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Who Is Daniela Nieves’ Boyfriend Now? Her Past Affairs, Short Bio

Daniela Nieves, a talented Venezuelan-American actress, has been in various TV shows like Vampire Academy, WITS Academy, El Rostro de Analia, Every Witch Way, and many more. While fans have seen her on-screen romances, they’re curious about her real-life relationship.

Let’s explore all the rumors about her dating history and find out who her current boyfriend is.

Daniela Nieves’s Boyfriend: She Is Currently Single

Daniela rose to fame primarily for her starring role in Vampire Academy, which earned her a massive fan following. Despite her widespread popularity, she’s chosen to keep her romantic life out of the public eye. While many celebrities often share their love lives openly, she prefers to maintain privacy in that area.

Daniela Nieves is single
Daniela does not have a partner.

The Venezuelan actress is quite open with her fans about other aspects of her life, regularly engaging with them on social media and sharing updates about her professional endeavors.

Daniela Has been Linked With A Few In The Past

Keeping her relationships private throughout her career, the fans and media have speculated that she has been in multiple relationships. Nonetheless, Daniela hasn’t confirmed any specific romantic involvement publicly.

More so, her focus remains mainly on her acting career, leaving her personal life largely out of the spotlight.

Daniela Nieves Was Speculated Of Dating Alleged Boyfriend Tyler Perez

Daniela and her co-actor Tyler Perez sparked speculation about their relationship while working together on the sitcom WITS Academy. Their on-screen chemistry and friendship led to rumors about a potential romantic involvement off-screen.

However, both actors have kept their personal lives private, neither confirming nor denying the speculation. Furthermore, the two have been seen flirting on their social media handles.

Daniela Nieves and Tyler Perez flirting
Daniela tweeting she loves Tyler and he is her perfect match.

While the curiosity of fans remains, the two have chosen to focus on their professional collaborations and maintain boundaries regarding their relationships.

She Was Also Rumored to be in a Relationship With Another Co-Star

The beautiful actress often finds her name linked with her fellow colleagues. Similarly, there was another gossip: she and Ryan Cargill, known for his role as Luke Archer in the popular sitcom “WITS Academy,” started dating.

Moreover, fans couldn’t stop talking about the possibility of romance between them, adding fuel to the gossip. While the gossip may have sparked excitement among the viewers, Daniela has remained silent. Despite buzz among the fans, Nieves has not responded to anything.

However, one can also misinterpret Daniela’s affection towards her co-actor, Andre Dae Kim. She can often be seen expressing her love for him.

Daniela Nieves expressing her love for her co-star
Daniela expresses her love for Andre on X

Nonetheless, they are just friends who support and care for each other.

Some Tidbits About The Actress’s Family

Born on July 4, 1997, in Venezuela, the Every Witch Way star moved to the United States when she was just four months old. She has an older brother, and they grew up with their parents; they’re a tight-knit family. Her father is Venezuelan and her mother is from Chile. Nieves graduated from Buffalo Gap High School in Swoope, Virginia.

Moreover, when she was 18 years old, Daniela often faced the assumption that she was much younger, possibly around 14. In addition, she took to X and explained her actual age and how her small build can be misleading.

Nieves’ Rise To Stardom

Daniela Nieves began her acting career in 2006, at the age of nine, by appearing in one episode of the hit Colombian telenovela series La viuda de Blanco, playing the role of Patricia Giraldo. She then bagged the recurring role of Adriana Montiel in the Spanish-language action-based TV series El Rostro de Analía.

After a couple of years, she was cast in the main role of Andrea ‘Andi’ Cruz on the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Every Witch Way. She appeared on almost all episodes of the show till it ended in 2015. She then played the lead in the series WITS Academy and was only one of three cast members who returned as the main cast from the original series.