anthony does for a living, he is quite open about his personal life. He revealed in a Facebook post that he had a son named Kaden Jett in 2005 with his partner at the time. Kaden, who is 18-years old, attends high school in Nevada.

As for Debra, she was already a mother of three before she became well-known for the comical moment. She had two daughters, Sophia and Saylor, and one son, Simeon Bollman, from her previous relationship.

Her overnight fame came as a surprise to her kids, especially Sophia, who was in a band called Detour 91. After seeing her mom mentioned everywhere, she joked that even after her hard work, Debra was the one who gained fame for being called beautiful by a basketball player.

Saylor also questioned her mom:

“I don’t know how you do it. I can’t even get out of a speeding ticket.” As for Simeon, who studied at River State College in Florida, his mom’s success amazed him.

Given that both of them already had kids before their union, it is quite possible that this is Debra and Anthony’s second marriage.

Anthony Shares A Good Bond With Debra’s Children

All of Bollman’s children think highly of Anthony. The kids get along with their new dad just fine. They have also accepted his son, Kaden, as the newest member of their family. Anthony also spends a lot of time with them and also takes them on trips with his wife.

Debra with her spouse and children
Debra’s children are close with Anthony

Where Is Debra Bollman Now?

Anthony’s wife, Debra, is a multifaceted woman and manages to fulfill a slew of roles for different companies. She has been working as a real-time trial court reporter for the DBF Realtime Depos and Trials and Caption CART, Inc. since January 1998.

The company provides real-time communication through streaming text for court trials, depositions, remote deposits, and more.

Debra Doing Her Job
Debra performs a wide slew of jobs.

Besides that, she is also a stenographer for Caption CART Inc. and ASAP Sports. At CART and ASAP, she helps to create captions for classrooms, webinars, corporate settings, sporting events, broadcasting, entertainment venues, graduations, hospitals, and so on.

Debra Bollman is also the marketing director at ASAP Sports, where she has been working since January 2006. Furthermore, she is a real estate agent and excels at getting deals done for properties. Her other notable endeavors include:

Role Company Duration
Vice President Oct 2016 – Present
Realtime Captioner Jan 2001 – Present
Aug 2015 – Oct 2016

She really does enjoy doing her job. With her husband, Anthony, by her side and supporting her through it all, she is truly enjoying marital bliss.