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Dan Povenmire And His Wife Clarissa Povenmire Are No Longer Together

Clarissa Povenmire is famous for being the wife of Dan Povenmire, the co-creator of well-known American cartoons like Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy’s Law. Her husband Dan is a pop-culture sensation and widely recognized as the voice of Dr. Heinz Doofernsmirtz from Phineas and Ferb.

There is a saying that all good things come to an end. The quote resonates quite well with Clarissa and Dan’s life. Let’s take a look at Clarissa’s relationship with Dan and her family, including what she has been up to.

Dan Povenmire And His Wife Clarissa Povenmire Are No Longer Together

The former flames Dan and Clarissa met while playing volleyball in Studio City, California. They dated for three years before tying the knot on June 24, 2000. Their marriage was great, and the couple looked destined for a lifetime of happiness.

However, that fairy tale was not meant to be. Like his on-screen character, Doofenshmirtz’s marriage, Dan’s union with Clarissa didn’t work out in the end.

Dan Povenmire and Clarissa Povenmire are divorced now
Povenmire with her former husband, Dan.

In late 2023, Dan announced through his Instagram post that he and his wife Clarissa were divorced. The creator was teary-eyed as he went on to explain further details. He stated that the first 20 years of their marriage were great, but things fell apart in the last couple of years, and they had grown far apart.

Thus, with a heavy heart, the ex-lovebirds decided to separate in 2022 and, earlier in 2023, decided on their divorce. However, they are still friends and treating each other well. Dan was affected by this decision but was happy they moved on.

The Emmy-winning voice actor addressed false rumors about his marriage mentioned in an article in a recent video. He clarified that the pair hadn’t married in Ontario, Canada.

In addition, he noted that their first meeting didn’t happen when Dan was producing his fourth studio album; it happened when they were in Studio City as mentioned above.

Dan And Clarissa Had A Great Thing Going On

Clairssa’s marriage with Dan was something out of a story. She was very supportive of him and his works on the cartoons that he created. They would playfully joke with each other on numerous occasions. Sometimes, somebody else would be left bemused by their silly maneuver.

In a YouTube video, Dan mentioned when Clarissa didn’t want to go to parties at Fox Studios with him, he would take a different female friend every time as a joke. He would then introduce the woman as his wife, Clarissa, leaving the poor guys at the studio very confused each time.

Povenmire was also very fond of his wife, as evidenced by the enormous number of times he mentioned her throughout his social media handles. The duo traveled a lot together and were inseparable in many of those moments.

Clarissa Povenmire Is A Mother Of Two

Clarissa’s 23 years of marriage to Dan resulted in the birth of their two daughters: Alex (Isabella) and Melissa Povenmire. The names sound familiar because they are, as two of the characters in Phineas and Ferb are named after them.

Both of them share a striking resemblance with their mother.

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The older of the two, Alex, is a singer and sang the track I’m the Bomb, a soundtrack for the cartoon Hamster and Gretel created by their father. Her second daughter, Melissa, is a voice actor and voices Gretel in the same TV show. She also got nominated for an Emmy in 2023 for Outstanding Younger Voice Performance in a Preschool, Children’s or Young Teen Program.

Clarissa Povenmire Is Not A Voice Actress

Considering how her ex-husband and daughters are into voice acting, Clarissa is rather involved in a different field. Well, she is a real estate investor.

She has been working as the principal of he is also the CEO of

Besides these, she was involved in the following companies:

Company  Role  Duration
Income Property Specialist Jul 2010 – Aug 2021 
2005 – Sep 2010
Nov 1999 – Feb 2005

Additionally, she is also an activist advocating for equal medical rights. She is quite charitable and has supported various fundraisers throughout the years.

She Has A Good Bond With Her Family

Clarissa, whose full name is Clarissa McPeck Rincón, was born in September 1973. Her mother, Reyna McPeck, is of Venezuelan origin, and her father is from the United States. Clarissa’s parents have been married for 56 years.

Clarissa Povenmire's parents.
Clarissa’s mother and father have been together for 56 years

She also has two sisters: Ana McPeck Rincón and Melissa McPeck Rincón. The sisters all have a lovely bond with their mother and visit her from time to time.